Soft White Underbelly Interviews Fabien, a Trick on Figueroa Street

Soft White Underbelly recently conducted a fascinating interview with Fabien, a trick on Figueroa Street in South Central Los Angeles. In the video, Fabien shares insights into his life and experiences as a trick. Soft White Underbelly, a subscription channel, offers ad-free, uncensored videos, and exclusive content. For just $10 a month, you can access this thought-provoking interview and other captivating videos on platforms like Apple and Android mobile apps, Roku TV, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire. Fabien’s journey from foster care to homelessness highlights the importance of money management and the challenges faced by individuals involved in street prostitution. Despite the impact of drugs on his lifestyle, Fabien believes in being honest in relationships and argues for the legalization of prostitution. With almost a decade of experience on Figueroa Street, Fabien’s veteran status comes with an interesting collection of stories that involve both fun and risky encounters with women and occasional run-ins with pimps and robbery.

Fabien’s Background

Growing up in LA County, Fabien faced the challenges of being in foster care. Due to his parents not being able to handle their 10 children, Fabien and his siblings were taken into the system when he was just three years old. While his experience was not the worst, it was also not the best. He describes it as mediocre, not receiving the level of love he needed as a child. Despite these difficulties, Fabien managed to go through school and even attended vocational college, where he obtained a trade. After graduating, he started working in the security field.

Education and Work

After completing his education in vocational college, Fabien found work in the security industry. He became fully certified and worked in the field for about five years. However, his life took a turn for the worse when his twin brother used his name, resulting in Fabien losing his job. This unfortunate event led to a period of homelessness for Fabien and his brother. It was during this time that Fabien realized he had not learned the importance of saving money, consistently spending everything he earned.

Soft White Underbelly Interviews Fabien, a Trick on Figueroa Street

Financial Habits

In his youth, Fabien never truly grasped the concept of saving money. He spent his earnings as soon as he received them, not considering the future implications of his actions. This lack of financial knowledge continued into adulthood, leaving him unprepared for the loss of his job and subsequent period of homelessness. Looking back, Fabien recognizes that he could have made different choices and regrets not prioritizing saving money.

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Picking up Girls on Figueroa Street

For the past nine years, Figueroa Street has become a regular haunt for Fabien. He frequents the area, engaging in the activity of picking up girls. While this may seem unconventional to some, Fabien has made it a regular part of his life. He describes it as something that came naturally to him over time, becoming more of a routine rather than an activity that required effort. Despite the stigma surrounding this lifestyle, Fabien believes in being true to oneself and accepting others for who they are, with the caveat of ensuring mutual comfort and consent.

Soft White Underbelly Interviews Fabien, a Trick on Figueroa Street

Involvement with Drugs

Drugs have become a part of Fabien’s lifestyle, although he does not consider them a major factor in his life. He is open about his use of crystal meth, weed, and alcohol, but views them as simply part of the overall experience rather than a necessity. Fabien believes that whatever makes individuals more comfortable and helps facilitate connection should be respected, emphasizing the importance of personal choice and autonomy.

Long-term Relationships

Despite his unconventional lifestyle of picking up girls on the street, Fabien has had long-term relationships with some of the girls he has met. While these relationships may not follow traditional expectations, Fabien’s belief in honesty and open communication within relationships remains firm. He acknowledges that some connections go beyond physical intimacy, and he relates to these girls on a personal level, finding understanding and a shared sense of resilience in their experiences.

Soft White Underbelly Interviews Fabien, a Trick on Figueroa Street

Opinion on Legalizing Prostitution

Fabien is a proponent of legalizing prostitution. He believes that society should be more accepting and understanding of individuals who engage in sex work. For Fabien, honesty is of utmost importance, and he sees the legalization of prostitution as a means to promote transparency and safety for all parties involved. He emphasizes the need to respect the choices and autonomy of individuals, acknowledging that different paths work for different people.

Regular Clients

As a regular figure on Figueroa Street, Fabien has developed connections with regular clients. These clients have become familiar faces in his life, and he relies on their support as they do on his. Fabien acknowledges the reciprocity in these relationships, understanding that they are mutually beneficial. While unconventional, these connections have helped Fabien navigate his life with a sense of stability and support.

Addiction to Women

Fabien describes women as his biggest addiction. He finds joy in the connections he forms and enjoys the excitement of meeting new people. While others may judge his lifestyle, Fabien stands firm in his belief that he should never settle in life. He cherishes the freedom to explore his connections and relationships, understanding that life’s experiences can be fulfilling in different ways for different individuals.


Fabien’s life journey has been filled with ups and downs, leading him to the unconventional lifestyle he leads today. From his experiences in foster care to working in the security industry, losing his job, and facing periods of homelessness, Fabien has learned valuable lessons along the way. While his financial habits may not have been ideal, he has found solace and connection in picking up girls on Figueroa Street. Despite society’s prejudices, Fabien stands by his choices and emphasizes the importance of respect, honesty, and autonomy. Through his relationships, both short-term and long-term, Fabien has learned to appreciate the diversity of human experiences and the power of connection. His addiction to women drives him to continuously seek new connections and experiences, refusing to settle for a life that does not align with his values. Fabien’s story serves as a reminder that there is no one-size-fits-all blueprint for a fulfilling life and that embracing individuality and personal choice can lead to unconventional yet deeply meaningful experiences.

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