Fabien’s Story: From Foster Care to Figueroa Street

Fabien’s Story: From Foster Care to Figueroa Street is a captivating portrait of a man named Fabien in South Central Los Angeles. Soft White Underbelly, a video series, conducted an interview and captured his life on camera. Fabien grew up in foster care after his parents couldn’t handle taking care of all 10 of their children. His experience in the foster system was mediocre, and he later worked as a security guard for five years before losing his job due to his twin brother’s actions. He ended up homeless for a couple of years before getting back on his feet. Fabien now frequents Figueroa Street, where he engages in encounters with women and occasionally uses drugs. Throughout his nine years on Figueroa Street, he has gained insight into relationships and learned the importance of pursuing what he wants. The interview offers a personal and eye-opening look into Fabien’s life, shedding light on a side of society that is often overlooked.

Fabiens Story: From Foster Care to Figueroa Street

Fabien’s Background

Growing up in the foster care system

Fabien had a tumultuous upbringing, growing up in the foster care system. His parents were unable to handle the responsibility of raising all ten children, leading to their entry into the foster system when Fabien was only three years old.

Mediocre experience in foster care

While Fabien acknowledges that his experience in the foster care system was not the worst, he describes it as mediocre. He recognizes that others have had it much worse, but he also didn’t feel a strong sense of love and support during his time in foster care, especially during his childhood.

Vocational college and trade

Despite the challenges he faced growing up, Fabien managed to graduate from high school and pursue vocational college. He acquired a trade and began working as a security guard, which provided stability in his life for a period of time.

Worked as a security guard

Fabien worked as a security guard for five years, fully certified in his profession. He found success in this role, earning a steady income and even securing his own place. However, his life took a turn when his twin brother used his name to get a ticket, resulting in Fabien losing his job.

Challenges and Setbacks

Losing job due to twin brother’s actions

Fabien’s life took a downward spiral when his twin brother used his name to acquire a ticket. As a result, Fabien’s licensing from the state was affected, ultimately leading to him losing his job. This unexpected setback left Fabien unemployed and struggling to find his footing.

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Homelessness for a couple of years

Losing his job meant losing his source of income and stability. Fabien and his twin brother ended up homeless for a couple of years, facing the harsh realities of life on the streets. This period was filled with uncertainty and adversity as they fought to survive.

Frequenting Figueroa Street

During these challenging times, Fabien found himself frequently visiting Figueroa Street. It became a familiar place where he could pick up girls and indulge in drugs. Despite the temporary escape it provided, Fabien acknowledges that this lifestyle came with its own risks and consequences.

Picking up girls and using drugs

For nearly nine years, Fabien engaged in a lifestyle of picking up girls on Figueroa Street and using drugs. He immersed himself in this world and learned a great deal about women and relationships along the way. However, Fabien also faced dangerous situations and encountered pimps during his interactions on the street.

Insights from Figueroa Street

Learning about women and relationships

Through his experiences on Figueroa Street, Fabien gained insights into women and relationships. He began to understand the different dynamics at play and learned how to build connections with the women he encountered. While his interactions may have started as transactional, Fabien recognizes that some of the women he met were genuinely good people just trying to make it in life.

Establishing regular clients

As Fabien continued his visits to Figueroa Street, he established regular clients who valued his company. These regulars became familiar faces and provided a sense of stability amidst the chaos. Fabien formed connections with these clients beyond the initial transaction, creating more meaningful relationships.

Encountering pimps and dangerous situations

While Fabien did encounter pimps on Figueroa Street, he made the conscious decision not to engage in managing the women he met. He understood that it wasn’t the right path for him and instead focused on personal connections. However, Fabien faced potentially dangerous situations due to the nature of his surroundings.

Experiences with robbery and risk of diseases

During his time on Figueroa Street, Fabien experienced instances of robbery. Despite his cautiousness, he was caught off guard and had to quickly react to the unexpected threats. Additionally, Fabien acknowledges the risk of diseases that comes with his lifestyle but has managed to avoid contracting any thus far.

Views on Prostitution and Drug Use

Opinion on legalizing prostitution

Fabien believes that prostitution should be legalized. He sees it as a personal choice and a form of work that can provide income and support for those involved. Fabien advocates for the decriminalization of sex work to ensure the safety and well-being of individuals engaging in this profession.

Drug use during encounters

For Fabien, drug use has become intertwined with his encounters on Figueroa Street. While he recognizes that it is not a mandatory part of the experience, he believes it helps make everything run smoother. Fabien is willing to accommodate the preferences and comfort of the women he meets, including facilitating access to drugs if desired.

Balancing addiction to women and limiting drug intake

Fabien openly acknowledges that his biggest addiction is to women. He finds fulfillment and connection through his interactions with them. However, he also recognizes the need to limit his drug intake and maintain control over his habits. Fabien strives to find a balance that allows him to pursue his desires while managing his addiction and overall well-being.

Fabiens Story: From Foster Care to Figueroa Street

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Life Lessons

Never settling and pursuing desires

The most important lesson Fabien has learned through his experiences is to never settle and always pursue his desires. Despite the challenges and setbacks he has faced, Fabien remains determined to live life on his terms. He understands the value of personal fulfillment and actively seeks out what he wants to achieve. Fabien’s journey is a testament to his resilience and unwavering pursuit of a fulfilling life.

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