Woman is Shocked When BOTH Fathers Come Through During Psychic Reading with Matt Fraser

Get ready to be amazed as we share the story of a woman who received a life-changing psychic reading with renowned medium, Matt Fraser. During the session, she received unexpected messages from not just one, but both of her fathers who had passed away. Find out how this remarkable psychic reading provided closure and healing for the woman and her family, and how it may inspire you to connect with your loved ones on the other side.


Psychic readings are often met with skepticism, but when a reading reveals specific and accurate details about a person’s life, it can be hard not to believe in their psychic abilities. Matt Fraser is one of America’s Top Psychic Mediums, known for his accuracy, authenticity, and emotional insights. He has amazed audiences on his hit TV show, Meet The Frasers, with his stunning readings, bringing hope and laughter to people all over the world. In this article, we will explore a woman’s shocking experience when both of her fathers came through during a psychic reading with Matt Fraser.

The Reading Begins

The woman, let’s call her Sarah, booked a private reading with Matt Fraser, hoping to connect with her deceased father. As the reading started, Matt immediately picked up on a male presence and began to describe him in vivid detail. Matt explained to Sarah that this male figure had a larger-than-life personality and loved to make people laugh. Sarah was instantly struck by how accurate his description was, as it sounded just like her father.

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Connecting with a Second Father

As Matt continued to communicate the male presence, Sarah was shocked when he mentioned that her father was there with another male figure. Sarah had always associated her father with his own father, who had also passed away. However, Matt then revealed that this second figure was actually her biological father, who had passed away before she was born. Unlike her father who passed away when she was young, she had no memories or had ever met her biological father, and didn’t know anything about him.

Stunning Details Revealed

Matt then proceeded to reveal some stunning details about both the fathers, which made Sarah convinced that the two men were communicating with her through Matt. The details were so specific that it would be impossible for Matt to know them beforehand without psychic skills.

Matt described the paternal grandfather as an avid reader, and a World War II veteran, who loved listening to The Beatles’ music. On the other hand, he described her biological father as an artist and musician who enjoyed rock music. Sarah was shocked when she learned how accurate these details were. It is important to note that, while these details seem generic, they took Sarah by surprise because she had never shared this information with anyone else before.

Emotional Closure

As Matt continued to connect with both the fathers, he provided Sarah with the emotional closure she was seeking. Sarah was told that her fathers were always looking out for her, and they were proud of what she has accomplished in her life. She was able to connect with both of them, and it had provided her with a sense of peace, closure and assured her that they are always with her.

Connection with Matt Fraser

Sarah’s experience with Matt Fraser was a profound influence on her life. Such readings give hopes to people in taking a step towards their healing journey. Her encounter with Matt was a testament to his abilities as America’s leading psychic medium and New York Times bestselling author. Seeking out spiritual guidance can lead you to Matt Fraser, and as we have read, many people have been profoundly affected through his insight journeys.

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Psychic readings with Matt Fraser offers remarkable insights and hope to people seeking closure, peace, and a sense of direction. Fraser has shown people, through his spiritual insight and his reality series, Meet The Frasers, that communication with deceased loved ones is possible. No matter how much people might doubt or be skeptical about spiritual communication, Matt’s ability to provide accurate readings gives people a reason to believe. If you are looking to connect with Matt Fraser, you can follow and connect with him on his social media accounts. As Sarah’s story shows, a reading with Matt Fraser may be just what you need to find the closure and peace you have been seeking.


  1. What is Matt Fraser known for?
    Matt Fraser is America’s Top Psychic Medium and a New York Times Bestselling Author, known for providing emotional readings with stunning details that bring skeptics to believe in his accurate abilities.

  2. What is Meet The Frasers?
    Meet The Frasers is a hit TV show on E! Entertainment that follows the life of Matt Fraser and his family, who are also all psychics.

  3. Does Matt Fraser have any books?
    Yes, Matt Fraser has two books, “We Never Die” and “When Heaven Calls,” which explore life’s biggest questions and provide answers about the afterlife.

  4. Where can I watch Matt Fraser’s reality show?
    Matt Fraser’s reality show, Meet The Frasers, is available on NBC, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.

  5. What are some hashtags related to Matt Fraser and his work?
    Hashtags related to Matt Fraser and his work are #PsychicMedium, #PsychicReading, #Afterlife, #Medium, and #Mediumship.

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