What Would Happen if You Swapped Bodies with Someone Else

By | April 20, 2023
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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to swap bodies with another person? Imagining yourself in someone else’s shoes is not a new concept, but have you ever considered what it would feel like to inhabit their entire physical form? Would you feel as if you were living someone else’s life, or would you remain the same person in a different body? In this blog post, we’ll explore the hypothetical scenario of body-swapping and delve into the potential outcomes of such a surreal experience.


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to switch bodies with your best friend or a stranger? It’s a popular concept in science fiction movies but what happens if this experience became a reality? Would it be fun or terrifying? The concept of body swapping has been a subject of research and studies over the years, with some researchers delving into its impact on our sense of self. This article explores what would happen if you swapped bodies with someone else and the psychological implications that come with it.

What is Body Swapping?

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Body swapping is a phenomenon where people experience a perceptual illusion of being in a different person’s body. This can be experienced by switching bodies with someone else or using virtual reality to create the experience. In a study published in PLoS ONE, participants wore a head-mounted display and watched a friend’s body being touched while their own body received the same touches. As a result, participants experienced an illusion that their friend’s body was their body, and their self-location shifted accordingly.

How Would Swapping Bodies Change Your Sense of Self?

The experience of swapping bodies with another person can have a profound psychological impact on one’s sense of self. Cell Press reported that body swapping altered participants’ beliefs about their body and had them identify more with the swapped body than their own. It affected how they perceived themselves physically, emotionally and psychologically. Virtual body swapping with a friend can change your sense of self, according to Psych Central.

In the study conducted by PloS One, subjects’ perceptual and emotional experiences were found to change as a result of their temporary shifts in body ownership, and such variations in self-representation raised questions about the nature of self-consciousness. Moreover, the study found out that even when participants viewed their real bodies from a distance, they felt as though they were in their friend’s body.

The Implications of Body Swapping

Swapping bodies with someone else can also cause a significant shift in personality. The Independent reported that body swapping changed participants’ personalities. One participant became more empathetic and considerate after swapping. Another became more assertive and confident. In essence, it is possible that body swapping could change our personality traits in unexpected ways.

How Would Swapping Bodies Affect our Interpersonal Relationships?

In the study conducted by PLoS ONE, when pairs of friends swapped bodies they talked less, maintained less eye contact, and exhibited less overall interaction. Additionally, one participant later reported that they felt like they were in a new environment and did not recognize the people around them. These findings suggest that body swapping could potentially affect how we interact with people and our ability to read nonverbal cues.

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  1. Is body swapping a real phenomenon?
    Yes, body swapping is a real phenomenon, and several studies have been conducted on its effects on our sense of self and psychology.

  2. Can body swapping change our personalities?
    Yes, swapping bodies has been seen to cause a significant shift in personality traits.

  3. Does body swapping affect how we interact with people?
    According to a study published in PLoS ONE, body swapping can affect our interaction with people and our ability to read nonverbal cues.

  4. How does virtual reality impact body swapping?
    Virtual reality is a useful tool in creating the experience of body swapping without the need for another physical body.

  5. Can body swapping have any lasting psychological effects?
    The long-lasting effects of body swapping are yet to be fully understood, and more studies are needed to determine the full psychological impact of the phenomenon.


Swapping bodies with another person is an intriguing concept that has been studied extensively. The experience of temporarily inhabiting another person’s body can have profound effects on our sense of self, psychology, and personality traits. Further studies are needed to explore the lasting effects of body swapping and its impact on our interpersonal relationships.