What Is a Soulmate Meaning?

soulmate meaning

Your soulmate is someone with whom you share profound compatibility – be it as spouse, best friend or mentor; they provide strength and peace in life.

Soul mates differ from twin flames in that you will experience an instantaneous attraction between each other; psychics believe soul mates were meant to meet, while psychologists and scientists claim it simply happens that way.

1. You feel like you’ve known them your whole life.

No matter where your relationship stands in its entirety, when the two of you connect it can feel as if they have known each other your entire lives and you wouldn’t consider being with anyone else, even for just a while.

One of the strongest indications of your soulmate is when they become part of you and your identity, helping support and guide your journey, no matter its form.

These individuals also recognize your individual flaws, appreciating that we all face difficulties and have our own struggles – this won’t compromise or weaken your relationship, says Dr. Tobin, but will only make it stronger and more genuine.

2. You’re totally yourself around them.

Soulmates are people that share deep, genuine connections between them – this may include similar goals, beliefs and lifestyle choices.

Soulmates help each other be their best selves by pushing each other forward and offering encouragement in reaching goals or trying harder when necessary.

Your soulmate is someone who understands and values all the quirky qualities you possess – such as quirky tastes, eccentric hobbies or the way you like to spend your free time. They appreciate this aspect of you which was one of the reasons they fell for you in the first place.

Finding ways to be yourself around them may not be simple, but it is achievable if you learn how. There are multiple strategies available for doing this – the key thing being to stop worrying about it.

3. You just get each other.

There’s an underlying connection that unites you in an intimate manner, like two wires on an electrical circuit. Beyond just physical attraction or romance lies something deeper.

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Once you reunite with your soulmate, it feels as if no time has passed between you. There’s never any sense that anything important has been missed out on; both parties always have your best interests at heart.

Psychics believe this kind of relationship is known as “karmic.” This term refers to when two individuals share an important mission or purpose in life and therefore have created their own shared karma based on interactions in this lifetime. Every interaction creates its own form of karma; be mindful of your actions and intentions when engaging in human interactions with others.

4. You look each other in the eye.

Eye contact between partners is often an indicator of soulmate energy. Though making eye contact may cause anxiety, looking at each other in the eyes is a sure sign of deeper connection and should be encouraged!

If your partners can’t look each other directly in the eye, it could be a telltale sign of anxiety or social anxiety disorder (SAD). To improve your eye-contact skills and build rapport more easily, try practicing eye contact for one minute every day.

Soulmate energy allows two individuals to accept one another as they are and provide comfort through good times and bad. Together they can also work through conflicts and challenges together.

5. You have similar goals and beliefs.

Your soulmate is someone you consider part of you even after only months or years together; they know all aspects of who you are as they have done the same with them.

Your shared values and life goals may be in line, though there may still be instances of disagreement; nonetheless, both of you agree on what they expect out of their relationship.

This type of connection is commonly known as the karmic route; spiritual circles use this term to refer to how two people come together for mutually beneficial reasons. You might come from disparate backgrounds with differing opinions but have common goals and are meant to make a change.

6. You have a strong physical connection.

When you experience a strong physical connection with someone you consider your soulmate, it can feel as though they share your energetic profile, according to therapist Angela Nunez. They possess similar energy as you and can connect on a deeper level than before, she notes.

She says your empathy will also become much deeper between the two of you, with both parties finishing each other’s sentences, understanding their thoughts or experiencing their emotions in their bodies directly.

Though you have an instantaneous physical attraction to someone, that doesn’t mean it should lead to anything fast. Make sure they share your goals and aspirations for life together before moving ahead with anything.

7. You’re not afraid to have difficult conversations.

An intimate soulmate relationship requires clear communication and intimacy. That’s why it is critical that both partners be able to openly discuss any issues or potential concerns and collaborate on finding solutions that benefit both.

Difficult conversations may seem intimidating, but if you can overcome your fear of them they can be invaluable ways of learning about yourself and strengthening relationships. Check out this episode and then use some of its tips when next faced with having tough dialogue!

Before commencing any dialogue, set out what your desired outcomes are in mind. This will keep the conversation focused and will prevent unproductive discussions from arising.

8. You feel secure and protected.

Relationships with soulmates tend to be more satisfying and happy. Additionally, studies have demonstrated that couples living together tend to outlive those without soulmates.

Unbeknownst to some people, finding your soulmate is no simple task – it requires tireless devotion, loyalty and sacrifice on both parts.

Should You Settle for Someone Who Doesn’t Meet Your Needs? Never settle for someone who does not fulfill all your requirements as this will lead to investing too much effort into an unfulfilling relationship.

Your soulmate should make you feel secure and protected, no matter the gender of the relationship. They should be there when you need someone when feeling vulnerable or hurt; and be capable of handling whatever life throws your way.

9. You can’t imagine your life without him (or her).

Soulmate relationships often feel like divine gifts from heaven; like two souls have been traveling life’s path together throughout many lifetimes. Your bond never breaks or drifts too far apart, and both partners tend to agree on major decisions together.

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Respect and acknowledge differences that exist between you both, listening carefully to one another and working through issues to ensure a fulfilling relationship.

Although this can be challenging, it’s essential to remember that your soul mate won’t abandon you in times of hardship or joy – they want their future with you too!

10. You’re always on the same page.

When in a soulmate relationship, both partners know where each stands on key issues – an essential element for creating a secure foundation in any partnership.

If your soulmate and you disagree on certain issues, that does not indicate they are wrong; rather, it should serve as an opportunity to respect their viewpoint, listen carefully to it, and consider it from different angles.

At its best, disagreement can actually strengthen your relationship. Both parties will recognize that having differing points of views is actually beneficial; you’ll strive to learn from it instead of letting it ruin things for either one of you. You’ll come to better understand each other while being more forgiving of mistakes when something goes wrong.

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