Understanding Cassy: Autistic Woman with Antisocial Personality Disorder from St. Petersburg

Check out the fascinating interview with Cassy, an autistic woman with antisocial personality disorder, conducted by Soft White Underbelly. Cassy’s story sheds light on the overlap between autism and antisocial personality disorder, a topic that is often overlooked. She candidly shares her experiences of being sexually assaulted as child, the challenges of masking her autism throughout her life, and the impact of her disorders on her ability to form close friendships and experience love. Cassy delves into the difficulties of finding acceptance and understanding, navigating the dating world, and accessing appropriate therapy. Despite the struggles, her resilience shines through as she encourages others facing similar challenges to keep trying and seek understanding. If you’re looking for an eye-opening and empathetic perspective on neurodivergence, this interview is a must-watch!

In this thought-provoking video by Soft White Underbelly, Cassy, an autistic woman with antisocial personality disorder, opens up about her journey of self-discovery and the impact of her disorders on her life. Raised in a community where mental illness was not openly discussed, Cassy’s diagnoses came later in life, leading her to suppress her emotions and struggle to understand social cues. She shares the struggle of being bullied in school, the difficulty of finding a therapist who truly understands her, and the desire to be accepted and treated normally. Cassy’s story serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of early diagnosis and support, and offers hope to others who may be facing similar challenges.

Background of Cassy

Cassy is an autistic woman with antisocial personality disorder originally from Brooklyn, New York, but currently residing in St. Petersburg, Florida. Her family hails from the island of Trinidad and Tobago. Growing up in the African-American and Afro-Caribbean communities, mental illness was not a topic commonly discussed or addressed.

Diagnosis and Overlap

Cassy was diagnosed with autism and antisocial personality disorder when she was 25 years old after experiencing a breakdown. She emphasizes that there is an overlap between the two conditions that is often overlooked and not extensively discussed within the medical community.

Understanding Cassy: Autistic Woman with Antisocial Personality Disorder from St. Petersburg

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Impact of Autism on Cassy’s Life

Cassy’s autism had a profound impact on her life, beginning at a young age. At just nine years old, she was sexually assaulted, which she believes was partly a consequence of her autism making her more vulnerable. She also struggled with understanding body language and faced challenges in communication. Furthermore, she endured severe bullying in school due to her autism, not yet aware of her diagnosis at the time.

Masking and Negative Reactions

To cope with her autistic behavior and fit in with her peers, Cassy engaged in masking, mimicking the behaviors of others. While this allowed her to camouflage her autism, it often resulted in negative reactions from her peers who found her actions confusing or strange. Ultimately, this created a struggle for Cassy to maintain her authenticity.

Understanding Cassy: Autistic Woman with Antisocial Personality Disorder from St. Petersburg

Importance of Earlier Diagnosis

Cassy believes that an earlier diagnosis could have made a significant difference in her life and career. She reflects on how individuals diagnosed earlier in childhood had access to support and resources that she missed out on. Cassy regrets not being able to benefit from these earlier interventions that could have potentially shaped her future positively.

Suppression of Emotions

As a way to cope with the trauma of her sexual assault, Cassy suppressed her emotions, which further complicated her mental health. She now finds it difficult to experience positive emotions such as love and happiness, and forming close relationships has been a struggle for her.

Understanding Cassy: Autistic Woman with Antisocial Personality Disorder from St. Petersburg

Treatment and Medication

Currently, there are no specific medications available for autism or antisocial personality disorder. However, Cassy is prescribed antidepressants to help manage her symptoms and support her overall well-being.

Challenges in Finding Acceptance

Cassy has faced difficulties in finding understanding friendships and relationships. She longs for acceptance and normal treatment, rather than being labeled as crazy due to her disorders. Additionally, finding a therapist who can comprehend and effectively assist her with her unique challenges has been a struggle.

Impact on Emotions and Perception

Cassy’s disorders significantly affect her ability to process and experience emotions. Loneliness and depression are prevalent in her life, and she has been a victim of bullying and mistreatment due to her behavior and disorders. These experiences have further contributed to her desire for acceptance and understanding.

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Advice and Conclusion

Despite the many challenges she has faced, Cassy encourages others with similar struggles to not give up. She emphasizes the importance of continuing to seek understanding, acceptance, and support. Cassy hopes for a future where she can be treated normally and find someone who understands and accepts her disorders.

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