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Looking for dating tips and advice as a father? Look no further than Steve Harvey’s expert guidance. Known for his humorous and straightforward approach, Steve Harvey has shared his wisdom and experience on numerous platforms, from his bestselling books to his hit TV show, “Steve Harvey.” In this blog post, we’ll dive into some of Steve’s best fatherly dating tips and tricks to help you navigate the complexities of dating as a dad. So, whether you’re a single dad or just looking to improve your dating game, Steve’s got you covered.

Steve’s Best Fatherly Dating Advice!

Are you searching for love and looking for the right advice on how to approach dating? Look no further than Steve Harvey, who’s been around the block a few times and has accumulated some essential insights along the way. In this article, we’ll explore Steve’s best fatherly dating advice, as he shares wisdom on love, relationships, and finding the perfect partner.

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finding your soulmate audiobook


Steve Harvey is a well-known talk show host, comedian, and author. He has over 2 million followers on Facebook, over 2 million followers on Instagram and over 12 million followers on Twitter. He’s also a father and has been married to his wife Marjorie Harvery for over a decade. With his years of experience, he has helped countless people with their dating and love life through his talk show #STEVETVShow.

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Steve’s Best Fatherly Dating Advice

  1. Confidence is Key
    Confidence is key in every aspect of life and especially when it comes to dating. Steve advises women that if they are confident within themselves, that shines through to others, and it will make them more attractive.

  2. Don’t Settle for Less
    Steve says that when it comes to love and relationships, women should never settle for less than they deserve. They should never be with someone who does not make them happy or who does not appreciate them.

  3. Let Him Come to You
    Steve believes that women should not chase after men. He advises women to be social, engaging, and approachable. However, they should not pursue any man who is not willing to initiate a conversation or relationship.

  4. Be Yourself
    Steve says that women should always be themselves and never try to be someone they are not. He advises women to let their true self shine through and be confident in themselves.

  5. Set Clear Boundaries
    Steve advises women to set clear boundaries in their relationships. Women should be clear about their expectations and communicate what they want from their partner.

  6. Take Your Time
    Steve says that women should take their time when it comes to love and relationships. They should never rush into anything and should take the time to get to know their partner before becoming intimate.

  7. Don’t Be Desperate
    Steve advises women to never settle for anything less than they deserve. Women should never be desperate for love or attention, and they should never compromise their standards for anyone.

  8. Build a Friendship First
    Steve advises women to build a friendship first with a potential partner. This way, they get to know each other on a deeper level and can build a stronger foundation for a long-lasting relationship.


In conclusion, Steve Harvey’s dating advice provides valuable insights for women who are looking for love. These tips are simple but powerful and can transform your dating approach. Remember to stay confident, be yourself, and take your time; love will come when you least expect it.


  1. How old is Steve Harvey?
    Steve Harvey was born on January 17, 1957, and he is currently 64 years old.

  2. Where can I find Steve Harvey’s dating advice?
    Steve Harvey’s dating advice can be found on his talk show #STEVETVShow or on his social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

  3. What social media platforms does Steve Harvey have a presence on?
    Steve Harvey has a strong presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, with millions of followers on each platform.

  4. Can I subscribe to #STEVETVShow for more content?
    Yes, you can subscribe to #STEVETVShow for more content, including dating and relationship advice, celebrity interviews, and more.

  5. What are Steve Harvey’s social media usernames?
    Steve Harvey’s Facebook username is @SteveHarveytv, his Instagram username is @stevetvshow, and his Twitter username is @IAmSteveHarvey.

finding love and longdistance relationships
long distance love audiobook