Soft White Underbelly Interviews Fentanyl Addict Thomas in San Francisco’s Tenderloin

Soft White Underbelly recently conducted an interview with Thomas, a fentanyl addict residing in San Francisco’s Tenderloin. The interview showcases Thomas’s journey, from his troubled childhood in Alabama to his experiences living in San Francisco. Thomas discusses his addiction to fentanyl, his past struggles with alcoholism, and the importance of humility in his life. The interview is available on the Soft White Underbelly subscription channel, accessible on various devices for a monthly fee of $10. With a focus on providing ad-free and uncensored content, Soft White Underbelly offers viewers an intimate and revealing portrait of individuals living on the fringes of society, including Thomas and his ongoing battle with addiction and personal growth.

Background and Introduction

Soft White Underbelly conducted an interview with Thomas, a fentanyl addict living in San Francisco’s Tenderloin neighborhood. The video can be found on the Soft White Underbelly subscription channel, which offers ad-free and uncensored content for $10 per month. This subscription provides access to the channel on various devices, including Apple and Android mobile apps, Roku TV, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire. In the interview, Thomas shares his life story, struggles with addiction, experiences with homelessness, and personal growth. Let’s delve into the details of Thomas’s difficult journey and gain a deeper understanding of addiction and its impact.

Soft White Underbelly Interviews Fentanyl Addict Thomas in San Franciscos Tenderloin

Thomas’s Early Life and Education

Thomas grew up in G Shores, Alabama, and Foley, Alabama. He had a troubled childhood and lacked parental guidance. His parents’ relationship did not work out, and his father was only present for a brief period in Thomas’s life. At around the age of 12, Thomas moved back in with his mother, who was often away due to her job as a sales manager. This left Thomas and his younger sister alone for long periods, and they resorted to quitting school and engaging in risky behavior. Despite the lack of a stable environment, Thomas managed to learn to read during this time, taking advantage of the opportunity to educate himself.

Introduction to Addiction

Thomas’s struggles with addiction began with alcohol. He started drinking at a young age and continued for about 20 years. However, he found himself unable to quit despite various attempts, including Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. Eventually, Thomas turned to heroin, which surprisingly helped him quit drinking. This unexpected shift in addiction provided Thomas with an alternative that allowed him to overcome his alcohol dependency.

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San Francisco and Homelessness

In 2000, Thomas made a move to San Francisco, where he has been living for over 24 years. Unfortunately, he experienced homelessness for a significant portion of his time in the city. However, he currently has access to housing and shares his life with his beloved dog, Bubbles. Although the details of Thomas’s housing arrangement are not provided, it is encouraging to know that he has found stable housing.

Health Issues and Challenges

Thomas has faced several health challenges throughout his life. He suffers from renal failure and kidney disease, which bring about numerous complications and require monitoring and medical care. Additionally, he lost one of his arms due to a severe abscess, resulting in the need for a prosthetic arm. These health issues have undoubtedly impacted his daily life, making even the most basic tasks more challenging for him.

Soft White Underbelly Interviews Fentanyl Addict Thomas in San Franciscos Tenderloin

Views on Addiction and Comparison

Interestingly, Thomas shares his preference for being an opiate addict over an alcoholic. He believes that alcohol is worse in terms of harm and deaths caused. This perspective likely stems from his personal experience and the struggles he faced with alcohol addiction. It is important to note that Thomas’s view may not necessarily reflect the broader reality of addiction, as each person’s experience is unique.

Biggest Fears and Emotional Concerns

Thomas’s biggest fear revolves around losing his mother or sister. Their well-being is a significant emotional concern for him, highlighting the importance of family in his life. The fear of losing his loved ones likely adds to the emotional burden he already carries due to his addiction and health issues.

Soft White Underbelly Interviews Fentanyl Addict Thomas in San Franciscos Tenderloin

Reflection and Personal Growth

Despite the hardships and challenges he has faced, Thomas expresses contentment with who he has become. He acknowledges the changes he has made in his life, both outwardly and inwardly. Thomas has learned the significance of humility, which has played an essential role in his personal growth and development. As he moves forward in life, Thomas is determined to give something back to the world and make a positive impact, despite the mistakes he has made.


Thomas’s interview on Soft White Underbelly provides significant insights into addiction and its impact on individuals’ lives. His journey from a troubled childhood to addiction, homelessness, and personal growth offers a nuanced understanding of the complexities involved. By listening to stories like Thomas’s, we can develop empathy and compassion for those struggling with addiction while also recognizing the importance of support, understanding, and accessible resources. Through reflection and education, we can work towards creating a society that helps individuals overcome addiction and lead fulfilling lives.

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