Soft White Underbelly features Whittaker family in Odd, West Virginia

Experience the heart and joy of the holiday season with the Whittaker family in Odd, West Virginia, as showcased in Soft White Underbelly’s captivating video. Join them as they go bowling and embark on a shopping adventure at Walmart, where they search for the perfect Christmas tree and gifts. The video introduces the best bowler, Timmy, and offers valuable bowling tips from Mark. Get a glimpse into the Whittakers’ daily life as Mark interacts with Alfie, Betty, Ray, and Timmy, and even lends a hand in decorating their Christmas tree. Donations can be made through PayPal or cashapp, and for ad-free and uncensored content, viewers can subscribe to the Soft White Underbelly subscription channel, accessible on multiple platforms for $10 a month.

Soft White Underbelly features Whittaker family in Odd, West Virginia

Soft White Underbelly, a popular YouTube channel known for its raw and unfiltered interviews, recently released a video featuring the Whittaker family from Odd, West Virginia. This video provides viewers with a unique glimpse into the lives of this family, showcasing their bowling skills and their experience shopping for Christmas gifts at Walmart. Throughout the video, the viewers also have the opportunity to make donations to support the Whittakers.

Overview of Soft White Underbelly video with the Whittaker family

The video begins with an introduction to the Whittaker family, a tight-knit group living in Odd, West Virginia. Viewers are introduced to each member of the family, including Betty, Ray, Timmy, and BJ. The video then transitions to footage of the family engaging in a friendly bowling competition. Timmy, the youngest member of the family, is highlighted as an exceptional bowler, showcasing his impressive skills. The video also includes a discussion on bowling techniques, with Mark, the person speaking in the video and a friend of the family, providing guidance and assistance to Timmy.

Soft White Underbelly features Whittaker family in Odd, West Virginia

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Donation options for viewers

Viewers who are touched by the Whittaker family’s story and wish to support them have the option to make donations. The video provides two methods of donation: PayPal and cashapp. Through PayPal, viewers can donate by sending funds to the account marklaita824. Alternatively, viewers can make a donation through cashapp by sending funds to the username $swumarklaita. The video encourages viewers to consider supporting the Whittakers financially, as these donations can make a significant impact on their lives.

Soft White Underbelly subscription channel

In addition to the free content available on Soft White Underbelly’s YouTube channel, the video also introduces viewers to the Soft White Underbelly subscription channel. This subscription-based platform offers ad-free and uncensored content, including exclusive videos featuring the Whittaker family. Subscriptions to the Soft White Underbelly channel can be accessed for $10 per month and are available on various platforms such as mobile apps, Roku TV, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire. By subscribing to the channel, viewers can gain access to even more in-depth interviews and stories.

Soft White Underbelly features Whittaker family in Odd, West Virginia

Whittakers’ Christmas shopping at Walmart

One of the highlights of the video is the Whittaker family’s trip to Walmart for Christmas shopping. Mark suggests visiting Walmart to purchase a Christmas tree and gifts for the family. The video provides an overview of the family’s shopping experience, showing interactions with Betty, Ray, and Timmy as they browse through various items. Belts, shoes, watches, and ornaments are just a few of the items mentioned during their shopping trip. The possibility of purchasing a new TV is also briefly discussed, showcasing the family’s excitement and anticipation for the upcoming holiday season.

Interaction with Mark and Alfie

Throughout the video, the person speaking (Mark) interacts with various members of the Whittaker family. Mark is introduced as a friend of the family, and his presence adds a personal touch to the video. The interaction between Mark and Alfie, a member of the bowling alley staff, is highlighted during the bowling session. Mark also provides guidance and assistance to Timmy, helping him improve his bowling technique. These interactions demonstrate the strong bond and camaraderie between Mark and the Whittakers.

Soft White Underbelly features Whittaker family in Odd, West Virginia

Life at the Whittakers’ home

The video briefly touches on the daily life of the Whittaker family. It is mentioned that the family heats their home with a wood stove, emphasizing their resourcefulness and self-sufficiency. BJ, a member of the family, is briefly mentioned, showcasing the inclusivity and acceptance within the Whittakers’ household. The video also mentions that the extra bedroom in their home does not have a shower, further emphasizing the modest and humble living conditions of the family. Mark’s assistance in decorating the Christmas tree highlights his involvement and support for the Whittakers during this festive season.

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In conclusion, the Soft White Underbelly video featuring the Whittaker family provides viewers with an intimate look into their lives and experiences. From their bowling skills to their Christmas shopping trip at Walmart, viewers get a firsthand perspective on the joys and challenges faced by this unique family. The video also encourages viewers to make donations to support the Whittakers, underscoring the positive impact that financial assistance can have on their lives. By showcasing the Whittakers’ story and inviting viewers to donate, Soft White Underbelly promotes a sense of community and compassion. The video ends with a brief discussion on Santa Claus, highlighting the magic and universality of the holiday season.

Soft White Underbelly features the Whittaker family in Odd, West Virginia. You can watch them go bowling and Christmas shopping in this video. If you would like to help the Whittaker family purchase a new home, you can contribute to their GoFundMe campaign using this link: GoFundMe Campaign. For alternative ways to donate, you can use PayPal (@marklaita824) or cashapp ($swumarklaita). To see all the SWU videos with The Whittakers, click here: Inbred Family-The Whittakers. For ad-free, uncensored videos and exclusive content, you can subscribe to the Soft White Underbelly subscription channel on It costs $10 per month and is accessible on Apple and Android mobile apps, Roku TV, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire. If you’re interested in purchasing the Soft White Underbelly book, you can find it here: Soft White Underbelly Book.

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