Soft White Underbelly: An Interview with Rachel, a Former Escort in Los Angeles

Soft White Underbelly conducted an interview with Rachel, a former escort in Los Angeles. Soft White Underbelly is known for producing ad-free and uncensored videos, and viewers can access exclusive content by subscribing to their subscription channel for $10 a month. Their content is available on various platforms, including Apple and Android mobile apps, Roku TV, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire. Rachel’s life story is a complex one, starting from her difficult childhood in a small town in Minnesota to her career in the sex industry, her experiences with drugs, and her eventual involvement in animal rescue and solving her brother’s murder case. Despite the challenges she has faced, Rachel remains hopeful about moving forward and living her life true to herself.

In the interview, Rachel discusses her upbringing with divorced parents and a mother who enjoyed partying. She turned to animals for companionship, becoming an animal lover from a young age. Rachel’s life took her from modeling in Tokyo, to working for Playboy in Los Angeles, to becoming an escort with wealthy clients. She also formed connections with celebrities through her involvement in the sex industry. However, her life drastically changed when her brother was murdered, causing her to lose everything. Despite the hardships she has endured, Rachel continues to persevere, even as she grapples with PTSD and the loss of her brother.

Rachel’s Background

Rachel grew up in Wasika, Minnesota, a small and lesser-known town in the state. She had a difficult childhood due to her parents’ divorce and her mother’s partying lifestyle. Her mother was focused on her own indulgences and Rachel often felt neglected. However, Rachel found solace in her love for animals and developed a strong connection with them at a young age.

Career in Modeling

At the age of 16, Rachel began her modeling career in Tokyo, Japan. She continued to model for over 10 years, gaining valuable experience in the fashion industry. Her work took her to different parts of Asia, allowing her to expand her skills and network.

Soft White Underbelly: An Interview with Rachel, a Former Escort in Los Angeles

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Discovery of the Playboy World

In 2000, Rachel made the move to Los Angeles, where she discovered the world of Playboy. She had the opportunity to work for Playboy Radio and TV, which opened doors for her in the entertainment industry. Rachel attended parties at the famous Playboy Mansion and had the chance to meet and befriend numerous celebrities.

Entering the Escort Industry

Eventually, Rachel transitioned into becoming an escort. Through her connections in the industry, she started to have wealthy clients who supported her financially. While it was a controversial and unconventional choice, Rachel was able to make a living and maintain her lifestyle through these arrangements.

Soft White Underbelly: An Interview with Rachel, a Former Escort in Los Angeles

Struggles with Drug Addiction

From a young age, Rachel had a love for drugs, which continued throughout her life. Her early exposure to drugs, through her mother’s habits, created a pattern that she found difficult to break. Rachel struggled with addiction and relied on drugs as a coping mechanism.

Marriages for Green Cards

Rachel was married twice, both times for green cards. These marriages were situational arrangements, where she married men who wanted to stay in the United States. She saw this as an easier option than going through a divorce, and it allowed her to fulfill her own personal goals.

Soft White Underbelly: An Interview with Rachel, a Former Escort in Los Angeles

Connections with Celebrities

Through her career as an escort and her connections in the industry, Rachel had the opportunity to meet and befriend many celebrities. Her presence at events and parties gave her access to high-profile individuals, furthering her experiences and network.

Animal Rescue Organization

Despite her involvement in the escort industry, Rachel had a passion for animals and wanted to make a positive impact. She started an animal rescue organization called “Lucky Puppy” and opened a humane pet store. Rachel worked tirelessly to find homes for dogs in need, advocating for their well-being.

Tragic Loss and Rebuilding

Rachel’s life took a drastic turn when her brother was murdered, leading to the loss of everything she had. She faced a year-long battle for justice while dealing with the immense grief and trauma of her brother’s murder. Rachel’s determination and strength were instrumental in helping solve the case, giving her closure and a sense of purpose.


Despite the challenges and difficult experiences she faced, Rachel remains determined to move forward and live her life true to herself. She recognizes the mistakes and hardships she has encountered but remains hopeful for a better future. Rachel’s story serves as a reminder of the resilience of the human spirit and the power of personal growth and transformation.

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