Interview with October, Daughter of Drug Addicted Parents

In Soft White Underbelly’s latest video, they delve into the life of October, a young woman who grew up with drug-addicted parents. October opens up about her experiences, shedding light on the impact of addiction within her family. The interview offers a glimpse into the challenges she faced growing up and how she has overcome them. It highlights the importance of understanding and supporting individuals who have been affected by drug addiction in their families. October’s parents, involved in the tattoo industry, had their own tattoo shop and led a seemingly rock and roll lifestyle. However, their addiction issues took a toll on their relationships and their ability to work. Despite the hardships, October managed to graduate from high school and college at a young age, but eventually had to prioritize her own well-being and dropped out of college. Ultimately, October’s story is a testament to resilience and finding strength in the face of adversity.

October’s Background and Childhood

Growing up with drug addicted parents

October, the daughter of drug addicted parents, grew up in Chattanooga, Tennessee. From an early age, she witnessed the struggles her parents faced with addiction. Her parents were involved in the tattoo industry and owned their own tattoo shop. Despite their addiction issues, October had a fun-filled childhood, filled with activities such as going to band practice with her dad and attending tattoo conventions.

Parents’ involvement in the tattoo industry

October’s parents were actively involved in the tattoo industry. Her mom was a body piercer and artist, while her dad played guitar and was a tattoo artist. October fondly remembers going to her dad’s band practices, watching him play, and traveling to tattoo conventions as a family. Their parents’ passion for their respective crafts exposed October to a vibrant and creative lifestyle.

Fun activities and events in childhood

October’s childhood was filled with exciting events and activities. Her parents’ involvement in the tattoo industry and music scene allowed her to experience unique opportunities. She often missed school to go on vacations with her parents, who loved to travel to places like Mexico and California. The creative and lively atmosphere surrounding her parents’ lifestyle made her childhood truly enjoyable.

Impact of Parents’ Addiction

Witnessing domestic violence

As October grew older, she began to notice the more negative aspects of her parents’ addiction. Middle school marked the onset of domestic violence within her household. She saw her parents engage in intense arguments and witnessed their unhealthy interactions. This traumatic experience exposed October to the darker side of addiction and further complicated her family dynamics.

Effects on family relationships

October’s parents’ addiction had a significant impact on her family relationships. The addiction issues strained the connection between her parents and affected their ability to be fully present in her life. October’s grandparents often stepped in to provide support and care, recognizing that her parents were consumed by their addiction. The lack of stability and consistent presence from her parents affected October’s sense of family unity.

Parents’ struggles with work

October’s parents faced challenges with their work as a result of their addiction issues. While they owned a successful tattoo shop, their addiction affected their work ethic and ultimately impacted the business. October witnessed their struggle to balance their creative pursuits with their addiction, which had a detrimental effect on their professional lives.

Interview with October, Daughter of Drug Addicted Parents

October’s Personal Achievements

Graduating high school and college at a young age

Despite the turbulent environment at home, October managed to achieve remarkable personal milestones. She graduated from both high school and college at a young age, demonstrating her determination and resilience. These achievements showcased her ability to focus on her education and succeed academically, even in the face of adversity.

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Moving to California and starting a new life

To create a better life for herself and distance herself from her parents’ addiction, October made the courageous decision to move to California. This move marked the beginning of a new chapter in her life. By relocating, she aimed to focus on her own personal growth and leave behind the negative influences of her parents’ addiction.

Dealing with parents’ addiction from a distance

Although October moved to California, she still had to grapple with the challenges posed by her parents’ addiction from a distance. Their declining health and ongoing struggles with addiction continued to affect her emotionally. October’s ability to navigate these difficulties while pursuing her own personal goals is a testament to her strength and resilience.

Deteriorating Health of Parents

Parents’ declining health and addiction-related issues

With time, October began to witness the deteriorating health of her parents due to their addiction. Her dad’s struggle with addiction, including overdoses, and her mom’s declining health were direct consequences of their ongoing substance abuse. These issues added to the already complicated family dynamics, leaving October feeling helpless and overwhelmed.

Difficulties in the relationship with parents

The declining health of her parents strained October’s relationship with them. As their addiction worsened, they became increasingly disconnected and unable to provide the emotional support she needed. October saw her dad’s mental health deteriorate, with anxiety and panic attacks becoming more prevalent. This strained her relationship with both her parents and heightened her concern for their well-being.

Decision to prioritize own well-being

Realizing the toll that her parents’ addiction was taking on her own mental and emotional well-being, October made the difficult decision to prioritize herself. This decision led her to drop out of college to focus on her own growth and healing. By choosing herself, October took the necessary steps to break away from the destructive cycle of addiction and create a healthier future for herself.

Interview with October, Daughter of Drug Addicted Parents

Mom’s Health Crisis

Mom’s 40th birthday and realization of irreversibility

October’s mom celebrated her 40th birthday on December 7th. However, this joyous occasion was overshadowed by the stark realization of her deteriorating health. October came face-to-face with the irreversibility of her mother’s condition, leading her to confront the harsh reality of the situation.

Inability to enjoy planned Christmas

The declining health of October’s mom prevented her from fully enjoying the Christmas that had been planned. The weight of her mother’s illness cast a shadow over the holiday celebrations, leaving October grappling with a mix of emotions. The inability to experience the joy and warmth of the season took a toll on her spirit.

Delay in seeking medical help

Despite October’s urging, her mom delayed seeking medical help until she returned home. This delay further exacerbated her deteriorating health. October’s concern for her mom’s well-being grew, as she understood the urgent need for medical attention. The frustration and helplessness she felt during this time added to the emotional weight she was already carrying.

Struggles and Tragedies

Dad’s fentanyl addiction and mom’s worry

October’s dad struggled with a fentanyl addiction, causing immense worry for her mom. Even while her mom was dealing with her own health crisis, she remained concerned about her husband’s well-being. This double burden of worrying about both parents further complicated October’s emotional journey and added to her sense of helplessness.

Dad’s suicide and impact on narrator

Tragically, October’s dad took his own life, devastating her and intensifying her struggles. The loss of her father had a profound impact on her emotional well-being and further heightened her sense of grief and sadness. This unimaginable tragedy left October grappling with complex emotions and a profound sense of loss.

Loss of childhood dog

Adding to the already overwhelming personal and family tragedies, October also experienced the loss of her childhood dog. Losing such a beloved companion compounded her grief and underscored the challenging nature of the journey she was on. Despite these losses, October continued to find the strength to persevere.

Interview with October, Daughter of Drug Addicted Parents

Life Lessons and Change in Perspective

Realization of importance of cherishing everyday things

The series of trials and tragedies that October faced forced her to reevaluate her perspective on life. She realized the importance of cherishing even the simplest joys and everyday moments. Through her experiences, she discovered the profound impact that these small, seemingly insignificant moments can have on one’s overall happiness and well-being.

Impact of others on one’s life

October’s journey highlighted the significant impact that others can have on one’s life. From her family and friends to the strangers she encountered, each person played a role in shaping her experiences and providing support during difficult times. Recognizing the power of human connection and the ability to lean on others for support became a valuable life lesson for October.

Overcoming adversity and building a successful life

Despite facing tremendous adversity, October managed to build a successful life for herself. Despite earlier setbacks, she was able to establish a business, acquire two homes, attend veterinary technician school, model, work as a full-time body piercer, and become a mother to three dogs. Her determination and resilience allowed her to triumph over the obstacles in her path and create a life she could be proud of.

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The Rock and Roll Couple

Parents’ glamorous lifestyle attending tattoo conventions

October’s parents led a glamorous lifestyle, attending various tattoo conventions and mingling with rock stars. This exciting aspect of their lives exposed October to a world filled with creativity, talent, and vibrant personalities. The energy and allure of these events added a thrilling element to her childhood and shaped her understanding of the world.

Addiction and issues that led to their deaths

Unfortunately, the vibrant and glamorous lifestyle her parents lived hid the underlying issues they were facing. Their addiction and the associated challenges proved to be detrimental, ultimately leading to their untimely deaths. The stark reality of the consequences of addiction shattered the illusion of the rock and roll lifestyle and left October with a profound understanding of its darker side.


Reflecting on the interview with October, it becomes evident that the impact of addiction within a family is far-reaching and complex. October’s personal journey showcases the challenges faced by individuals growing up with drug addicted parents. It highlights the need for understanding, support, and empathy for those affected by addiction. By sharing her story, October seeks to shed light on the struggles that many families face, and to encourage a greater awareness and compassion for those affected by addiction in their own lives.

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