How To Survive Thanksgiving Being Single | Dating Advice for Women by Mat Boggs

By | November 25, 2014
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If you’re single, the holiday season can be a tough time to navigate. Particularly during Thanksgiving, where the focus is on spending time with family and loved ones. However, being single during the holidays doesn’t have to be a daunting experience. In this blog post, we’ll provide practical dating advice for women, courtesy of expert Mat Boggs, on how to survive Thanksgiving as a single person. Read on to learn invaluable tips that will help you enjoy Thanksgiving, regardless of your relationship status.

How To Survive Thanksgiving Being Single | Dating Advice for Women by Mat Boggs


Thanksgiving is around the corner, and the last thing you want to hear is “Why are you still single?” from well-meaning but nosy relatives. But don’t fret because relationship coach Mat Boggs is here to offer you some tips and insights on how to survive Thanksgiving being single and make the most of it.

Tips on Surviving Questions about Being Single during the Holiday Season

Here are some things you can do to respond gracefully to those annoying “Are you still single?” questions:

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  • Embrace your relationship status – You are single, and it’s okay. Don’t be ashamed of it or try to downplay it. Instead, focus on the positives of being single, like having freedom and independence.
  • Stay positive – Don’t let others’ opinions or attitudes get you down. Stay positive and optimistic about your future and your ability to find love.
  • Redirect the conversation – If someone asks you about your relationship status, redirect the conversation by asking them about their life or interests. Or, simply reply in a light-hearted way that you’re enjoying being single and have a lot of exciting things going on in your life.
  • Set boundaries – If a family member starts pressuring you to find a partner or criticizing your choices, it’s okay to set boundaries and let them know that it’s not their place to interfere with your personal life.
  • Connect with your single friends – Reach out to your single friends and plan a fun activity or organize a Friendsgiving dinner. Surrounding yourself with people who understand your situation and have a positive attitude will boost your spirits.

Mat Boggs’ Videos on Dating and Relationship Coaching

Mat Boggs is a dating and relationship coach for women and an international speaker. He has helped thousands of women to find love, increase their confidence, and improve their relationships. Mat offers a range of programs and services, including one-on-one coaching, online courses, and live events.

Mat is also a video content creator, and his YouTube channel has over 1.5 million subscribers. His videos cover topics such as communication with men, understanding men, self-confidence, and self-worth. If you’re feeling stuck or unsure about your love life, Mat’s videos are a great resource to get some practical, empowering advice.

Mat Boggs’ Mission to Increase Love in the World

Mat’s mission is to increase love in the world, one heart at a time. He believes that everyone deserves to experience love and happiness in their lives and that it’s possible to find it, no matter what your circumstances or past experiences have been.

Through his coaching and speaking engagements, Mat encourages women to embrace their feminine power, communicate effectively, set healthy boundaries, and prioritize self-love. He also emphasizes the importance of being authentic, vulnerable, and open to new experiences.


Being single during the holidays can be tough, but it doesn’t have to ruin your mood. With the right mindset and some practical strategies, you can navigate this period with grace and joy. Remember that being single is not a curse, and there’s nothing wrong with you if you haven’t found the right person yet. Keep working on yourself, take care of your mind and body, and trust that love is on its way.


  1. How can I avoid getting triggered by my family’s comments about my single status?

You can practice some mindfulness techniques such as deep breathing, journaling, or visualization to release any negative emotions and stay centered. Also, remind yourself that other people’s opinions don’t define you, and you have the power to choose your response.

  1. Should I lie about having a boyfriend to avoid awkward questions?

No, lying won’t solve the problem, and it will only make you feel guilty and uneasy. You don’t owe anyone an explanation about your personal life, and you can politely decline to answer. Remember that honesty and integrity are key values in any relationship.

  1. What are some common misconceptions about being single?

Some people assume that being single means you’re unhappy, unlovable, or unable to commit. However, these are just stereotypes that don’t represent reality. Being single can be a fulfilling and positive choice, and it doesn’t mean you’re lacking anything.

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  1. Can I find love online, or should I focus on meeting people in person?

Both options are valid and can lead to successful relationships, depending on your preferences and circumstances. Online dating can be a convenient way to meet like-minded people and expand your social circle, but it also requires caution and discernment. Meeting people in person can be more organic and spontaneous, but it also requires confidence and social skills.

  1. How can I boost my self-confidence and attract quality partners?

You can work on your self-confidence by practicing self-care, setting clear goals, cultivating positive self-talk, and challenging your limiting beliefs. Additionally, you can attract quality partners by being authentic, compassionate, and open-minded, and by having healthy boundaries and communication skills. Remember that a confident and happy person is the most attractive version of yourself.