How to Maintain Love and Trust in Long Distance Relationships

long distance relationships

Maintaining a long distance relationship can be challenging for couples. Even with technology helping bridge the gap, maintaining love and trust may prove to be challenging over time.

However, long-distance romance can be successful provided the appropriate expectations and boundaries are in place. Communication regularly and building trust should be the goal.

Lack of Physical Intimacy

Physical intimacy is an integral component of any relationship, yet long distance ones may find it especially challenging. Sex is part of what bonds two individuals together; its absence can increase feelings of resentment, jealousy and depression.

Some couples may find their sexual life to become more challenging as a result of being in a long distance relationship, while many others will welcome the chance to feel closer together and build deeper connections through physical intimacy – proven to increase relationship satisfaction and foster conflict resolution.

Partner communication in long distance relationships is crucial, as any miscommunication could create further distance than closeness.

Communication is also key in order to address any concerns or disagreements between you and your partner as soon as they arise, in order to prevent potential conflicts or arguments later on.

Some couples experience difficulties in maintaining emotional intimacy in long distance relationships. This is a normal occurrence and discussing it openly can be beneficial in working through it.

Emotional intimacy refers to the connection between two individuals that goes beyond mere physicality; it involves feelings of safety, security and love between partners. Building this kind of relationship takes time for both partners; regular dialogue about emotions is vital.

Couples frequently complain of telling each other what they think rather than sharing what they feel about various events in their lives, which is especially challenging if one person lives abroad and must rely on email or text message for communication.

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Partners in long distance relationships must find ways to keep sexual intimacy alive and exciting; whether that be through FaceTiming sex sessions or planning after-dinner activities that add interest between them both.


Loneliness is an emotional state characterized by social isolation that can occur in any relationship, including long distance ones. While loneliness might not appear frequently in daily life, it can quickly become an ongoing source of contention within an association and potentially become detrimental.

Loneliness can become an issue in long distance relationships. To combat this issue, it’s crucial that partners find ways to connect emotionally without fear of judgment or rejection.

Relationship intimacy is crucial, and you need to feel like your partner understands and values who you are as an individual. Knowing they will support and comfort you through difficult times is also important.

Carla Marie Manly, a licensed clinical psychologist and relationship expert, points out that physical closeness can be one of the primary sources of loneliness in long-distance relationships. When separated from your partner, certain chemicals like phenylethylamine (the love molecule), oxytocin (cuddle hormone), and dopamine (reward hormone) may not be present as they would with someone near to you – potentially contributing to feelings of loneliness in long-distance relationships.

These experiences may leave one feeling depressed and desperate for physical closeness; therefore, spending as much quality time together as possible – no matter whether that means living near one another or across the country – is essential.

As part of your efforts to create a happier relationship, it’s also essential that you communicate openly and honestly with your partner about any factors which make you feel isolated or lonely. Being honest about how you’re feeling can help to alleviate them and bring about change for a stronger, healthier connection.

Keep each other updated about what’s going on in your day-to-day lives, such as what friends or work is happening – this helps break down emotional barriers between you two while building trust in the relationship.

Trust Issues

Trust is essential in any successful relationship. Without it, there can be hostility, jealousy and suspicion between partners; having strong trust in yours allows you to feel safe about them while investing more time into developing the relationship without constantly monitoring how they’re behaving.

At least there are ways to manage trust issues in long distance relationships: communicating expectations clearly and being aware when you feel as though someone has been lying can reduce the risks of breaking trust relationships.

At the core of any successful long distance relationship lies trust: not making assumptions about your partner’s intentions. While it’s easy to assume the worst about someone you barely know, any comment that seems negative could have an underlying motive or intention behind it – do not assume they’re hiding something from you or trying to provoke conflict in order to cause damage.

An active and positive mindset are vital components of building trust in long distance relationships, so maintaining positive thoughts about your partner can go a long way towards keeping your bond strong. Furthermore, regular communication keeps channels open by discussing issues and emotions openly.

One of the best ways to build trust in a long distance relationship is by taking steps that demonstrate your care for and trust in them. This could include checking in regularly with them, sharing personal details about yourself with them, and being willing to be vulnerable with them.

By doing these actions, you can demonstrate your trustworthiness and be there when they need you most. Take time to introduce them to people in your life who might provide extra input or assistance for your partner.

Trust can be built in long distance relationships over time, but this may require much work.


Long distance relationships require considerable financial and time investment from both partners, and require immense commitment from both of them. You will have to adjust your schedule in order to spend quality time together when they visit town; and budget accordingly to cover all the expenses of maintaining such an affair.

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expenses like transportation costs to and from the airport, pet sitting fees while you’re gone, PTO days that allow you to take time off of work, meals and entertainment that fall outside your budget when visiting can quickly add up and become quite daunting. Although credit cards might tempt you, saving up for trips in advance will ensure their cost can be covered properly.

Long distance relationships must take into account the emotional investment necessary for them. Being apart can be hard on relationships; physical separation often leaves partners feeling isolated.

But you have options available to you to help lower the costs of long-distance travel, including finding cheaper flight deals and using airline rewards programs – potentially saving up to 10-20% off total flight expenses over time.

Reduce transportation costs by driving less or finding alternatives like public transit or ride sharing services to get where you need to be. If possible, renting a car instead of buying it could also help save on gas expenses.

As part of your long distance relationship, it’s a good idea to discuss with your partner how much each of you would be willing to contribute toward various aspects. Doing this may prevent potential financial breakdown or disagreement over who’s responsible for what which could lead to unhealthy friction between you two.

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