Finding Your Soulmate

Finding Your Soulmate

Finding Your Soulmate can be one of the most thrilling and fulfilling experiences of life, since love can bring lasting change into your life in ways you could never have anticipated.

How can you recognize someone as being your soulmate? By the energy they exude and how they treat you.

1. You’re attracted to them.

Your soulmate understands you better than anyone, recognizing their emotions as well as sharing in them; when they’re upset, you feel it too; when they receive an award or promotion, you celebrate together!

An understanding friend can also be the one who allows you to be yourself; they understand your quirky quirks and guilty pleasures, and when it seems as though your goals are difficult, they’ll push harder in order to support and assist along your journey.

Find your soulmate when they make you laugh and become the person who brings out the best in you and inspires you to become your ideal self.

2. You’re attracted to their energy.

Once you find your soulmate, their energy may be quite captivating to you. Perhaps their warmth, comfort, love, sense of humor or empathy drew you in, according to psychotherapist Annette Nunez M.S. Ph.D.

Nunez claims you may experience an instantaneous connection, like it has been long standing even though just meeting them recently. Your soulmate could offer emotional support that transcends physical proximity; sharing experiences or understanding each other better than anyone else would likely help form this type of bond.

At the core, relationships involving soulmates require mutual effort on both parts. This may mean making sacrifices together or discussing any potential conflicts or issues you might face; plus you’ll likely share similar ethics and values.

3. You’re attracted to their personality.

Attracted to their personality because you feel safe around them. Both share similar perspectives on life and beliefs in common values that allow both of you to work through difficult situations together and build trust between one another.

You are impressed with their ability to remain calm under pressure, as well as their intelligence.

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Intellectual attraction refers to your desire for deeper connections with someone’s intellect, ideas or stimulating conversations.

Personality traits of those you meet could attract your interest if your interests align, or if their perspective on life intrigues. While this type of attraction doesn’t lead to physical attraction, it could make finding a partner easier.

4. You’re attracted to their values.

Your perfect soulmate should be someone who embraces and accepts you for who you are, without trying to change who or what you believe in, loving you despite any flaws that exist within yourself or him/her.

People in these roles tend to be kind-hearted individuals who seek peace and happiness for all around them. They will always go the extra mile in helping out friends or making others feel welcome.

Un ideal mentor won’t hesitate to raise issues that concern them in a respectful, thoughtful manner, keeping you on track without ever becoming authoritarian or demanding action from you. They’ll always be there for support when necessary but won’t give excuses when necessary.

5. You’re attracted to their passions.

One of the key signs that a potential soulmate has caught your eye is when you feel drawn to their passions – be they work, hobby or skill related. You might enjoy learning about them or engaging with them however possible.

Many individuals can find personal interests that will remain with them throughout their lifetime, while others may pursue more temporary passions. No matter the length of your interest pursuit, it should always bring you enjoyment and satisfaction.

As you search for your passion, it is vitally important to maintain good mental health and enhance creativity. Meditation and mindfulness practices can be effective ways of clearing away mental clutter and expanding horizons for creative thought.

6. You’re attracted to their goals.

Unsuccessfully entering into a healthy relationship requires both patience and persistence; it may not always be easy. It is, however, vitally important that you do whatever possible to find someone whose goals and beliefs align with yours.

Your soulmate should push and encourage you to become the best version of yourself, providing encouragement when you’re doing well, while challenging you when they feel there is room for improvement.

Your ideal partner should understand and share in your passions and interests – even when they may seem unusual to others. Additionally, they should offer support as you navigate career advancement and assist with projects.

Your partner should make you feel safe and secure by treating you with dignity and care, and being confident around others.

7. You’re attracted to their kindness.

Kindness is one of the key qualities you should look for in a potential partner, ranking as a top quality in 20 states plus Washington DC and being among the top three traits in 25 others.

Being kind is the cornerstone of being compassionate; that means not making snap judgments on people based on religion, race, culture, age or sexual orientation.

Kindness is like spreading positivity; when we show kindness towards others it sends out positive energy that infuses their lives with positivity. Kindness could mean as simple as smiling at someone or offering help when needed or offering words of encouragement – or it could mean telling the truth when necessary.

8. You’re attracted to their integrity.

When it comes to finding your soulmate, look for someone with strong values and principles who is unafraid to stand up for what they believe in. Someone who will speak up when necessary.

Finding someone whose values align with yours is key to finding true love, as it reduces time spent dating those who don’t fit your criteria or don’t share your heart.

Integrity doesn’t simply mean being honest – it means acting authentically and keeping your karma clear. Though this may be challenging at times, this approach will ultimately unlock your heart’s desire and lead you closer to meeting the person of your dreams!

9. You’re attracted to their compassion.

Soulmates typically demonstrate kindness toward each other. They understand that others suffer and must face difficult circumstances every day.

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Partner’s perspectives and work through any conflicts.

They may go the extra mile to make their partner’s life simpler.

Compassion can be defined as the ability to observe, feel and respond to another person’s suffering through cognitive recognition or unwitting physical and emotional responses to that suffering.

10. You’re attracted to their kindness.

According to new research, kindness is one of the most desired traits in a partner and an indicator of future relationship longevity, according to psychologist John Gottman.

Researchers polled college-age students from 59 different nations about which traits are most desirable in romantic partners. Overall, kindness was identified as being of greatest significance regardless of gender or country of origin.

Kindness is an act that stems from empathy and compassion, helping reduce blood pressure and cortisol production, both stress hormones that contribute to depression, loneliness and overall low mood.

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