Feeling Excited About Falling in Love

Falling in love can be an incredible experience, yet it also comes with its share of difficulties and stresses.

It’s essential to be mindful of how you feel during the early stages of falling in love, so that you can stay healthy and content! Here are some telltale signs that you might be getting closer to loving someone special.

1. You feel a sense of belonging

Be it family, friends, co-workers or your religion – we all have an innate need to belong. But this feeling may not last as we age and become more independent; or it could wane if there are disabilities which make it hard to find others who understand your needs.

Feelings of belonging are vital because they boost self-esteem, one of the key psychological and developmental resources for personal growth. Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs pyramid places physiological needs at the base, followed by love, respect, and belonging requirements at the top.

Researchers have also observed that individuals who lack a sense of belonging tend to experience lower levels of happiness and mental wellness. This may be because they cannot devote all their cognitive and emotional resources to work or relationships.

If you’re feeling unworthy, there are steps you can take to improve your situation. For instance, build your self-confidence by doing things that make you feel worthy of love and acceptance; or find a new group of people with whom to connect and discuss common interests.

2. You feel a sense of responsibility

One of the most exciting aspects of a new relationship is your partner’s willingness to accept responsibility for their actions. A classic bourbon test can help foster this kind of frankness, while some sassiness goes a long way in cultivating true love. With all these tools at your disposal, any romantic will be delighted. Some even opt to move in together – providing them with an enjoyable, meaningful relationship while enjoying its fruits!

3. You feel like you’re being watched

Falling in love can be both an exhilarating and frightening experience. You’ll experience everything from euphoria to energy, infatuation, anxiety, panic, racing hearts, and nervousness all at once.

You’re probably already planning your future together, imagining how you’ll live together and how your wedding day will look. Maybe even have some fantasies about what kind of children you’ll have someday!

When you fall in love, your brain releases various chemicals to strengthen the bond with your partner – dopamine, oxytocin and adrenaline included. These can make you feel infatuated and excited about all that’s going on in your life.

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You may feel compelled to spend as much time with your beloved as possible or explore their interests. It’s an understandable desire, but it could also be indicative of true love between both of you.

4. You’re feeling vulnerable

Vulnerability is an inherent part of human existence. It allows us to express our emotions and build trust with others; however, there may be times when this vulnerability may feel uncomfortable or unsafe.

If you’re experiencing these symptoms, it may be time for professional assistance. A qualified therapist can assist in managing your anxieties and building a stronger, more meaningful relationship.

The early months of a new relationship can be particularly delicate. It’s difficult to hide your emotions or share intimate details about yourself with your significant other. Over time, however, you begin to become more open and honest with them as well.

It’s the ideal way to fall in love. At your most vulnerable, both of you feel deeply understood and desired by each other. Being with each other all the time becomes an incredible feeling – one that fills you with desire and anticipation for what comes next.

When a guy shows vulnerability with you, it indicates that they feel secure enough in your presence to share his fears and anxieties. It’s an indication of his trust in you and desire for deeper connections. He would appreciate it if you took time to understand his emotions without judgment or criticism.

5. You’re feeling a sense of adventure

When you fall in love, it can seem like everything around you becomes more vibrant and thrilling. You might even experience a rush of emotions whenever you think about or do things for your partner that bring back fond memories.

According to Helen Fisher, PhD – Match’s Chief Scientific Advisor – this sensation is caused by increased levels of dopamine being released in your brain. Dopamine plays an essential role in controlling our appetites and focus.

You might find yourself developing an increased level of empathy towards your partner as they make you feel better about yourself and may find their quirks appealing.

It could be an indication of falling in love, especially if you haven’t been dating long. It could also mean your new flame is encouraging you to reevaluate your lifestyle or hobbies because they have given you the impetus to explore new interests.

It’s not something you should take lightly, but if you want to be adventurous, it’s essential to step outside your comfort zone from time to time. For instance, if you love nature and want to start exploring, try doing some hiking or climbing. Alternatively, connect with like-minded individuals and go on some exciting excursions together!

6. You’re feeling a sense of adventure

When you fall in love, you often experience an urge for adventure. Your significant other might take you skydiving, hiking a steep mountain, or even traveling together to another country. These activities can provide both of you with a thrilling sense of escapism.

An adventurous mindset can make you feel much more positive and optimistic, as well as providing you with a zest for life that will last throughout your lifetime.

If you feel like your adventurous spirit has been lacking, take steps to restore it. Begin by incorporating small changes into your daily activities for a refreshing change.

Making small changes can be as easy as visiting a different coffee shop or taking a leisurely walk along your local beach. Once you begin doing these things more frequently, they will become second nature to you and provide opportunities for exploration and joy.

When you’re experiencing these emotions, it could be a sign that you and your partner are falling in love. It means you want to do everything possible to make them contented; however, this may prove challenging if they are unhappy with either you or the relationship itself.

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7. You’re feeling a sense of adventure

When you fall in love, it may be because your relationship is stimulating and challenging you to grow. This could be done through altering routines or trying new activities together.

Experiences such as zip-lining or taking a vacation to an unfamiliar place can bring about feelings of happiness and reinvigorate your romantic interests. These activities will likely elicit positive emotions and feelings towards each other that were previously suppressed.

Having a sense of adventure is beneficial in any relationship, but it may be challenging if one partner is reluctant or afraid. To overcome this obstacle, create a safe space and let go of inhibitions.

You can also look for role models who have achieved success in their endeavors. For instance, if you admire someone who travels the world or works as an oceanographer, try to emulate their behavior.

You can also take the chance and do something you have always wanted to, but have been afraid to. For instance, why not take your significant other on a road trip to an unfamiliar country?

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