Diddy Gives Students A Surprise Of A Lifetime! II Steve Harvey

In this blog post, we’ll be discussing the incredible surprise that music mogul Diddy recently gave to students. With the help of comedian and television personality Steve Harvey, Diddy created a once-in-a-lifetime experience for a group of lucky students that they will never forget. Keep reading to find out what happened and how this surprise is making a positive impact on these young people.


Teachers play a crucial role in shaping the minds of their students. Every teacher has a unique way of imparting knowledge, and Erica Buddington is no different. She is an innovative teacher who caught the internet’s attention when she used Cardi B’s hit “Bodak Yellow” in her lesson plans. Little did she know that her unique teaching style would earn her and her students the surprise of a lifetime. Let’s dive into the details of Steve Harvey’s show and Erica Buddington’s teaching style.

Teaching with “Bodak Yellow”:

Erica Buddington, a teacher from New York, caught everyone’s attention when she used Cardi B’s hit “Bodak Yellow” to teach her students literary devices. She converted the song’s lyrics into a worksheet, using it to teach alliteration, puns, similes, and other literary devices. This innovative teaching style immediately caught the internet’s attention and went viral. Her students were among the chosen few who got to experience the surprise of a lifetime.


Steve Harvey is a well-known personality, and his talk show, called #STEVETVShow, is a popular platform that has been running for many years. He has a huge fan following, and his show covers a wide variety of topics, including entertainment, comedy, and education. He invited Erica Buddington and her students to appear as guests on his show.

The Surprise of a Lifetime:

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Erica Buddington and her students appeared on #STEVETVShow. Little did they know, they were in for the surprise of a lifetime. Diddy surprised them during the show. The students’ faces lit up with joy as they saw the legendary rapper before their eyes. This surprise will be a memory that they will cherish for a lifetime.

Erica Buddington- An Effective Teacher:

Erica Buddington is more than just a viral internet sensation. She is a teacher who has an undeniable impact on her students. Her unique teaching style engages her students and makes the learning process enjoyable. Furthermore, she understands the importance of finding a connection with her students to help them learn better.

Unique Teaching Method:

Erica Buddington’s teaching method is unique. She uses modern and popular culture to introduce literary devices instead of using the traditional teaching methods. It is not only enjoyable for her students but also helps them to retain the lessons taught and can imagine the parts of speech in their favorite songs. This method proves that keeping up with modern times can help make the learning process more engaging and impactful.

“Bodak Yellow” in Education:

Cardi B’s hit “Bodak Yellow” is not only a pop culture phenomenon but is also taught in schools. Many educators have used this song to teach various literary devices. Erica Buddington’s use of “Bodak Yellow” to teach literary terms is just one example of how popular music can be used to make education more engaging.

The Viral Video:

The video of Erica Buddington’s lesson went viral, and many people praised her unique teaching style. The video was shared on various social media platforms, where it gained millions of views. It was a testament to Erica Buddington’s teaching style, which is both innovative and effective.

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Erica Buddington’s use of popular culture in teaching is a great way to engage students and make education more exciting. Her unique teaching style not only caught the internet’s attention but also caught the attention of legends like Diddy and Steve Harvey. It’s clear that Erica Buddington is an effective teacher, who is committed to making a positive impact on her students’ lives.

Unique FAQs:

  1. Is Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow” the only song used in Erica Buddington’s unique teaching style?
  • No, Erica Buddington uses various popular culture texts like movies, TV shows, and music to teach her students.
  1. Why is Erica Buddington’s unique teaching style so impactful?
  • Erica’s method of teaching makes learning more engaging and enjoyable, and students can retain lessons better.
  1. Who appeared on Steve Harvey’s show besides Erica Buddington and her students?
  • Diddy was the surprise guest on the show.
  1. Where can I watch Steve Harvey’s show?
  • Steve Harvey’s show is available on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  1. What is the main purpose of Erica Buddington’s unique teaching style?
  • The main goal is to make the learning process more interactive, exciting, and effective.
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