7 Female Habits Men Find Disgusting Part 6/7 | Dating Advice for Women by Mat Boggs #shorts

Welcome to part 6 of our series on dating advice for women. Today, we’ll be discussing 7 female habits that men find disgusting. As women, it’s important for us to understand what behaviors may be off-putting to men, regardless of whether we intend them that way or not. By knowing and avoiding these habits, we can ensure that we are presenting the best versions of ourselves to the dating world. So, let’s dive in and explore some of the habits that men find unattractive.


Dating is an exciting yet challenging experience for many women. While some women find love and fulfill their dreams, others struggle to attract the right men. Many factors can determine the success of a relationship, including communication style, personality traits, and habits. In this article, we will explore the seven female habits that men find disgusting, as shared by Mat Boggs, a renowned dating coach, and expert. Boggs has helped millions of women worldwide attract love and develop meaningful relationships.

Part 6 of 7: 7 Female Habits Men Find Disgusting | Dating Advice for Women by Mat Boggs #shorts

  1. Being too controlling

Controlling behavior can be a significant turn off to many men. Controlling women tend to dictate everything in the relationship, from minor decisions to major ones that affect both parties. While it is essential to be assertive at times, bossing the man around can make him feel like he is not respected or valued.

  1. Possessiveness and jealousy

Many women tend to get jealous and possessive, especially when they sense that their man is cheating or flirting with other women. While a little jealousy can be seen as cute and protective, too much of it can push the man away. Trust and confidence are essential ingredients of a healthy relationship, and constantly monitoring or questioning the man’s motives can create problems.

  1. Nagging and complaining

Nagging and complaining can be tiring to both parties in a relationship. Women who constantly complain or nag their man about his shortcomings or mistakes create a negative atmosphere that can spoil the relationship. It is essential to communicate effectively and express your thoughts in a respectful way that does not hurt or demean the man.

  1. Not taking care of your physical appearance

Physical attraction is essential in any relationship. Men are visual creatures, and they tend to be attracted to women who take good care of their bodies and physical appearance. Neglecting your appearance can be a turn off to many men, and they may start looking elsewhere for a more attractive option.

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  1. Trying to change the man

Many women make the mistake of trying to change the man, thinking that they know what is best for him. This can be frustrating and demoralizing to the man, who may feel that he is not appreciated for who he is. It is essential to accept the man for who he is and work on improving the relationship as a team.

  1. Being too needy

Being too needy and clingy can be suffocating to many men. Women who are constantly seeking attention and validation tend to repel men. It is essential to have your own life and interests, and not depend entirely on the man for your happiness.

  1. Being overly dramatic

Women who are overly dramatic tend to exaggerate things and make mountains out of molehills. This can be exhausting and draining to the man, who may feel like he is always walking on eggshells. It is essential to be calm and composed, and not blow everything out of proportion.


In conclusion, relationships can be complex, and understanding what men find disgusting in women can help women attract and maintain fulfilling relationships. As shared by Mat Boggs, women should avoid being too controlling, possessive, nagging and complaining, neglecting their physical appearance, trying to change the man, being too needy, and being overly dramatic. Women should strive to create a healthy and positive environment that fosters trust, love, and bonding in the relationship.


Q1. How can I avoid being too controlling in a relationship?

A1. It is essential to communicate effectively, respect the man’s choices, and create a balance between asserting your opinions and making decisions as a team.

Q2. How can I take care of my physical appearance in a relationship?

A2. You can dress well, maintain good hygiene, exercise regularly, and eat a healthy diet to keep your body in good shape.

Q3. How can I avoid being too needy in a relationship?

A3. It is essential to have your own life and interests, be independent and confident, and not depend entirely on the man for your happiness.

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Q4. How can I communicate effectively without nagging or complaining?

A4. It is essential to be respectful, listen actively, choose the right timing and tone, and frame your thoughts positively.

Q5. How can I accept the man for who he is without losing my identity?

A5. You can have your own values, opinions, and interests, and work with the man to create a common ground where both parties feel respected and appreciated.

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