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Welcome to this week’s segment of “Dating Advice for Women” by Mat Boggs. In today’s post, we will be addressing one of the most controversial topics when it comes to dating: Female habits that men find disgusting. Specifically, we’ll be discussing the second habit out of seven that can turn men off in romantic relationships. If you’re looking to improve your dating game and avoid common pitfalls, you won’t want to miss this insightful analysis. Let’s get started!


Are you someone who is always on the quest to find love? Dating can be challenging, but thankfully, there are professionals out there like Mat Boggs who share their expertise through online platforms. In this article, we will be focusing on one of Mat Boggs’ YouTube videos in which he shares 7 female habits that men find disgusting. Whether you are looking to improve your dating life or just interested in learning more about what men find unattractive, keep reading to find out more.

Habits That Men Find Disgusting

Mat Boggs is a popular relationship coach who has gained a huge following on YouTube. In one of his videos titled “7 Female Habits that Men Find Disgusting,” he sheds light on some of the things that women do that can be a turn-off to men. Let’s take a closer look at some of these habits.

1. Being too needy

While it’s completely normal to want attention and affection from someone you care about, being too needy can be overwhelming for men. Constantly seeking approval or reassurance can make men feel suffocated, and may even push them away.

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2. Being negative

Negativity can be extremely draining, and it’s not something that men find attractive. Constantly complaining or having a negative outlook can bring down the mood of the interaction, and men are likely to avoid someone who does this.

3. Being high maintenance

Men are often known for their laid-back approach to life, so it’s no surprise that they find high-maintenance women unappealing. Constantly fussing over one’s appearance or constantly needing things to be done a certain way can come off as demanding and exhausting.

4. Playing games

Playing games or using manipulation tactics in relationships is a major red flag for men. It creates a sense of distrust and can lead to a toxic relationship dynamic.

5. Being too clingy

Just like being too needy, being too clingy can be a turn-off for men. Constantly wanting to be around someone and not giving them space can make them feel trapped and uneasy.

6. Being disrespectful

Disrespectful behavior towards others, whether it’s towards the person you’re dating or towards others in general, is a huge turn-off for men. Being rude or dismissive can leave a lasting negative impression.

7. Being indecisive

Men appreciate someone who is confident and knows what they want. Being indecisive and constantly changing one’s mind can create frustration and confusion, and may even lead to the relationship ending prematurely.

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Other Resources by Mat Boggs

In addition to his YouTube channel, Mat Boggs offers coaching services for those who are looking for love. He also has a paid program called Break Free, which helps individuals remove subconscious blocks that may be hindering their relationships. The Brave Thinking Institute, which he is a co-founder of, also provides free resources for love and relationships.


Mat Boggs has helped millions of people find love through his honest and practical advice. The habits listed in this article are things that women should be mindful of if they want to attract a healthy and fulfilling relationship. Remember, it’s important to always be true to yourself, but making small changes in our behavior can sometimes make all the difference.


  1. Is Mat Boggs’ coaching service only for women?
    • No, Mat Boggs offers coaching services for anyone who is looking for love.
  2. What is Break Free?
    • Break Free is a paid program offered by Mat Boggs that helps individuals remove subconscious blocks that may be hindering their relationships.
  3. Can I subscribe to Mat Boggs’ YouTube channel?
    • Yes, viewers can subscribe to Mat Boggs’ YouTube channel for more dating advice and relationship tips.
  4. Does Mat Boggs have videos on communication with men?
    • Yes, Mat Boggs has several YouTube videos that focus on improving communication with men.
  5. Has Mat Boggs been featured in any media outlets?
    • Yes, Mat Boggs has been featured on various media platforms and has worked with industry leaders in the relationship and coaching space.
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