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finding love and longdistance relationships

In a long-distance relationship, keeping the love alive can seem like a challenging task. The physical distance, lack of intimacy, and communication hurdles can take a toll on even the strongest connections. However, with the right mindset and approach, you can keep the spark alive and maintain a healthy, fulfilling relationship. In this blog post, relationship expert Mat Boggs shares three effective ways to keep the flame burning in your long-distance relationship. Whether you’re newly separated from your partner, or you’ve been doing long-distance for a while, these tips will help you stay emotionally, mentally, and intimately connected to your loved one.


Long-distance relationships can be a challenge to maintain, especially when it comes to keeping the spark alive. However, relationship coach Mat Boggs offers practical advice to help couples in long-distance relationships to thrive. Boggs emphasizes the importance of communication and connection, and he provides several strategies to help couples build healthy and sustainable relationships, despite the distance.

In this article, we will explore three specific ways that Boggs recommends for keeping the spark alive in long-distance relationships. We will also discuss additional relationship advice and resources offered by Boggs, including his free eBook on how to text guys, his coaching services, and his videos on understanding men. With Mat Boggs’ guidance, it is possible to maintain a strong, loving connection with your long-distance partner.

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1. Schedule Regular Video and Phone Calls

One of the most important ways to keep the spark alive in long-distance relationships is to maintain regular communication. Boggs advises couples to schedule video calls and phone calls ahead of time, and to treat these conversations as they would a date.

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  1. Schedule video and phone calls ahead of time to show your partner you prioritize them
  2. Dress up nice
  3. Plan special activities such as cooking together, playing games, or watching movies
  4. Keep the conversation light and fun

By regularity, you can evaluate the standard of your relationship’s strength. You can sense if there is happiness, comfort, or sadness involved in the conversation.

2. Write Love Letters and Surprise Gifts

Another way to keep the spark alive is to engage in romantic gestures, even when you’re apart. Boggs believes that expressing your love and appreciation for your partner through words and gifts can make a significant difference in maintaining the connection.

  1. Surprise him with a send-away package
  2. Write each other love letters
  3. Order each other’s favourite food to your partner’s doorstep
  4. Prepare special messages in-between in particular days like Valentine’s Day or Anniversary

These acts tend to be most impactful, and boosts emotional engagement when they are spontaneous, rather than planned regularly.

3. Create Shared Experiences

Even if you’re miles apart, you can still create shared experiences with your long-distance partner. Boggs suggests that couples come up with creative ways to share their interests and passions, such as:

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  1. Watch the same movie or TV show at the same time and discuss it later
  2. Take virtual tours together
  3. Share hobbies remotely or collaborate on project work
  4. Plan your future in person or do future talks

By experiencing these events together, it will create shared memories and encourage certain themes or stories that you can look back on later.


Maintaining a long-distance relationship takes effort, but with Boggs’ advice, it is possible to keep the spark alive. Connecting through regular video and phone calls, writing love letters and sending surprise gifts, and creating shared experiences are just a few of the ways that couples can stay connected, despite the distance. Boggs’ philosophy of “increasing love in the world, one heart at a time,” clearly shows that helping people connect and maintain healthy relationships is his priority, which is evident in the advice he offers.

finding love and longdistance relationships


  1. What makes Mat Boggs’ advice different from other relationship coaches?
    Ans. Boggs’ advice is unique in that it focuses on building genuine connections and creating long-lasting relationships, instead of encouraging game-playing or manipulation.
  2. Does Mat Boggs offer coaching services for individuals or just couples?
    Ans. Boggs provides coaching services for both individuals and couples, and he tailors his advice to meet the specific needs of each client.
  3. Can Boggs’ free eBook on how to text guys really help improve my dating life?
    Ans. Many people have found Boggs’ eBook to be a valuable resource for improving their communication and connection with potential partners.
  4. How can Boggs’ videos on understanding men benefit women?
    Ans. Boggs’ videos offer insights into the way men think and feel, which can be helpful in improving communication and understanding between men and women in relationships.
  5. What is Boggs’ ultimate goal in providing relationship advice?
    Ans. Boggs’ goal is to help increase love in the world, one heart at a time, by providing practical advice and resources for building healthy and sustainable relationships.

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