Work Productivity! Staying Motivated at Work After a Divorce

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Work is often the farthest thing from a mother’s mind after a divorce. This is an incredibly emotional and stressful time, which understandably leaves you feeling drained and unmotivated. Even the simplest of tasks can feel like a monumental effort, so the thought of going back to work and attempting to remain professional and productive likely seems impossible.

If there is one positive thing to help pull you through, it’s that you certainly aren’t alone. Divorce is quite common in our society, and while that might not make you feel better or make it seem easier, it can at least assure you that you are not the first or the last person to feel the way you do. So many others have been where you are, facing a mountain of responsibilities and having absolutely no idea how to get through them and return to work.

The key is to continually remind yourself that things will get better. Even if you don’t feel great now, you will bounce back eventually. In some situations, getting back to work can actually give you something to focus on and help you fall back into a healthy routine. Just remember that it’s okay if you’re not 100% on top of things when you return.

How a Divorce Can Impact Your Work Productivity After Divorce

Divorce is a deeply personal experience, which will naturally affect other parts of your life. While some employers will understand what you are going through and may afford you some leeway, it’s important not to let your personal life impact your work life so much that it ends up costing you your job and your salary.

Divorcing employees can have a significant impact on workplace productivity and the entire company as a whole. Studies have shown that divorce in the workplace can cost companies thousands of dollars per year due to absenteeism, reduced productivity, time off for court dates, and more. In some cases, it can take up to 5 years for employee productivity levels to return to normal after a divorce.

Of course, this is not to say that your employer’s profits should come first. Your mental health and wellbeing are just as important, if not more so. You should always put yourself and the needs of your children first, but it’s important to remember that you need to earn a salary to support yourself and your family. Whether your employer is understanding or not, finding ways to motivate yourself to bounce back and be productive is essential to your personal growth and financial wellbeing.

Tips For Staying Focused and Motivated After Divorce

Still, with all of the above in mind, taking that first step towards getting back to work can be challenging. Just remember that you are not perfect, and it’s okay if you don’t snap back right away. All that matters is that you are taking steps, no matter how small they may be, to get yourself back on your feet.

The following tips can help you keep it together and stay motivated when returning to work:

llow yourself time to grieve

This might seem like a step backward, but part of getting your groove back is allowing yourself time to fully process the stages of grief. If you have not processed your emotions before forcing yourself back to work, it can set you back. Never try to suppress your feelings as a way to move on. If you are struggling to fully grieve or aren’t sure if you’re ready to return to work, there is no shame in seeking professional counseling.

Set a schedule

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As a newly single parent, one of the biggest hurdles you may face is scheduling. With a partner, juggling work, kids, errands, and personal time is easier, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to do on your own. Try writing everything down that needs doing and develop a schedule. When you try to keep track of everything in your head, it can seem overwhelming, but writing it down or using an app that helps you stay organized makes it easier to stay on top of everything.

Don’t try to do everything yourself

If you don’t already have a supportive community of friends, family, and loved ones around you, build one. Raising kids, pursuing a career, and having a personal life isn’t easy. You must have others you can rely on for support, especially while you are still working towards getting back on your feet. Reach out to friends, family, neighbors, and support groups when you need a helping hand.

Keep your energy levels up with food and sleep

This should go without saying, but try to get enough rest and eat balanced meals throughout the day. Energy levels play a big part in our moods and how productive we are. Understandably, going through something as emotionally draining as a divorce can result in your eating and sleeping habits falling out of balance. However, getting good food and sleep is essential to having the energy and motivation to get through the day.

Be mindful of your environment

The environment we work in can also play a significant role in our productivity levels. For example, many companies will use specific colors or lighting to promote a happy, positive, and productive work environment. But another lesser-known contributing factor is the temperature of your workspace.

Whether you work from home or in an office, the ideal work temperature is 72-76 degrees Fahrenheit. If you work from home, you can easily adjust your thermostat settings, but even if you work in an office and don’t have control over the temperature, you can use a personal fan or heater to maintain the ideal temperature in your workspace.

Final Thoughts

You’ve undoubtedly heard this before, but you can’t put a timeframe on grief. The process of getting over a divorce looks different for everyone. While getting back to work can help give you something to focus on, it’s important not to push yourself if you’re not ready. Even when you do return to work, you will likely still be processing your emotions and what happened. Just remember to cut yourself some slack and take it one day at a time.

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