What Jobs Use Blender? A Comprehensive Guide

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If you’re interested in a career in tech and design, then familiarizing yourself with Blender software products would be a smart time investment, especially if you happen to be a graphic designer, animator, VFX artist, and 3D designer.

In this article, you’ll find answers to questions you may have about the program like “What is Blender?” and “Is Blender in high demand?” We’ll show you our list of the top jobs that use Blender. You’ll also learn what you can expect to get paid and what the job outlook is for each profession.

What Is Blender?

A blender is open-source software that offers features for 3D and 2D creation pipelines covering design, video editing, VFX, animation, and engineering projects. The Blender Foundation is affiliated with reputable organizations including the Linux Foundation, Open Invention Network, and the Academy Software Foundation.

Along with its 3D graphics modeling features, this tool offers a wide range of software suites that cover motion tracking, Python scripting, game design, and sound design solutions. Since its inception in 1994, the software’s solutions have expanded into Blender Cloud, Blender Studio, Max Blender, and Blender Script.

Is Blender in High Demand?

Yes. The free and open-source availability of Blender, paired with its diverse library of 3D designs, animations, and engineering suites makes the program high in demand. According to a Blender 2020 numbers report, the website received around 23 million annual users from around the world, this translates to around 2 million users per month.

Types of Jobs that Use Blender

There are several jobs and industries you can enter with Blender skills and knowledge. Below are the top three fields that use Blender’s creative and technical suites.

Design and Animation Jobs

Blender’s Grease Pencil and Animation Rigging offer a wide range of animation production and graphic design software products, which are apt for any 3D character designer, 3D character modeling artist, graphic designer, or 3D animator. The program gives you access to visual effects, animation tools, multi-frame editors, motion features, and onion skinning features essential for an animation and design career.

Video Game Scripting Jobs

Along with design and animation software, Blender is also a great aid for programming and video game scripting jobs. Its scripting software offers Blender artists access to 3D printing, 3D modeling, meta rigging, and a visual effects generator toolbox. You will also have access to the import and export features of popular game engines and motion graphics software.

User Interface Design Jobs

Blender users can also use its interface features to solidify their user experience and user interface design skills. Its Python scripting API offers theme customization, platform scalability, keymapping, visual layout, and other frontend design features. If you want to become a UX/UI designer and boost your candidacy, you should master Blender modeling tools and perfect your design, scripting, and 3D skills.

How to Establish a Career Using Blender

Read below to find a step-by-step guide on how to establish a career with Blender. This guide applies to aspiring full-time and freelance designers, animators, video editors, and game scripters. Make sure to customize these steps to match your professional and educational background.

Get Educated. The first step you can take to get yourself into a creative tech career with Blender is to learn the skills relevant to your career of choice. You can get a college degree, enroll in online courses, or attend a coding Bootcamp to acquire the relevant skills.

Learn Blender. Once you have the background education needed to use Blender software, it’s time to learn how to use Blender. You can look into the Blender Support page to find explainer videos, user manuals, community support, and enterprise support resources. Make Your Own Blender Projects. Practicing your Blender skills is key.

This will vary depending on the choice of your profession. For your Blender project, you can work on your 3D printing, graphic design, 3D animation, game scripting, 2D character design, or video editing skills for your portfolio. Get Involved with the Blender Network. Once you’ve mastered Blender, you can become a part of the Blender Network and contributor communities to further enhance your candidacy. The software gives you access to development, documentation, and education communities.

Apply for Jobs. The last step to establishing your career using Blender is to apply for your dream job. List your freelance services as a Blender artist, animator, designer, or scripter. For those of you looking to land a full-time job, be sure to add relevant skills to the animation, design, and video games industry.

The 15 Best Jobs That Use Blender

Blender is a great software and creative ecosystem for those of you wanting to become a 3D artist, graphics designer, environment artist,  3D character artist, 3D designer, or asset designer.

Blender’s design, animation, editing, and scripting features open up tons of career opportunities across the information technology, animation, and video game industries.

*Job outlook has been sourced from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) listing for special effects artists and animators.

**Job outlook has been sourced from the BLS listing for graphic designers.

What Careers Use Blender? An In-Depth List

Lead Animators

Lead animators are creative heads responsible for the launch of a project’s 2D and 3D animation vision within a set budget and timeline. They supervise teams of animators, 3D character modeling artists, graphic designers, and character riggers. Mastering Blender’s animation software, character artist features, and design programs will help you excel in this profession.

VR Game Designer

A virtual reality game designer works with game developers and integrates 3D models, motion graphics, and multidimensional components into a video game. To be a successful VR game designer you will need to master UX/UI design, computer-aided design (CAD), virtual reality design, video editing, and 3D character design skills. Blender’s 3D models and animator, interface, and VFX features will help you practice these skills.

VFX Artist

If you want to work in visual effects and CGI professions and potentially venture into Hollywood and other post-production jobs, then being a VFX artist is for you. Blender’s VFX suite offers built-in composting and automatic motion tracking features are essential for this job. You will integrate digitally manipulated and developed motion graphics into live or non-live video content.

3D Programmer

3D programming is an amalgamation of graphics, coding, and software development. This video game development position requires you to master 3D graphics, character rendering, C++, game development, and visual effects. Blender’s software offers a wide range of visual effects, animation, scripting, and user interface features vital to this job.

Mobile Applications Developer

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Mobile applications developers are tech professionals responsible for programming, testing, maintaining, scaling, and upgrading a mobile application. Having UX/UI skills and graphic design skills is a great career booster for mobile game app developers. You can acclimate yourself to these skills using Blender Script, Blender Modeling, and Blender 3D features to stand out in the highly competitive development industry.

3D Animator

In the animation process, 3D animators are responsible for transforming 2D characters and graphics into 3D motion graphics by integrating VFX, CGI, character rigging, and sound design. Being a Blender expert is a great way to make yourself stand out in the job market.

Video Editor

As a video editor your primary job duty is to take raw video footage and edit it into a cohesive finalized video. You will need to master videography, VFX, and sound design to be successful in this profession. Blender’s video editing features cover live preview, audio mixing, speed control, transitions, and waveform visualization solutions.

rchitectural Designer

Blender’s design software also allows you to pursue a career in the architectural field. As an architectural designer, your responsibilities cover 2D and 3D sketching and digital plan outlining. Learning to use Blender’s graphic design software will enhance your design and sketching skills.

Character Designer

A character designer typically works in the animation, videography, or game development industry and is responsible for developing the overall looks of a character. Their job duties cover 2D sketching, motion graphics, animation, and visual layout components.

Video Game Artist

A video game artist is responsible for the graphic design, 3D modeling, and animation of game characters. They work with game developers, game designers, and UX/UI designers to create a fun game environment, interesting character art, and exciting animation. You can add Blender VFX, animation, visual effects, and graphic design projects to your portfolio to further your career.

3D Artist

As a 3D artist you will build 3D models, animations, or arts for creative mediums. This job requires you to showcase an in-depth understanding of 3D software and graphic design. Blender’s 3D modeling and animation suites are popular across this job market.

Sound Designer

Sound designers work in the cinema industry to create, source, and edit appropriate sounds for a video project. Their job duties include developing sound effects, maintaining sound design equipment, and updating sound libraries. Blender offers audio rendering and NLA editor you can use for sound design tasks.

Concept Designer

Concept designers are visual effect artists and graphic designers who work in the animation and video game design industries. Their job responsibilities cover character rendering, 3D modeling, graphic design, and visual effect graphics. Blender’s VFX, rigging, 3D modeling, and animation features are helpful tools for concept designers.

Freelance Artist

The job duties of a freelance artist will vary depending on your expertise and choice of profession. Freelance artists who use Blender offer 3D modeling, animation, graphic design, or  sketching services.

Graphic Designer

As a graphic designer your job duties will cover designing business logos, webpage visuals, business cards, and magazine illustrations. Along with Blender skills you will need to master photo editing software and HTML as well as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to be successful.

Should You Get a Job Using Blender?

You should get a job using Blender if you want a lucrative career in the design and animation industry. Learning Blender’s software can help you get a 3D animation, graphic design, VFX artist, video editing, or 3D programming job. Blender is a great software program that will help you enhance a well-rounded tech and creative resume.

Jobs That Use Blender FAQ

What jobs use Blender?A wide range of designers and artists use Blender, including 3D animators, graphic designers, VFX artists, video game designers, sound designers, video editors, and character designers. Several tech jobs such as 3D programmers and mobile application developers also use Blender.

Can I make money using Blender?Yes, you can make money through freelance and full-time jobs in the 3D, animation, design, or development industry by using Blender. You can learn Blender using plenty of online tutorials and online courses.

What features do Blender models offer?Blender software models offer ample 3D features that can be used for 3D graphics modeling, graphic design, mobile game design, CAD design, virtual reality, sound design, motion graphics, and video editing.

How can I make money as a Blender artist?There are several avenues to make money as a Blender artist including freelance jobs, digital auctions, online tutorials, and full-time jobs.

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