Top Easy Careers to Consider in 2022

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When it comes to finding jobs, almost everyone is after something easy that pays well. But sometimes it seems impossible to think that there are easy careers out there because stress plays such a major part in our lives. Even so, these careers do exist.

The good news is that there are many options for easy careers and many ways to find them. Some still require formal education, but all will start from an entry-level position. Below, we’ll get into the top easy careers, how much they pay, and the growth expected in each industry.

What Makes a Career Easy?

An easy career is usually one that doesn’t require you to have any technical skills. In fact, you might only need communication skills for the job. For many easy careers, you likely won’t need a college degree, since the company will provide on-the-job training.

Moreover, taking up an easy career often means you don’t need to have previous professional experience or much formal training. Since easy careers usually mean starting in an entry-level position, you’ll usually get hired quickly. Another bonus of these career opportunities is a flexible schedule, and some positions will even allow you to set your own schedule.

Top 10 Easy Careers You Should Consider in 2022

Easy careers can be found in many different fields. Below is a list of jobs that should give you a better idea of what’s available to you if you’re interested in more relaxed work life.

Flight Attendant

Average salary: $59,987Job growth: 30%Education needed: High school diploma or GED

A flight attendant is responsible for assisting passengers and ensuring they have a safe and comfortable flight. Their primary duties involve demonstrating how to use safety equipment, serving drinks and meals during the flight, and helping passengers who are in need of special care. Flight attendants also are the ones who give first aid and medical care when there’s an emergency.

This job is considered easy because of all the perks that come with it, like being able to travel to different countries. As long as your communications skills are strong, your time spent attending to customers on the plane should be fairly relaxing.

Fitness Instructor

Average salary: $48,853Job growth: 39%Education needed: Associate or bachelor’s degree in a fitness or health field

Fitness instructors assist their clients on their fitness journey. This includes creating workout plans and providing physical guidance in an athletic context as well. They track their client’s progress and update them on how they have improved. As a personal trainer, you also have to make sure your clients don’t get injured while working out.

To do this job correctly, you should be familiar with the latest exercise techniques. You should also have good communication skills because you’ll need to encourage your clients while they work out, retain clients as they progress in their fitness journey, and find new clients.

What makes this career path easy is that the hours are flexible so that you can easily make time for your personal life, and you get to choose who your clients will be. Plus, if you’re passionate about fitness, then this is likely to be a really fun job too.


Average salary: $55,395Job growth: 9%Education needed: Bachelor’s degree in any field

As a librarian, your primary duty is to help customers find books. This includes making suggestions when asked by a patron or helping a visitor find a book for research purposes. You also have to make sure that the library database is updated when new books are brought in.

Furthermore, you’ll get to create fun, educational programs for students, children, and adults. You’ll also be doing administrative tasks. This job is quite easy to get since you can qualify with any bachelor’s degree. As a librarian, you’ll get to spend plenty of time quietly organizing books, and you’ll likely have time to do some reading of your own in your downtime.

Private Tutor

Average salary: $57,959Job growth: 16%Education needed:  High school diploma

As a private tutor, your primary responsibility is to help students who are struggling with certain subjects. Your task will be to understand their lessons, help them with homework, and provide them with exercises so they can improve. You will also schedule meetings with students and their parents to share progress updates.

Tutoring is an easy job because it’s flexible. You can choose what time you want to work, and for how many hours each day. You also get to choose which children you want to work with.

Pharmacy Technician

Average salary: $31,748Job growth: 4%Education needed: High school diploma or equivalent

As a pharmacy technician, you’re responsible for filling prescriptions accurately. You should double-check customers’ information and provide them with guidance on how to take their medication if asked. Pharmacy techs are also responsible for putting in orders for supplies and medicine and keeping track of inventory.

One reason this job is easy is that you don’t need higher education to qualify. As long as you are detail-oriented, this job should be easy as it mostly involves locating and sorting through products to hand to customers.

Sales Representative

Average salary: $47,187Job growth: 5%Education needed: High school diploma

A sales representative is someone who generates leads to sell a product by using a variety of strategies. You will be charged with explaining the product to customers and will need to sell enough to meet your sales goals. You will also have to prepare monthly reports, ensure that all sales are recorded, and give presentations to prospective clients.

A sales representative can be considered an easy job because all you need to earn a competitive salary is charisma, your sales skills, and your ability to convince people to buy the product you’re offering. Depending on who you work for, you may also be able to work on your own schedule.

Truck Scale Operator

Average salary: $34,545Job growth: 7%Education needed: Bachelor’s degree

A truck scale operator’s primary duty is to record the weight of outgoing and incoming vehicles and record the information in a database. You will also calculate costs for drivers based on their weight. This job is easy because you will only need to complete simple administrative duties.

Data Entry Associate

Average salary: $33,139Job growth: 2%Education needed: Bachelor’s degree

As a data entry associate, you will record information in a database based on a client’s direction.  You’ll need to make sure all of the data is accurate and stored correctly. You also may need to use some research skills to verify the information. You will also generate reports once you’ve recorded the relevant information.

Data entry is easy because you get to work independently and don’t need to rely on teamwork to get things done. Many data entry associates also work on a contract basis, so you can choose which projects to take on and what hours you’re interested in working.

Appointment Setter

Average salary: $29,753Job growth: -7%Education needed: High school diploma

As an appointment setter, you will be working as part of a sales department, so you need to have in-depth knowledge of the products and services of the company you’re working for. You’ll be cold calling prospective clients, introducing them to products, and encouraging them to agree to a phone meeting with a sales team member.

The position is considered easy because you don’t need to have the experience to start working, just strong communication and interpersonal skills. You also may be allowed to work at the time of your choosing.

Hotel Concierge

Average salary: $34,120Job growth: 9%Education needed: High school diploma or Associate Degree in Business, Hospitality, or Administration

A hotel concierge welcomes and greets guests, provides information about rooms, and makes reservations for guests’ activities both in and outside of the hotel. You’ll also answer questions about reservations by phone and email. If guests have any concerns, you will assist them.

Working as a hotel concierge will be easy if you love talking to people and carrying out basic customer service tasks.

10 Easy Careers That Don’t Require a Degree

Even if you haven’t gone to college, there are plenty of easy careers and high-paying jobs out there for you.

If you aren’t interested in higher education, there are still quite a few easy jobs available to you. Many of them involve working one-on-one with customers. Below is a list of some of the best easy careers that don’t require post-secondary education.

Maintenance Worker

Average salary: $39,307Job growth: 8%

A maintenance worker inspects and repairs broken mechanical equipment and conducts preventative maintenance. You may be tasked with fixing structures, mechanical equipment, or basic electrical systems, so you will need to have all the necessary tools at your disposal. You will diagnose and correct mechanical issues, and oversee contractors who work for you as they do repairs.

This is an easy job because you won’t be required to fix anything that is highly technical. As long as you have basic maintenance and applicable problem-solving skills, you’ll be able to excel in this role. Furthermore, a little additional training, most of it done on the job, is all that’s needed for career advancement.

Taxi Driver

Average salary: $31,403Job growth: 25%

A taxi driver takes their customers to a designated location, so you’ll need to be very knowledgeable about navigating the roads in the region you work in. You will also help your passengers load and unload baggage.

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You should engage your passengers as much or as little as they like, and provide information if the person is a visitor to the area. Your customer’s safety is also important, so you must drive appropriately and keep your vehicle in good condition.

This job is considered easy because the main task of driving a customer to their location is very straightforward. All you need is to be a legally valid driver in the area where you work. Plus, in most cases, you can set your own working hours.

Nail Technician

Average salary: $33,077Job growth: 33%

As a nail technician, you will provide pedicures and manicures to salon customers. This includes removing old nail polish, cleaning and shaping nails, and applying artificial nails and new polish. You will also be charged with cleaning your workstation and may need to take inventory and order more supplies as necessary.

Working as a nail technician is easy because once you learn the basics, you can apply the same technique to your entire client base. There are also no analytical skills required to perform your job duties, only customer care.


Average salary: $28,727Job growth: 8%

As a landscaper, you will design and maintain gardens or parks. This includes planting flora, trimming plants and ensuring their growth, weeding, and mowing lawns. You will also need to clean walkways, conduct maintenance on features of the grounds, such as fountains, and use pesticides to remove bugs.

This job is considered easy because it’s mostly based on hard skills. You won’t need to communicate much with others or make difficult decisions. All you need is to use the right tools for the job and apply some creativity.

Massage Therapist

Average salary: $55,009Job growth: 32%

As a massage therapist, you will provide massages of 30 to 60 minutes to your customers, sometimes targeting a specific part of the body. You must know the proper techniques to use to make sure your customer leaves feeling relaxed.

Massage therapy is an easy job because once you have learned the relevant skills, all you need to do is apply them. The duties aren’t complex, but some communication skills are necessary so that you can make sure your client is enjoying their experience. It’s also worth noting that massage therapists who work independently rather than for a spa can set their own schedule.

Personal Care Assistant

Average salary: $22,434Job growth: 33%

As a personal care assistant, you will help elderly or disabled patients with mobility, hygiene, and household duties. You will also need to help them take medications as necessary, and make note of their emotional, mental and physical health. You may also need to accompany the patient if they need to leave the house.

A personal care assistant’s job is easy because you will largely work in a one-on-one scenario, and won’t need to use any customer service skills. You can also control your workload by taking on more or fewer patients.

Hair Stylist

Average salary: $29,779Job growth: 19%

As a hairstylist, you’ll wash, cut, and style hair to achieve the look your customer wants. Once you have trained as a stylist, you’ll need to keep abreast of style trends in the industry.

This job is easy because if you’re a creative person with strong soft skills, you will enjoy helping your customers look their best. Stylists who work in boutiques can also choose how many appointments they want to book each week, so they won’t be overwhelmed by the workload.


Average salary: $50,641Job growth: 5%

As a plumber, you’ll repair, maintain, and install plumbing systems and other fixtures, and will check blueprints to determine how a system should be installed. You will also need to be good at problem-solving so that you can answer customers’ questions about their plumbing system.

This job is easy because they work is straightforward once you have the proper training. As long as you have the skills to solve the customer’s problems and are equipped with the appropriate tools and materials, the work environment won’t be stressful.


Average salary: $47,005Job growth: 6%

As an optician, you’ll conduct eye examinations for customers, interpret the results, and recommend glasses or contact lenses as a solution. You’ll also have to analyze prescriptions from ophthalmologists and optometrists that your customers bring in.

Working as an optician isn’t difficult because it’s not very technical once you have learned the basics. The work can also be fun when it comes to helping customers select new eyewear.

Postal Service Clerk

Average salary: $38,186Job growth: -9%

A postal service clerk accepts packages from customers, advises them on the best shipping method, and handles payments for outgoing mail. They also sell stamps and sort packages to hand off to mail carriers for delivery.

You will also process and fill out money orders and address customer complaints if a package isn’t delivered on time. A postal service clerk’s job isn’t complicated once training is complete. As long as you have strong customer service skills, you will excel in this position.

How to Find Easy Careers

There are many ways to boost your chances of finding an easy career. Follow the steps below to get started on a path toward a more relaxed job.

Identify Your Skills

An easy career is subjective. What’s easy for you isn’t necessarily easy for another person. So to find an easy profession, figure out what your skills are and find a career that aligns with them. That way, once you have the job, you’ll simply be enhancing what you’re already good at.

Research a Variety of Jobs

It’s vital to read up on these different paths. For example, if you’re interested in a certain field, like tech, you should look around to see which jobs within that field are considered the easiest.

Prepare a Cover Letter

Once you know what kind of job you want, you can prepare an entry-level cover letter so your prospective employers can get to know you better. Make sure you include what it is that interests you about the job, and why you think you’ll be good at it.

Update Your Resume

Your resume is just as important as a cover letter because it lists how your experience has prepared you for the role to which you’re applying. Even if you’re applying for an easy career, you should still tailor your resume to the job you’re applying for so that you stand out from the crowd.

Prepare for Your Interview

Preparing for an interview is always important. Think about what questions you’re likely to be asked, and write down your answers for them.

Why Finding an Easy Career Is Important

It’s important to find an easy career because having a stress-free job will increase your quality of life. Many of the above careers are considered easy because they allow you to find a good work-life balance. If your workplace is relaxed, you’ll be more motivated to work and will continue to build skills as you go.

Easy Careers FAQ

What’s the easiest career to get into? There are a lot of straightforward careers you can get into, such as working as a plumber or a personal care assistant.

What easy career pays the most? Based on the jobs listed in this guide, flight attendants are paid the highest annual salary. So, if you have strong communication skills, that may be the job for you.

Are there easy jobs that pay a salary of $100,000?There are not many jobs that pay a set salary of more than $100,000. But with hard work and commitment, you could land a promotion that would put you nearer to this pay range.

Are there easy careers for people who only have a high school diploma? Yes, there are many easy careers that only require a high school diploma, such as sales representatives, nail technicians, and customer care assistants.

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