Top Companies Hiring Data Scientists in 2022

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The increased use of technology has drastically spiked the demand for data scientist professionals. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), data science positions are expected to grow by 22% by 2030. So, whether you are an entry-level or senior-level data scientist, you are guaranteed viable career opportunities.

Nevertheless, finding a fitting job opportunity can be challenging without professional guidance. That’s why this article walks you through the process of landing a job in data science and details some of the best companies for data scientists

What Is a Data Scientist?

Data scientists are professionals who utilize their expertise in scientific fields to solve complex data issues. They work with numerous elements, including statistics, mathematics, and computer science. They also leverage the latest technology to find solutions and draw conclusions for a company’s growth and development.

Instead of presenting raw data, data scientists provide organizations with useful and structured information that’s necessary for effective decision-making processes. Data science is confused with business intelligence, but they refer to different things. Business intelligence professionals evaluate raw data, while data scientists apply a forward-looking approach.

How to Get a Data Scientist Job

Finding a suitable data science position can be difficult, especially if you’re looking for an entry-level opportunity. Nevertheless, you can implement these tips to ensure you get your dream job.

Technical skills. If you are looking for an entry-level data science role, you need to have a specific set of technical skills. You have to be comfortable working with a programming language. You also must learn exploratory data analysis, familiarize yourself with different machine learning algorithms, and enhance your communication skills. Build a portfolio. A portfolio helps you showcase your skills and abilities as a data scientist to the hiring manager or recruiting team.

Since employers are looking for a competent data scientist, you can provide proof of your past work or data science projects through a portfolio.  Create an impressive CV. Since your prospective employer probably doesn’t know you in person, you need to create the right impression through your resume. To accomplish this, provide quantified data and detailed achievements. Network. You will find numerous online platforms to network with established data science professionals.

This will help you get free mentorship and assistance anytime you are stuck, as you kickstart your career in the data science field. Advance your education. If you want to pursue higher positions, you have to advance your education. This may mean earning a certification, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, or doctoral degree in data science or a related field.

Top 10 Highest-Paying Data Scientist Companies

CompanySalary for Data ScientistsNetflix$195,162Airbnb$187,771NVIDIA $183,078Pinterest$168,763Genentech$163,581Lyft$163,319Dropbox$161,185Uber$148,125Oracle$141,154Walmart$117,827


Launched in 1997, Netflix is an American company that offers subscription-based streaming services and original media productions. The company has a library of award-winning TV series and films from its production and distribution deals. Besides scouting for a data scientist position, you can also apply for positions such as senior software engineer, manager, product strategist, and technical research specialist in this company.

What Does Netflix Pay Its Data Scientists?

Netflix pays its data science employees an average salary of $195,162. Since data scientists play a key role in the daily routine of this company, Netflix also offers them other benefits such as health insurance. Data scientists are essential to the continued success of Netflix, since these professionals provide details about consumer behavior through charts and graphs.

Netflix Reviews

As a leading company, Netflix provides world-class facilities and resources to ensure their employees are comfortable. According to Indeed, employees state that Netflix is a great place for learning new things as it has precise objectives and offers great pay. Nevertheless, some Netflix employees complain that it lacks work-life balance.


Airbnb provides lodging services through a shared economy. The company, which began in 2008, offers a platform where homeowners can rent their property to travelers. Millions of hosts and travelers use this platform to conduct their business. Other job opportunities you can apply for at this company include fraud intelligence strategist, development analyst, and market manager.

What Does Airbnb Pay Its Data Scientists?

Airbnb pays data scientists an average salary of $187,771. In addition, as an Airbnb data scientist, you’ll enjoy numerous benefits and perks that other Airbnb employees receive. For instance, you’ll get stellar health insurance, vacation time, an annual Airbnb stipend, education stipends, phone stipends, and free food.

irbnb Reviews

Airbnb is a great place to work as employees praise the company’s leadership for being supportive. They also like the time and geographical location flexibility because they feel enabled to accomplish personal goals. So, if you need a workplace where you will learn and scale your career, Airbnb is the ideal place for you.


NVIDIA is a computing company that designs graphics processing units (GPUs) for gaming and professional markets. The company also designs chip units for the automotive market and mobile computing and invests in artificial intelligence (AI) research.

As the self-proclaimed inventor of the GPU, NVIDIA plays a key role in operating laptops, mobile devices, notebooks, and workstations. It also has other job openings, such as software engineer, senior hardware applications engineer, and technical writer.

What Does NVIDIA Pay Its Data Scientists?

If you work as a data scientist at NVIDIA, you will receive an average salary of $183,078 annually. NVIDIA also offers exclusive benefits and perks to its employees. For example, you’ll benefit from the Stanford Health Navigator Program, NVIDIA’s Employee Stock Plan Purchase, free laundry facilities, car maintenance, and mobile health clinics.

NVIDIA Reviews

If you are looking for a workplace with supportive management, good work-life balance, and great benefits, NVIDIA is the right company for you. The company has a great culture that’ll help you propel your career, whether you are an entry-level or senior-level employee. You also enjoy time and location flexibility and a great satisfaction level.


This social sharing website allows individuals and businesses to pin images for friends and visitors to view. Pinterest is a great way to share visual content, as the site has a massive audience that’s lucrative for businesses. With the help of its data science labs, the company makes reliable conclusions to accelerate its development.

What Does Pinterest Pay Its Data Scientists?

Data scientists at Pinterest receive an average salary of $168,763 per year. In addition, as a Pinterest employee, you’ll enjoy numerous benefits, including health insurance, a 401k plan, maternity and paternity leave, paid time-off, and an apprenticeship program. You also receive perks and discounts such as free snacks and lunch.

Pinterest Reviews

Pinterest has a supportive environment with friendly colleagues who can help you anytime you are stuck. You can also consult management when faced with any challenges. According to reviews on Indeed, most employees find that Pinterest has an inclusive environment and a flexible schedule, making it a great company.


This biotechnology company discovers, develops, and produces medicine to treat patients. Genentech manufactures medicine for immunology, metabolism, tissue repair, and monoclonal antibodies. Since it commercializes medicine, the company leverages data science to improve its performance in the market.

What Does Genentech Pay Its Data Scientists?

Genentech pays its data scientists an average salary of $163,581 annually. In addition, the company offers incredible perks to its employees, including childcare, cafeterias, fitness centers, nursing rooms, car washes, career labs, and financial advice. You’ll also enjoy benefits such as health and dental insurance. If you’re working at Genentech’s South San Francisco headquarters, you can freely access mental health clinicians.

Genentech Reviews

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Genentech offers time and location flexibility, allowing its employees to accomplish personal goals. The company has fair pay that matches your living standard, reducing your financial burden. For example, if you work in a costly location, you’ll be reimbursed. It also has a work-life balance to support a healthy lifestyle. Most employees praise Genentech for its exclusive benefits as they help them grow holistically.


Lyft is an online service provider that allows ride-booking, car transport services, and payment processing to clients in the United States. Launched in 2012, Lyft utilizes a mobile device application to match drivers and riders, filling empty seats in passenger vehicles. The company ensures its customers have a safe and friendly transportation option.

What Does Lyft Pay Its Data Scientists?

The typical salary of a data scientist working at Lyft is $163,319. However, depending on your experience and skill level, you can earn a minimum of $130,530 or a maximum of $207,352. In addition, you get to enjoy other Lyft-provided benefits, like medical, dental, and vision insurance as well as a 401k plan, 18 weeks paid parental leave, and paid time off.

Lyft Reviews

Lyft has energizing work tasks that keep you motivated and engaged, helping you strengthen your abilities and enhance your skills as a data scientist. The company also ensures you enjoy flexible working time and location. Some employees praise the company for its safety features and for allowing them to work without supervision.


This cloud storage service company allows users to save files online and sync them to devices. It is one of the oldest and most famous cloud storage services that has significantly outgrown Google Drive and Microsoft’s OneDrive. Founded in 2007, Dropbox provides a browser service, apps, and toolbars. Besides data science careers, you can apply for account manager, commercial program manager, and account executive positions.

What Does Dropbox Pay Its Data Scientist?

Dropbox offers an annual salary of $161,185 to its data science employees. These positions also come with numerous benefits, including paid holidays, perks allowance, medical, dental, and vision coverage, volunteer time-off, and Dropbox-sponsored tech talks.

Dropbox Reviews

Dropbox employees find the workplace supportive, as there is collaborative work culture and there are numerous opportunities to learn new things. The company has a good work-life balance and flexible working hours, allowing its staff members to accomplish their goals and develop in all aspects.


Uber is a transportation company, famous for its taxi app used by millions of people. Founded in 2009, the Uber app figures out the navigational routes for Uber drivers computes the distance and fare and facilitates the payment using the method that clients prefer. Hence, data science is a core element of Uber’s principles and products.

What Does Uber Pay Its Data Scientists?

Data scientists at Uber usually earn an average salary of $148,125. Being a world-class company, Uber offers its employees flexible working hours, helping them meet their personal goals. The company also has employee discounts across all of its operations, including Uber Eats and rides.

Uber Reviews

Most employees praise the company for its working culture, which entails energizing work tasks, clear purpose, and time and location-flexibility, alongside friendly and motivated colleagues. One former data analyst at Uber, however, mentioned that the company was struggling with its transition from a start-up to a giant corporation, making the leadership indecisive.


Oracle is a multinational computer tech corporation known for its database software, computer systems, and software like Java and Solaris. It sells its products and services through the four main segments of cloud computing, licensing, hardware, and services. Besides data scientist, other roles you may apply for in this company include backend engineer, administrative assistant, and business development representative.

What Does Oracle Pay Its Data Scientists?

Oracle offers an average salary of $141,154 to its data science employees. As an Oracle employee, you also enjoy great benefits, including health insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, a health savings account (HSA), a flexible spending account (FSA), and disability insurance. According to PayScale, Oracle provides perks such as paid vacation, paid sick leave, and casual dress and atmosphere.

Oracle Reviews

Most employees are happy with the personal appreciation they receive from the leadership and their colleagues. They also praise the company for its exclusive benefits and favorable environment for learning new things. Oracle offers you time and location flexibility to work for the company remotely, depending on the role. Nevertheless, it has limited growth professionally as there are little to no pay rise opportunities, even for senior positions.


Launched by Sam Walton, Walmart is one of the world’s leading retailers. The company deals in groceries and general merchandise. It also leverages technology to ensure its customers can shop anywhere and anytime through its online shopping platform. Walmart relies on data science professionals since it has a large data ecosystem.

What Does Walmart Pay Its Data Scientists?

When you secure a data science position at Walmart, you can expect to receive an annual salary of $117,827. Depending on your skill level and experience, you may receive a minimum annual salary of $80,012 and a maximum of $216,967. In addition, you will enjoy great benefits, including free counseling sessions, a 401k plan, free vision insurance, and education support.

Walmart Reviews

Past employees find Walmart suitable for kickstarting your career since it has a relaxed working environment. They also praise the company for its flexible scheduling that allows you to work at your own pace. However, they identify areas of improvement, including trust in colleagues and management support.

Why You Should Become a Data Scientist in 2022

According to BLS, the growth rate for data science jobs is expected to rise by 22 percent. This shows that data science professionals have viable career opportunities. The 21st century digital transformation is causing a growing demand for technology in different areas, including the transportation and food industries. Therefore, you can be assured of numerous opportunities for professionals with data science experience.

Moreover, once you get a position in the top companies, you will enjoy a great working environment and numerous benefits for career development. For instance, you can leverage the workshops or seminars provided by your employers to scale your data science career.

Best Companies for Data Scientist FAQ

What Are the Highest-Paying Data Scientist Jobs? According to Indeed, the highest-paying data scientist jobs include machine learning engineer, enterprise architect, data scientist, infrastructure engineer, and data modeler.

Which Industries Are Suitable for Data Science Professionals? Some of the best industries to work in as a data scientist include finance, information technology, and commerce. You will calculate risk, predict market activity, and detect fraud in places like banks or real estate companies.

Do I Need Coding Knowledge to Become a Data Scientist? Although data science involves coding, you don’t need extensive advanced programming or software engineering knowledge.

What Skills Do Data Scientists Need? To become a data scientist, you should have knowledge in machine learning, data visualization, R programming, Python programming, SQL databases, and business strategy.

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