Top Companies Hiring Data Entry Specialists in 2022

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Data entry specialists play an important role in organizations by ensuring accurate data entry and useful data analysis. Data entry specialists are hired by insurance firms, hospitals, real estate, retail companies, medical institutions, government agencies, and social media marketing companies that collect data from a variety of sources.

There is a growing demand for data professionals in this digitalized era to handle digital data, including the collection, storage, security, and maintenance of data. If you have acquired good data entry skills, read on to find out the best companies for data entry specialists. We will look at employee reviews and how they pay for the data entry specialist role.

What Is Data Entry?

Data entry is a specialist role where you input data into a database management system. Companies and business owners keep records of this data in electronic forms or process it to generate reports. Organizational skills and excellent typing skills are must-haves. You can find data entry positions in a wide variety of sectors with high volumes of information with only a high school degree.

A professional data entry specialist will work with various forms of information like financial statements of bank deposits, cash register outputs, business accounts, customer surveys, and online forms. To succeed in this role, you need basic computer skills, familiarity with popular software like Microsoft Office, and basic office skills.

How to Get a Data Entry Specialist Job

Data entry specialist roles are available to entry-level professionals who demonstrate good computer skills and an ability to quickly sort through large data sets with complete accuracy. You can also get middle and senior-level positions in this field, so it is a good career choice that allows for growth. With the steps below, you can easily land a data entry job.

Work on your typing skills. Find out your typing speed and work on improving it on a daily basis to meet the requirements of common data entry jobs. Don’t neglect to maintain a degree of accuracy in entering data. You can also learn and practice keyboarding techniques through free online tutorials. Build necessary skills. Soft skills like attention to detail are important along with professional skills like good work ethic.

Technical skills and familiarity in vendor management software programs, invoicing programs, inventory management applications, and tracking systems are valuable assets for many positions. Apply to jobs. You must take the initiative of applying to multiple data entry job positions.

Create a perfect resume and cover letter that displays your extensive experience and technical skill level. If you get an interview for a data entry specialist role, prepare well for the common questions. Focus on on-the-job training. Most companies that offer data-related jobs offer training to teach company policies, how to perform database audits, customer response techniques, and communication guidelines.

Make the most of this training, as it will provide you with transferable skills and show your commitment to the role. Gain experience. There are many opportunities to get experience in data and improve your skills including online data entry jobs. If you get an entry-level position, you will get the opportunity to do administrative tasks for a data entry career path. This will also help you build a stronger data entry specialist resume.

Top 10 Highest-Paying Data Entry Specialist Companies


Meta is the parent company of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. The goal of Meta is to build technologies and applications that empower individuals and companies to grow and connect. Their headquarters are located in California, and they manage seventeen data centers around the globe. They work in software development, data analytics, smart glasses, and 3D products.

What Does Meta Pay Its Data Entry Specialists?

According to Indeed, the annual average salary of data entry specialists at Meta is $89,000. Data entry workers with more extensive work experience and basic knowledge of common business software have a great chance of earning a higher salary.


Meta employees suggest on Indeed that daily tasks allow the opportunity to brainstorm and produce consistent data entry output. Employees get benefits like food, amenities on location, and extracurricular activities. It is an active and open environment. However, for the high pay, you can expect rigidity in schedules and low benefits making it difficult to maintain a good work-life balance.

Old Dominion Freight Line

Old Dominion is a less-than-truckload motor carrier that provides premium services. This is a transportation company that has a long history in the business of truck transportation and freight. They hold strong values and are committed to fostering a fair work environment.

What Does Old Dominion Freight Line Pay Its Data Entry Specialists?

Data entry specialists at Old Dominion get an average hourly wage of $28. In this data entry role, you can expect to earn an hourly rate between $17 and $29. As you master the company’s data entry and processing procedures, you can earn a higher wage.

Old Dominion Freight Line Reviews

Working at Old Dominion, employees get benefits including a 401K plan. Employees find job training helpful but the hours are long for most reviewers on Glassdoor. You could get flexible hours on the team and department you are working in. The pay overall is competitive and accompanied by decent benefits.

UnitedHealth Group

UnitedHealth Group is a healthcare and insurance company. It is a Fortune 500 company and one of the largest health care providers of products and insurance services. They have a diverse and dedicated team working to build modern and high-performing health systems.

There are a variety of data entry roles including senior data entry clerks for medical insurance claims processing, pharmacy data entry, data entry representatives, and medical records coordinator. For any role, you will need an understanding of core business administrative procedures, knowledge of database software, and communication skills.

What Does UnitedHealth Group Pay Its Data Entry Specialists?

The average salary of data entry specialists at UnitedHealth is $21.92 hourly, which is much better than the national average for the same role. Data entry operators with a high school diploma earn an hourly $16.55. According to Glassdoor, you can expect an hourly rate of $14 to $19 for medical data entry clerks and $15 to $16 for the front-end pharmacy.

UnitedHealth Group Reviews

Employees at UnitedHealth Group enjoy many perks like signing bonuses, loan assistance, different insurances, and mileage reimbursement. They feel a sense of purpose and enjoy learning new things at work, in addition to the great benefits at UnitedHealth Group.


Davaco is a company providing services like project management, program management, technology solutions, and IT in the private and public sectors. Data entry experience, interpersonal skills, and software product knowledge will help you grow in a career at Davaco.

What Does Davaco Pay Its Data Entry Specialists?

The average salary of data entry specialists at Davaco is $21 per hour, according to Glassdoor. For an entry-level data entry or basic rate, you can expect a $14 hourly wage. They offer flexible schedules and a competitive learning environment for employees.

Davaco Reviews

Employees on Indeed recommend Davaco for their competitive salaries. Other perks include lunches, flexible schedules, and decent insurance. You can expect short contracts and may be able to land a remote data entry job.


Amazon is an enterprise that sells a huge variety of products online. Amazon is the largest retailer today and one of the favorite companies to work for by employees on LinkedIn. Amazon has thousands of jobs in different categories including administrative support, Amazon Web Services, Operations, Amazon Books, Amazon Music, and other areas of business.

What Does Amazon Pay Its Data Entry Specialists?

Amazon pays an average salary of $40,568 for the data entry role including some cash bonus and commission sharing possibilities, according to Glassdoor. For the highly paid professionals, they can earn an annual salary of up to $42,540.

Amazon Reviews

According to Glassdoor, Amazon employees for data entry had flexibility in work hours and the opportunity to get higher wages with time and commitment to the job. They had a good time working in the culture and the opportunity to do overtime and remote work. You can find data entry positions for project management, pharmacy, inventory, pull orders, scanning, and more.

These roles may involve entering data regarding authorized customer accounts, customer interactions, customer check deposit information, and performing other clerical tasks. You will need to show attention to detail in your work as accurate records are very important.

S&P Global

S&P is a global financial data, deep intelligence, and powerful analytics company. They provide research-based information for critical insight and statistics to support innovation and sustainable growth.

The services of S&P serve the corporate markets, governments, individuals, and companies. They assist global credit ratings, debt, equity, and corporate marketplace with high-quality market research and reports.

What Does S&P Global Pay Its Data Entry Specialists?

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Data entry specialists at S&P earn an average salary of $37,873 which is higher than the average national salary. If your career goals involve research work, you will also benefit from the experience you gain with this company, as this work looks good on a data entry resume.

S&P Global Reviews

According to Indeed, company employees are able to find a purpose in their work with adequate opportunities to gain new skills. Employees who become parents also get good maternity and paternity leave and family medical leave. The flexible work hours allow employees to enjoy a balance in their work and personal lives.


Intuit is a technology platform that offers financial support to help individuals, accountants, and small businesses to face financial challenges head-on. They have a large workforce spread through twenty office locations worldwide. In a data entry role, you can expect to enter data for daily business calls, calls from customers, and update customer service records.

What Does Intuit Pay Its Data Entry Specialists?

Intuit pays an average salary of $23.64 per hour for the role of data entry specialists which is above the national average. They offer highly competitive pay and benefits such as leave, flexibility in schedules, on-site gym, wellness programs, and stock purchase plans. Consistency in-office process and an effective communication flow might help you earn a higher salary.

Intuit Reviews

Employees at Intuit have left positive reviews on Indeed, citing the professional work culture and learning scope as positive aspects of their data entry roles. The company offers a relaxed and comfortable environment to perform data entry tasks and customer service tasks. Intuit has also a good rating for work and life balance and fair pay.


Aerotek offers staffing and recruitment services to thousands of contract employees and clients. They bring rewarding careers for employees and clients in need of workforce solutions globally. Aerotek guides its contractors with resources to find opportunities and benefits.

What Does Aerotek Pay Its Data Entry Specialists?

If you are an entry-level data entry specialist at Aerotek, you can expect to earn an hourly wage of $14. According to Glassdoor, the average salary of data entry specialists at Aerotek is $16 per hour if you have a full-time or part-time position. Aerotek also works with independent contractors.

Aerotek Reviews

Aerotek offers training for employees and a committed work culture. Aerotek provides a challenging work environment where employees can pick up new skills and step outside their comfort zones, according to Glassdoor.

Best Buy

Best Buy is a great retailer for technology enthusiasts and everyday technologies for consumers. Working at Best Buy, you will get to know about trendy products and technologies. They offer full-time, part-time, and seasonal opportunities in stores, customer service, digital and information technology, supply chain, sales, marketing, and distribution centers.

What Does Best Buy Pay Its Data Entry Specialists?

According to Glassdoor, Best Buy pays around $18-$19 hourly to employees in data entry. They have a benefits program encompassing physical and mental health, financial support, social well-being, and amenities at work.

Best Buy Reviews

Employees at Best Buy rave about their discounts on Glassdoor, which are a great reward for their hard work. However, some employees have expressed concern over quick layoffs and short contracts.


Adecco is a staffing agency that offers in-person and remote job opportunities to potential employees all over the world. Through temporary and temp-to-hire contracts, they provide companies with a workforce that is skilled and professional.

What Does Adecco Pay Its Data Entry Specialists?

Adecco offers rates up to an hourly wage of $21 to data entry specialists. The minimum pay is $12, along with cash or bonus benefits, according to Glassdoor. They also provide standard insurance packages including health, dental, and vision.

Adecco Reviews

Adecco employees feel they can balance work and life, according to Glassdoor. They enjoy the environment and friendly culture and opportunities to advance. There are adequate work-from-home opportunities and flexibility in schedules.

They suggest providing more job training to create an atmosphere of trust, communication between team members, clear instructions at work, and better benefits like insurance.

Why You Should Become a Data Entry Specialist in 2022

Data entry specialist jobs offer great opportunities to earn a competitive salary. Remote workers can also earn bonuses and get benefits from various data entry companies. In general, data entry jobs allow busy professionals to work and gain experience even if they don’t have a college degree.

In a data entry role, you can grow professionally through continuous feedback from supervisors, time management skills through tight deadlines, and a high level of customer service experience in most departments. Once you learn the correct policies regarding data entry in your company, you can expect to have a successful career.

Best Companies for Data Entry Specialist FAQ

Is data entry hard to learn?

Data entry is not hard to learn, but it is not as simple as it might look. Data entry is a clerical assistant job where you need to work with a company database to enter data that is measured in words, documents, images, or other forms of data.

Where can I find remote data entry jobs?

Many freelance platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr have data entry jobs where freelancers can do genuine assignments. Flexjobs is another online platform that offers data entry jobs in different sectors.

What makes a good data entry specialist?

A good data entry specialist is meticulous, patient, and a fast typer that prioritizes accuracy. They must have excellent customer service skills and organizational skills. They must have excellent time management skills to stay on top of each task.

How fast should a data entry clerk type?

You need a minimum of 35 words per minute speed to apply for data entry jobs, but the faster the better. The exact typing speed for a data entry role can vary from industry to industry and employer to employer. Anywhere between 45 to 75 words per minute will give you the chance to land a career in data entry.

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