Top Companies Hiring Cyber Security Engineers in 2022

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The cyber security field is in need of talent to prevent data breaches, combat cyber threats, and bring innovation to network and infrastructure security. The cyber security industry has versatile opportunities in cloud security, mobile security, email security, and endpoint security. If you have a degree in cyber security, you have a good chance of standing out for a cyber security role.

Cyber security companies are employing professionals in 2022 because of increased vulnerabilities and the need to enhance security measures. They need professionals who can develop security solutions with job-ready skills to defend and maintain secure networks. In this article, we look at some of the best companies for cyber security engineers to work at.

What Are Cyber Security Engineers?

Cyber security engineers identify threats to IT infrastructures, networks, and systems. They build systems and implement security procedures to protect infrastructure against security threats and investigate intrusions to maintain the system. They also ensure that organizational information is safeguarded from external and internal threats.

Cyber security engineers analyze and apply policies to secure the information and resolve security violations. To become a cyber security engineer, you need a foundation in mathematics and computer science. You need to have knowledge of cyber security concepts and practical skills to help you land a successful job in the cyber security job market.

How to Get a Cyber Security Engineer Job

There are plenty of career opportunities in the field of cyber security for you to explore and advance. Below we share a step-by-step guide that will help you find a successful job.

Get a relevant degree. You will need a Bachelor’s in Computer Science or Information Technology to get entry-level jobs in the cyber security industry. If you want to advance in your career, you can get a master’s degree in a relevant field with a few years of experience.

Learning to code. Coding skills will open doors for a wide range of cyber security roles. The boot camps for ethical hacking and data analytics help you learn the tools and skills to become a cyber security engineer without a college degree.

Keep up with trends. The cyber security space is constantly evolving and online courses are a great way to get up to speed with current skills. You can take free massive open online courses to learn about cyber security concepts and tools.

Apply to jobs. Cyber security is a competitive field so apply excessively to job postings to find the right job. There are increasing opportunities in cloud security, digital infrastructure security, and remote cyber security work. Earn certifications. Earning certifications like the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification will make you stand out.

Gain experience. You can build a portfolio of experience as a network administrator, information systems analyst, or database administrator. This will help you gain strong communication skills and technical skills for a cyber security position at a reputable company.

Top 10 Highest-Paying Cyber Security Engineers Companies


Leidos offers security systems and technological solutions for the aviation, defense, information technology, and biomedical research industries. This Fortune 500 company has a large employee force to tackle engineering and science problems.

What Does Leidos Pay Its Cyber Security Engineers?

At the beginning of their career at Leidos, cyber security engineers with little to no experience can earn an average of $64,358. The average salary of senior cyber security engineers is $115,844. This is one of the high-paying job opportunities for cyber security professionals without a college degree.

Leidos Reviews

Leidos has positive reviews from current and former employees. They report that they enjoy the work culture and appreciate the company for providing learning opportunities and adequate tools to succeed at their job. They find the work purposeful and also benefit from discounts, paid holidays, and bereavement leave.


Viasat is a communications company providing high-speed global satellite broadband services. Their services include securing networking systems for the military, as well as commercial companies.

What Does Viasat Pay Its Cyber Security Engineers?

Cyber security engineers earn between $100,521 and $180,540 at Viasat. They also offer additional cash and stock bonuses for employees. In addition, Viasat offers insurance, retirement support, employee assistance programs, and tuition assistance.

Viasat Reviews

Employees at Viasat are satisfied with the competitive packages offered by the company and the positive working culture. Long hours are common and it can be difficult for employees to find a healthy work-life balance. Some employees report wanting more inclusion and support in the work environment.

Capital One Financial

Capital One Financial is a bank holding company known for its forward-thinking views on technology and offering customer-oriented services. Their main offerings are credit cards, car loans, savings accounts, and consumer and commercial banking accounts. It is one of the largest banks in the US.

What Does Capital One Financial Pay Its Cyber Security Engineers?

Capital One offers salaries between $101,652 and $150,238 for cyber security engineers. Employees can expect an annual bonus of $2,657.

Capital One Financial Reviews

Capital One employees report being well-compensated for their work. They report having a good work-life balance with a good employee culture. Sometimes the company’s expectations can be overwhelming for employees. Employees get benefits including insurance and health savings accounts.

MITRE Corporation

MITRE is a not-for-profit research and development organization supported by the government. They perform valuable research on artificial intelligence, cyber security, health informatics, space security, defense, economy, and homeland security.

What Does MITRE Corporation Pay Its Cyber Security Engineers?

Senior cyber security engineers at MITRE earn an average salary of $121,822. Lead cyber security engineers earn an average salary of $159,979 and can expect up to $174,207.

MITRE Corporation Reviews

Employees report having a good work-life balance with decent pay and benefits. They also report that they appreciate the company’s focus and a strong sense of direction. On the other hand, some employees report that the company’s upper management could be more transparent.

Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin offers cyber security services and aerospace products and services to worldwide customers. They aim to provide advanced technology and systems that are supported by research and sustainable solutions.

What Does Lockheed Martin Pay Its Cyber Security Engineers?

Lockheed Martin pays an average salary of up to $181,461 to senior cyber security engineers, while entry-level cyber security engineers earn around $74,946.

Lockheed Martin Reviews

Employees at Lockheed Martin are happy with the culture and flexible schedules. They are able to receive on-site health care if needed, receive insurance that suits their life, and phone and fitness discounts. Lockheed Martin offers a good retirement plan but no pension or overtime.


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Raytheon is an industrial corporation and contractor mainly for The US Department of Defense. They manufacture and provide weapons, commercial electronics, and mission aircraft. Their products are used across aviation, space, and defense and have office locations all across the nation.

What Does Raytheon Pay Its Cyber Security Engineers?

According to Glassdoor, entry-level cyber security engineers earn around $76,763. The higher-paid employees earn up to $141,163. Employees can enjoy a bonus of around $10,469 yearly.

Raytheon Reviews

Raytheon employees find support from their seniors and feel appreciated by managers. Some employees report wanting greater flexibility and engagement in work options. They also report that the hiring process can be cumbersome.

CACI International

CACI International is a multinational organization providing professional services and information technology to various clients. CACI provides critical services to different branches of the US federal government, including defense, homeland security, intelligence, and healthcare.

What Does CACI International Pay Its Cyber Security Engineers?

According to Glassdoor, the annual salary of entry-level cyber security engineers at CACI International starts at $70,206 and can go up to $193,745 for senior positions.

CACI International Reviews

CACI International employees have collectively shared overall positive feedback on Indeed. They find that they are paid fairly for their jobs and have flexible schedules. Some employees report wanting more opportunities for growth.

Northrop Grumman

Northrop Grumman is a large company offering technological solutions to global customers. Their services are designed for aeronautical, space, defense, national security, and engineering problems. They are leaders in applying science and technology to solve everyday problems and make systems secure against advanced threats.

What Does Northrop Grumman Pay Its Cyber Security Engineers?

Northrop Grumman pays around $73,873 to entry-level cyber security engineers. Employees with senior positions can earn up to $136,309. In addition to the salary, the company offers tuition assistance, a 401k plan, and a retirement plan.

Northrop Grumman Reviews

Employees of Northrop Grumman give positive feedback for the innovative and forward-thinking work culture of the company. They enjoy fair pay and give positive reviews for the good benefits offered. Some of these benefits include discounts, maternity and paternity leave, and a 401k plan.

Sentek Global

Sentek Global is a computer and network security firm. They provide IT services primarily to the US government with contracts for information assurance, systems engineering, and other services related to software and implementation. It is a small company with a good reputation.

What Does Sentek Global Pay Its Cyber Security Engineers?

Cyber security engineers are well compensated at Sentek Global. With a few years of experience, cyber security engineers earn around $60,938. Seasoned engineers earn an average salary of $123,001.

Sentek Global Reviews

Employees of Sentek Global mostly give positive reviews of the company. Employees report that Santek is keen on maintaining diversity in its workforce and offers ample opportunity for growth.

US Navy

The US Navy is the maritime branch of the US Armed Forces. It has to secure data and networks that relate to matters of national security. Cyber security engineers prevent advanced threats to this branch of the military. Job seekers with a love for the sea will find working for the US Navy an attractive opportunity.

What Does the US Navy Pay Its Cyber Security Engineers?

The average salary for cyber security engineers is $91,940 with additional pay of $2,345. Senior position holders in this role can expect to earn between $112,748 and $124,716.

US Navy Reviews

You can expect great benefits working in the US Navy including insurance, tuition reimbursements, and a good retirement plan. They offer benefits for both employees and their families. Employees might have a difficult time staying away from home for long trips on the job and inflexible schedules.

Why You Should Become a Cyber Security Engineer in 2022?

Companies are looking for cyber security engineers to secure their networks and IT infrastructure. There are a wide variety of exciting opportunities for cyber security professionals. A combination of soft skills and technical skills will help you land a job in cyber security.

Best Companies for Cyber Security Engineers FAQ

Does cyber security require coding? Coding is a valuable skill for hiring managers and it allows you to find entry-level jobs in the field with just this skill. Cyber security boot camps train students in coding skills and you help them develop a professional portfolio.

Is cyber security a desk job? Entry-level cyber security jobs might involve analyzing a lot of data and making assessments at a desk. You might have to put in long hours in front of a screen to understand data analytics and monitor network systems.

Is cyber security difficult? Cyber security will keep you on your toes as the industry is always evolving. With the growth in the cyber security space, you will have responsibilities to manage the security of corporate networks and install measures to prevent any malicious activity.

Is there a lot of math in cyber security? Expertise and interest in math will certainly enhance your profile for potential employers. If your job role involves working with data analytics, statistics, and big data, you will be applying mathematical concepts. Math is not a requirement for jobs in cyber security, but it is useful.

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