The Highest-Paying Jobs for Empaths

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Everyone possesses a unique personality type and temperament that contributes to their professional success. For some of us, empathy is a major part of who we are. Fortunately, many businesses rely on emotion and human connection to sell their products or services, so there are high-paying jobs for empaths out there if you know where to look.

Empathic people are better at understanding the feelings of others. Although connecting and sympathizing with other people can be exhausting, it can also benefit your career. Read on to learn about the 10 best jobs for empaths.

What Is an Empath?

Empathy means being able to put yourself in another person’s shoes to understand what they’re experiencing. A highly empathic individual can sense what others are feeling and is highly aware of emotions. People who display a high level of empathy, as measured by psychologists, are referred to as empaths, often taking on the pain of others at their own expense.

What Jobs Are Available to Empaths?

Empaths are usually sensitive people. It’s their innate nature to care about people and to be kind and compassionate. Some empaths are sensitive to crowds, so they should choose calmer, more independent careers.

Many empaths choose careers as artists, librarians, or writers. Although nursing, teaching, and veterinary work are also well suited to empaths, some sensitive people may find the work in these jobs too emotionally draining.

It should be mentioned that your personality type shouldn’t dictate your career decisions. However, aligning your personality with your work can help propel your career in the right direction and make your work more rewarding.

Companies That Hire Empaths

Microsoft is an international leader in creating computer software and hardware, mobile phones, gaming systems, and cloud computing services. All Microsoft employees are encouraged to plan, brainstorm, and develop projects outside of their primary responsibilities, which would allow an empath to flourish.

Facebook is all about sharing and connecting with your family and friends. Most Facebook employees can choose when their workday starts and ends. Flexible scheduling is meant to encourage productivity and is good for empaths as well as other personality types that don’t rely too much on a rigid structure.

Tesla is primarily known for its electric vehicles, but it also creates solar panels and lithium-ion batteries for energy storage.

Procter & Gamble provides the world with consumer packaged goods. It offers its employees a personal leave of absence if they are going through a difficult time, which could come in handy for emotional people. This time off comes without pay, but employee benefits remain.

Audi. The German luxury brand is known for high-performance cars, quality interior design, and its trademark Quattro all-wheel-drive system. Audi is always looking for empathetic, sensitive professionals who can understand the needs of its customers and of their colleagues

10 Highest-Paying Jobs for Empaths

Job TitleAverage SalaryTop 10% SalaryMarketing Manager$104,295$179,000Human Resources (HR) Manager$81,185$127,000Massage Therapist$74,768$156,000Registered Nurse (RN)$71,404$101,000Writer$56,986$99,000Social Worker$54,923$78,000Teacher$51,364$77,000Career Coach$46,811$68,000Veterinary Technician$36,554$48,000Personal Care Aide$30,415$46,000

It is important for everyone to get on the career path that’s right for them. It’s no different for empaths, who are more aware of others’ feelings. If empathy is a key part of your personality, you can build a career based on that trait by finding the right role. Below are details on the top 10 highest-paying jobs for empaths.

Marketing Manager

Marketing managers are responsible for promoting a business, product, or service. They conduct research, create and manage advertising campaigns, manage social media and email accounts, and analyze the results of campaigns. A marketing manager needs to understand what the target audience wants to see so that they can develop strategies to influence their behavior.

Human Resources (HR) Manager

HR managers are in charge of organizing all the employees within a company. They onboard new employees, manage benefits, and oversee employee wellness initiatives. HR managers must ensure that employees have a safe, fair, supportive, and fun work environment. This is a good job for empaths because it allows them to build relationships with people.

Massage Therapist

Using manual pressure techniques, massage therapists relieve pain, reduce stress, and make their clients feel better. Massage therapists can either work independently or at a spa.

To have a successful massage practice, you must be able to empathize with your customers. If you have a new client, you must build a rapport with them to make them feel comfortable. Being empathetic before and during the massage will help you make sure the customer is relaxed.

Registered Nurse (RN)

RNs take care of patients in hospitals, private practices, or schools. RNs monitor vital signs, provide medication, review treatment plans with patients, and assist doctors during medical procedures or surgeries. They also assist with monitoring patients’ general health and needs and provide comfort and emotional support.

This is where empaths excel. Being empathetic means you will perform well as an RN because empaths are often natural caregivers. But some empaths might not be able to handle the challenges of the RN role, which include delivering bad news to families and dealing with patient death.


Writing is about digging deep into a topic and understanding the people involved. Empaths are naturally able to think like their audience, so they can connect with readers through their writing. As an empath, becoming a writer is also a great career option if you are concerned about being overstimulated by people-centered work.

Social Worker

Social workers provide assistance and support to individuals, families, and communities in need. They help people who are navigating troubling situations get access to the mental health services, housing services, or food assistance programs that they need.

Social workers also develop aftercare plans for people leaving treatment programs and provide ongoing case management for those leaving the criminal justice system. Social workers can make a real difference in the lives of their clients, so it’s an extremely fulfilling role for empaths.


A teacher’s role is to educate their students and help them reach their educational goals. Teachers also develop lesson plans and organize extracurricular activities and programs associated with the subject they are teaching.

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An educator should be invested in their students and their success. Teaching is a suitable career for empaths because they must be able to pick up on the emotions of students in order to connect with them and create an effective learning environment.

Career Coach

Career coaches assist their clients with identifying, securing, and creating their dream careers. They conduct exercises to identify the right job or industry for clients, conduct resume and interview coaching, and offer accountability support. Some coaches specialize in helping clients who already have jobs by working on boosting productivity and improving skills.

Many clients seek help because they are unsure of how to move forward in their careers and are frustrated with their work. Coaches need to be able to tell what their clients are feeling and what they want to get out of their training.

Veterinary Technician

Veterinary technicians care for animals at veterinary clinics. They take blood samples from sick animals, administer medication, and assist veterinarians in medical procedures.

Empathic people are a good fit for this role because they have strong communication skills and can achieve better patient outcomes. Pet owners and animals alike can benefit from empathic vet techs. By empathizing with the pet owner, vet techs can build trust.

Personal Care Aide

Personal care aides assist elderly or disabled individuals in their homes or at a care facility. They usually help with day-to-day activities such as making beds, washing dishes, doing laundry, preparing meals, and helping their patients move around.

By being empathetic, a personal care aide shows that they are committed to meeting a patient’s needs beyond their assigned work tasks. According to numerous studies, empathy is one of the most important components of quality care.

Tips for Finding Success as an Empath

There is a strong link between empathy and anxiety. Empathic tendencies can lead to psychological, emotional, and physical distress. So, as an empath, you should know your limits. There are many kinds of careers out there, so find one that allows you to keep a healthy work-life balance. Below, we’ve included five tips that empaths can follow to be successful.

Be curious. You will be more calm and open to ideas if you create a list of questions for your customer or patient ahead of time. Having questions ready is great for redirecting the flow of conversation and being an effective tool for communication.

Listen objectively. Focus on what the other person is actually saying. A lot of empaths get caught up in overthinking as they listen to others. Focusing your attention solely on the words you’re hearing is an effective way to close down your other senses. Listening objectively to your peers or clients can be a game-changer.

Embrace yourself. Feeling happy with ourselves allows us to deal with negative emotions, such as anger, sadness, grief, frustration, and disappointment. Allowing yourself to express your feelings, even if it’s difficult, means you can experience more inner happiness. If you accept yourself, you’ll be more productive at work. Take care of others. Successful people can’t achieve success without support from others. Empaths don’t only look out for their own success but they also strive to support others in their successes.

Rest and recover. Stop overthinking. Relax and spend time being alone if you want to stay healthy and productive. A 20-minute nap can recharge your nervous system and taking a few deep breaths can restore balance to your body. Relaxation doesn’t have to take hours, so take a small break from work when you can.

Jobs for Empaths Outlook

Humanitarian industries, such as hospitality, healthcare, teaching, and social services are ideal for empaths. Professionals in these fields must be intuitive and sensitive to do their jobs well.

Most positions that require attentiveness and kindness are a perfect fit for an empathetic person. Additionally, the job market for positions where caregiving is involved is always increasing. For example, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, occupations in health care are projected to grow by 16 percent between 2020 and 2030.

Best Jobs for Empaths FAQ

What jobs should empaths avoid? Stressful careers for empaths include public relations, politics, executives who manage large teams, and trial attorneys. These high-intensity professions value extroversion, the ability to engage in small talk, and aggressiveness over thoughtfulness and sensitivity.

What personality type are empaths? People with an INFP (introversion, intuition, feeling, perception) personality type tend to be reserved, idealistic, and adaptable. They are curious people and are often lost in thought.

What do empaths suffer from? If an empath is stressed or overwhelmed, they may experience anxiety, panic attacks, depression, and fatigue. They may even experience physical symptoms such as a rapid heartbeat and headache. In other words, they internalize the feelings and pain of others without being able to distinguish these emotions from their own.

What is the best job for an empathetic person? Those with empathic abilities make excellent artists, librarians, and writers. As an empath, your emotional intelligence could also lead you to a successful career as a life coach or hospice worker.


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