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Known as the “City of Brotherly Love,” Philadelphia is the second-largest city on the East Coast and the sixth most populated city in the country. The city is known for its history, and the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, and museums attract thousands of tourists annually. It’s also home to a lot of large companies because of its population density. Read on to find out more about the biggest companies in Philadelphia.

This city hosts some of the country’s largest employers and ranks as the fourth-largest consumer media market by Nielsen Media Research. This article will show you exactly where to find a job in Philadelphia. We’ll also go over the Philadelphia unemployment rate, and some popular Philadelphia job boards.

Philadelphia Job Market

Philadelphia’s job market experienced a heavy blow due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the economy is rapidly improving as the city population bounces back and job vacancies increase. Some of the most in-demand careers in the city include translator jobs, occupational therapy, nurses, operations analysts, and home health aides.

Generally, Philadelphia’s economy thrives on higher education, manufacturing, food processing, tourism, and telecommunications. According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), leisure and hospitality were the largest employers in 2021, and growth is expected to continue through 2022.

Philadelphia Key Industries

Health care and biotechnologyManufacturingTourism

What Is Philadelphia’s Unemployment Rate?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics places Philadelphia’s unemployment rate at 6.5 percent as of November 2021. This rate indicates a gradual reduction from 9.4 percent, which was the city’s unemployment rate in June 2021. However, the city expects to experience a 4.2 percent job growth in 2022, which helps stabilize the economy further. The economy will focus more on broadcasting, pharmaceuticals, financial services, and the growing tech industry in Philadelphia.

Who Is the Largest Employer in Philadelphia?

One of the largest businesses in Philadelphia is Day & Zimmerman. This organization is one of the biggest employers in the state and employs over 41,000 locals to work in the technology and manufacturing field. Below are ten more of the 50 biggest Philadelphia-area employers. Philadelphia business ecosystem is improving rapidly, providing numerous job opportunities to city residents

Day & Zimmermann

Day & Zimmermann is an American company founded in 1901. This family business has over 150 locations worldwide and official corporate headquarters on Spring Garden Street in Philadelphia. The services at this established organization include staffing, construction and engineering, operations and maintenance, security, and defense.

Day & Zimmermann has been the number one operations and maintenance contractor for 10 years and employs over 40,000 employees worldwide.

What Is It Like to Work at Day & Zimmermann?

Day & Zimmermann employee reviews are pretty positive, with employees praising the company culture, management, and work environment. The company invests in its employees through learning and development opportunities and rewards recognizing outstanding performances. In addition, you will receive a competitive salary, health insurance, and flexible spending accounts.

Top Reasons to Work at Day & Zimmermann

Career development and mentorship programs. Tuition reimbursements. Awards and comprehensive benefits packages.

The University of Pennsylvania and Health Systems (UPHS)

UPHS is a multi-hospital health system founded in 1993. The multi-million health care organization is headquartered in Philadelphia and consists of six major hospitals, 10 specialty medical centers, and clinics. UPHS and Perelman School of Medicine at UPenn teamed up to establish Penn Medicine, the parent company.

The hospitals include the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Penn Presbyterian Medical Center, Chester County Hospital, Princeton Medical Center, Lancaster General Hospital, and Pennsylvania Hospital, which was the first hospital in the US. Penn Medicine and UPHS’s main plan is to provide quality care and hire qualified employees to help move the organization forward.

What Is It Like to Work at The University of Pennsylvania and Health Systems?

UOHS has a 3.8-star rating on Glassdoor, and 75 percent of the employees say they would recommend the workplace to a friend. Employees love the fantastic benefits, work environment, and company culture. However, many reviewers commented on long work hours and low pay, which may vary from employee to employee.

Top Reasons to Work at the University of Pennsylvania and Health Systems

Offers good job security. Excellent benefits packages. Tuition benefits to further your education

Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals

Thomas Jefferson University partners with Jefferson University Hospitals to provide world-class medical care and research facilities to Philly residents. The organization’s mission is to improve lives in Philadelphia and beyond. The organization offers unique services in various areas, including cancer, orthopedics, pulmonology, diabetes and endocrinology, ophthalmology, and GIS surgery.

What Is It Like to Work at Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals?

Jefferson is a large conglomerate and hires thousands of employees at the school, health care facilities, and research centers The work environment is fast-paced, and only skilled professionals survive. However, the organization has cultivated a unique work culture that recognizes employee efforts and encourages wellness. In addition, employees receive incredible benefits packages that include paid time off and health insurance.

Top Reasons to Work at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital

Employee discounts through campus currency, cell phone plans, computer purchases, etc.Access to the Jeff-at-Night program. Has great job security.

The City of Philadelphia

The city government employs many Philly residents, contributing to Philadelphia’s economy. The office handles licenses, inspections, permits, trash, recycling, transportation, and parks. Business owners also visit the offices for business income and receipts tax services, which allows them to operate freely.

What Is It Like to Work at The City of Philadelphia?

The City of Philadelphia human resource department promotes growth and development by providing education and training programs. In addition, you will appreciate the supportive work environment and employee benefits.

You’ll get to work with the city council and other city officials to learn about county business patterns, city taxes, and how governmental agencies can help bring peace of mind to local residents. You could be instrumental in providing necessities like food services, property services, or even helping low-income families find apartments for rent.

Top Reasons to Work at the City of Philadelphia

Excellent benefits and pension plans. Chance to provide much-needed service to fellow Philadelphians. Knowledge of accessing government services.


GlaxoSmithKline is a successful pharmaceutical company founded in 1715. The company has its main headquarters in London, while its US headquarters reside in Philadelphia. GSK handles pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and high-quality consumer health care.

GSK developed 17 new vaccines, 40 new medicines and amassed an annual revenue of more than $30 billion in 2020. Its commitment to work with midsize businesses and employ more locals qualifies it to the list.

What Is It Like to Work at GlaxoSmithKline?

The company takes care of its employees to encourage productivity by providing a safe work environment. Hiring managers look for candidates with the right skills and passion for the job. In addition, you will receive a competitive salary, annual bonuses, insurance, and employee recognition awards.

Top Reasons to Work at GlaxoSmithKline

On-the-job training. Employee appreciationSupportive work environment.

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP)

If you want to become a pediatrician in Philadelphia, the Children’s Hospital is the best place to start. CHOP was established in 1855 and is the first American hospital devoted to child health care. The hospital was voted the second-best children’s hospital in America, and it strives to provide advanced care to all children.

What Is It Like to Work at The Children’s Hospital Philadelphia?

Besides helping children get better and supporting families, CHOP employees enjoy an inclusive work environment. Employees commended the career management center, which offers the resources for employees to grow professionally. You will also receive great benefits and wellness program access.

Top Reasons to Work at The Children’s Hospital Philadelphia

The prestige of working at a highly-regarded organization. Opportunities for career development. Amazing benefits

Temple University

Founded in 1884, Temple University began as a night school in the heart of Philadelphia. Since then, the university has evolved into Philadelphia’s largest university, offering over 500 academic programs. The university employs thousands on all its campuses to help actualize its vision of providing innovative teaching, experimental learning, and discovery of self.

What Is It Like Working at Temple University?

Many employees regard Temple University as a nice place to work. Employees have access to a host of benefits including, training programs, wellness programs, employee assistance, and health insurance. With a 4.2-star rating on Indeed, employees also commended the culture and work-life balance.

Top Reasons to Work at Temple University

Tuition remission and employee assistance programs. Working and studying at the same institution. Work-life balance.

Urban Outfitters

With an impressive Zippia score of a 4.6-star rating, Urban Outfitters is a leading global employer. The retail company was founded in 1970 and currently operates in more than 10 countries. Urban Outfitters produces a wide variety of merchandise ranging from women’s and men’s apparel, activewear, children’s clothes, footwear, and accessories. The company has six successful stores in Philadelphia, contributing to the city’s lowering unemployment rate.

What Is It Like to Work at Urban Outfitters?

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Urban Outfitters has received many positive Zippia reviews from former and current employees. The company provides an inclusive work environment, encouraging productivity and teamwork. To achieve the company’s goal of building strong customer relationships, Urban Outfitters employees receive impressive benefits like health insurance, pet insurance, time off, and discounts.

Top Reasons to Work at Urban Outfitters

Excellent commuter benefits. Employee discounts and growth opportunities. You can bring your dog to work.

The School District of Philadelphia

The School District of Philadelphia was founded in 1818 and currently caters to all the public schools within the city. The school district includes over 200 schools and employs thousands of teachers and support staff, who facilitate the running of each school.

The primary goal is to provide high-quality education and encourage students to achieve their full potential. The school district also collaborates with the Philadelphia Department of Revenue to collect and make payments, which helps fund the city.

What Is It Like to Work at the School District of Philadelphia?

The School District of Philadelphia was ranked among the best education companies to work for in Pennsylvania in the annual business survey by Zippia. Employees also left positive remarks on Indeed, commending the freedom to work at a school of your choice.

Top Reasons to Work at School District of Philadelphia

Great benefitsFreedom to select your school of choice. Work-life balance.

Independence Blue Cross

Independence Blue Cross (IBX) is a leading health insurance company headquartered in Philadelphia. The company was established in 1938 and has since served over seven million people nationwide. By employing thousands of Philadelphians, IBX hopes to enhance the health and well-being of different communities while contributing to the economy.

What Is It Like Working at Independence Blue Cross?

IBX has received a 3.8-star rating on Glassdoor and several mixed reviews. If you want to become an insurance sales agent, IBX will train you and absorb you into the company. In addition, all IBX employees receive full medical insurance coverage, including prescription drugs, paid time off, 401(k) plan, and flex vacation options.

Top Reasons to Work at Independence Blue Cross

An excellent work culture. Diverse and supportive work environment. Free insurance consulting services.

Other Big Companies Headquartered in Philadelphia

Philadelphia Macaroni CompanyOdessa TechnologiesArts + Crafts Holdings Capital LimitedComcastCrown HoldingsAramarkUniversal Health ServicesCOFCOFood Distribution CenterAxalta Coating Systems

Where to Find a Job in Philadelphia: Top Philadelphia Job Boards

PA Careerlink Philadelphia

This job board covers four neighborhoods in Philadelphia, including West Philadelphia, Suburban Station, Northwest Philadelphia, and North Central Philadelphia. The site added a fifth location recently to cater to job seekers at the Community College of Philadelphia. You can log into this job board to find a job or hire talent from a large pool of job seekers.

PA Careerlink allows job seekers to access virtual resources, build skills with job training opportunities, and explore different careers. It is a subscription site that partners with the American Job Center.

The Philly Ad Club

The Philly Ad Club is a non-profit advertising organization that caters to college students and job seekers in the Philadelphia area. It is a membership site where members pay $75, and non-members pay $150. The site allows people to post jobs and advertisements to help companies find suitable employees. The jobs are categorized depending on rank and experience, from executive positions to interns.


Indeed is one of the most popular job boards in the world. The website attracts millions of monthly users seeking job opportunities or hiring employees. The site offers free and paid job posting options, built-in skills assessments for job screening, and employee reviews from different companies.

You can also access extensive resume templates to help you write a successful resume. The best part is that you can use Indeed effortlessly on both Android and iOS devices.

What Is Philadelphia’s Tech Scene Like?

Philadelphia is a fast-growing tech hub and has been viewed as one of the country’s best tech ecosystems post COVID-19. It ranks in the top 30 cities that offer an excellent environment for tech startups. The city established co-working spaces in every part of the city to encourage creative entrepreneurs in tech and other industries.

The city is home to successful tech companies and startups, like Odessa technologies, NeroFlow, Carpenter Technology, and Comcast. Advanced technology experts suggest that Philadelphia’s tech scene can rival Silicon Valley companies.

Can a Bootcamp Help Me Get a Job with a Top Philadelphia Employer?

Yes. Technology is quickly becoming a necessity in every industry. Employers are looking for employees with a background in tech and knowledge of programming languages, computer skills, and other tech-related skills. Luckily, Philadelphia is also home to several coding boot camps that enable people from all education and career backgrounds to explore tech fundamentals.

Top Coding Bootcamps in Philadelphia

ThinkfulNucampGeneral AssemblyTech ElevatorWharton Exec Ed

Why Philadelphia Is a Great Place to Achieve Your Career Goals

Not only is the cost of living affordable in Philadelphia, but the city also provides many business opportunities for the city residents to establish businesses that promote generations of family ownership. Historically, business profits have thrived in this lively city filled with professional growth and opportunities. Philly’s proximity to other metropolitan areas like Manhattan and Baltimore allows business people to access clients in more than one metropolitan area.

The city has a rich history, dating back to 1682, and has plenty of beautiful historical monuments. In addition, you will enjoy a diverse community with people from all walks of life, high-quality education facilities, and a well-priced real estate industry. There are multiple apartment rental agencies that can help you find an apartment for rent.

Lastly, as more major companies solidify their presence in Philadelphia, more job opportunities are bound to arise in the future.

Biggest Companies in Philadelphia FAQ

How Many Fortune 500 Companies Have Branches in Philadelphia? Philadelphia hosts several Fortune 500 companies, including Crown Holdings, Universal Health Services, Berkshire Hathaway, AmerisourceBergen, Comcast Corp, DuPont, and Burlington Stores. Walmart, Amazon, Apple, and CVS Health led the 2021 list, and they also have successful branches in Philadelphia.

What Is the Largest Industry in Philadelphia? Health care holds the largest percentage in Philadelphia’s employment sector. Several local and national medical organizations are headquartered in the city and are leading employers. In addition, Philadelphia is famed as a medical research center because of the large number of collaborations between higher learning institutions and medical facilities.

How Is Philadelphia’s Job Market? Like all other job markets, Philadelphia was significantly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the economy is stabilizing, and more jobs are available. The unemployment rate reduced to 7.2 percent in October 2021, and the job market is set to stabilize further in 2022.

The city’s business density has improved tremendously, thanks to public and private companies like Dun & Bradstreet, JPMorgan Chase & Co., and many expensive retail stores.

What Are the Most In-Demand Jobs in Philadelphia? The most in-demand jobs in Philly include translators, obstetricians, surgeons, home health aides, physical therapists, chief executives, and drivers. The high number of businesses in the city allows everyone from street vendors to office managers to make a decent living.

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