How to Land the Best Graphic Design Remote Jobs

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The graphic design industry is expected to undergo major growth within the next decade. According to Statista, the graphic design industry will increase in revenue to $11.3 billion by 2024. Graphic design professionals are very important in creating brand awareness and for the general success of a company. Their services distinguish one business from another.

There is no need to work a nine-to-five job. Given how draining those jobs are, professionals seek better alternatives. According to ZipRecruiter, remote graphic designers earn an average salary of $73,322 per year. Find out how to land the best graphic design remote jobs and how much you will earn as a graphic design professional in this comprehensive guide.

What Is Graphic Design?

Graphic design is a process where professionals curate visual content such as typography, images, and colors to communicate a message. Often, graphic design is referred to as visual communication. Using page layout designs and visual hierarchy, graphic designers create displays that address user needs. The entire concept is developed to optimize the user experience.

Graphic design consists of different elements and principles. The basic graphic design elements are color, form, line, shape, size, and texture. The combination of these elements helps in the creation of visually striking designs. Graphic design principles help maintain high-standard designs. They feature balance, contrast, movement, proportion, emphasis, and rhythm.

The field of graphic design is broad. The most common types of creative projects are website design, user experience (UX) design, and motions design. Website design involves creating aesthetic web pages for users. UX design ensures users have an enjoyable time using an application or website. Motion graphics touch on visual elements for video games, movies, or TV shows.

What Are Graphic Design Remote Jobs?

Remote graphic design jobs involve creating visual content that communicates to users. The job roles are similar to regular graphic design jobs. The major difference between a regular and remote job is that the latter is more flexible. Remote graphic design jobs allow professionals to work from home or any area with a stable internet connection.

Remote graphic designers help companies with brand development. They contribute to promoting a particular image or identity to the public. Their skills in manipulating color, themes, shapes, and animation contribute to the overall image of the company. They work on billboards, logos, brochures, corporate reports, magazines, advertisements, and other marketing material.

Most Important Skills for Remote Graphic Design Jobs

If you are looking to start a career in graphic design, you must possess a particular set of skills. The most important graphic design skills can land you a wide variety of opportunities in the tech industry. Find out which graphic design skills you should sharpen below.

Branding. Companies rely on graphic design artists to help improve, build, or maintain their brands. They rely on these professionals to help ensure their brand is unique. This means you will need skills to work on logos, color, typography, graphic elements, and photography. It’s important to maintain consistent work addressing the right audience.

Typography. Graphic design professionals must be skilled in typography. To be successful, you need to know how to select a suitable font for a project. Being conversant with typesetting, leading, kerning, and tracking will go a long way to landing job opportunities.

UX/UI Design. A good mastery of user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design will help you remain competitive in the field. In-depth knowledge of UX and UI design helps in creating functional and visually appealing designs.

Technology. Excellent creative designers have extensive knowledge and relevant experience in graphic design tools, techniques, and processes. Most professionals are knowledgeable in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Creative Suite, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe After

Effects. Ideation. This is the process of creating and communicating new ideas. It usually involves research, evaluation, and application. To communicate these ideas, a graphic artist relies on mood boards or thumbnails. Mood boards feature a collection of visuals that communicate the vision of their project. Thumbnails are sketches that showcase the layout of a design.

Design principles. It’s crucial to have extensive knowledge and experience in design principles. You must be conversant with alignment, contracts, repetition, hierarchy, and balance. These principles will help professionals create visually structured and appealing projects. Working within an agency environment will expose you to real-world applications of these design concepts.

Portfolio management. Being able to showcase your work professionally in an offline or online portfolio is crucial to landing job opportunities. You should know how to properly create a document layout and the information necessary to boost your work. You can include links to your social media or any online projects. A strong portfolio will lead to high-paying job positions.

5 Best Graphic Design Remote Jobs

If you’re looking for business opportunities as a production designer, content designer, or another graphic design role, there are graphic design jobs sites that allow you to search by email and subscribe to a job alert if your desired employer posts any openings.

Once you acquire in-demand graphic design technical skills, you can land multiple job opportunities from the comfort of your own home. We curated a list of the five best graphic design remote jobs. Below you will find the salary and companies that hire remote graphic design professionals.

User Experience (UX) Designer

  • Average Salary: $98,816
  • Average Remote Salary: $101,171
  • Companies That Hire Remote User Experience Designers: Gallagher, Braintrust, Autodesk

These professionals optimize applications to improve user experience. They achieve this by conducting user research, prototypes, and usability testing. You will find UX designers working for advertising agencies, financial institutions, and software companies.

Product Designer

  • Average Salary: $84,316
  • Average Remote Salary: $79,868
  • Companies That Hire Remote Product Designers: OLX Group, TEKsystems, Dice

Product designers are responsible for the product creation process. They take part in user research, prototyping, visualization, and communication. Often these professionals are referred to as information architects or interaction designers. They have extensive product design experience that contributes to the overall success of the companies.

3D Motion Artist

  • Average Salary: $50,544
  • Average Remote Salary: $76,358
  • Companies That Hire Remote 3D Motion Artists: Disney Streaming, Brainlabs Digital, Fox Corporation

3D motion artists create visual artwork for websites, TVs, and mobile apps. The work includes using visual effects and animations to liven up their creations. Most 3D motion artists work in software companies and advertising agencies.

Visual Designer

  • Average Salary: $48,283
  • Average Remote Salary: $73,322
  • Companies That Hire Remote Visual Designers: Spotify, Oculus, Facebook, Autodesk
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Visual designers are responsible for establishing the general look of a company’s website, mobile device, app, and games. They rely on brand guidelines to develop layouts. Often visual designers design logos and infographics. They work closely with the IT and business teams for business solution development.

Project Coordinator

  • Average Salary: $48,962
  • Average Remote Salary: $70,119
  • Companies That Hire Remote Project Coordinators: Lumen, Amazon, Hubspot, TEKsystems, Oracle

Project coordinators are in charge of overseeing other employees as they conduct their duties. They determine the requirements of the project, estimate costs, source materials, review progress, and liaise with customers. They are also primarily in charge of the administrative tasks of a project.

Where to Find Graphic Design Freelance Work

There are plenty of graphic design job sites for you to find freelance work. We took the initiative to list the top three online freelance job boards that feature graphic design freelance job opportunities. Find a list of freelance job sites below.


ZipRecruiter is an excellent resource for employers and job seekers. The platform utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) technology to help job seekers locate suitable job postings faster and easier. All you need is to input your email address, password, and work details for your job application. It also helps hiring teams find ideal candidates for vacant job positions.

Examples of Remote Graphic Design Jobs on ZipRecruiter

Graphic designer | AnthemGraphic designer | TerraboostGraphic designer | Redbox


Through Indeed, you can access millions of job opportunities. The online platform provides job information depending on the combination of employer bids and your recent searches. You can also check company reviews before you apply for advertised positions. To stay up to date, subscribe to the marketing messages.

Examples of Remote Graphic Design Jobs on Indeed

Junior graphic designer | Brainlabs DigitalGraphic designer | DesignitGraphic designer | Anthem


Zippia is an online platform that connects job seekers to potential employers. The company provides a series of options that cater to professionals with varied experiences. Whether you are a college graduate or have completed a Bootcamp program, you can easily find a suitable open position. You can filter the design categories to pinpoint the career path you seek.

Examples of Remote Graphic Design Jobs on Zippia

Graphic designer | Marketwire SolutionsGraphic designer | Robert HalfGraphic designer | Vineyard Vines

Should I Apply for Remote Graphic Design Jobs?

Yes, you should apply for remote graphic design jobs. There are plenty of companies that pay freelance graphic designers handsomely. With so many opportunities in the field, you should not let them pass you by. Once you have a good mastery of graphic design, you can send your resume and portfolio to the potential employer.

Remote graphic design jobs will provide you with the convenience you need. If you don’t want the hassle of a nine-to-five job, a remote job will be suitable for you. These jobs allow you to work at any time and from anywhere. Once you have stable Internet access, you should be able to carry out your duties seamlessly. It will also save you transport costs.

Graphic Design Remote Jobs FAQ

Can I work remotely as a graphic designer?

Yes, you can work remotely as a graphic designer. There are plenty of quality remote graphic designer jobs. The onset of the pandemic prompted employers to reevaluate their operations, which resulted in allowing a wide range of professionals the liberty to work from home. Graphic designers were included in that decision.

Is graphic design still in demand?

Yes, graphic design is still in demand. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, graphic designers will experience a three percent job growth within the next decade. This means there will be 254,100 more jobs between 2020 and 2030. You can learn graphic design and land any of the 23,900 job opportunities availed each year.

How much do remote graphic designers earn?

According to ZipRecruiter, remote graphic designers earn $73,322 per year. You can easily increase your salary potential by acquiring certifications or graphic design experience. Your level of education and specific position on the design team also affect the salary amount. A senior designer can earn a high annual salary of $151,000.

What are graphic design best practices?

There are multiple graphic design best practices. The most prevalent graphic design best practices are using creative typography, color usage, successful layouts, avoiding visual clutter, avoiding white space, and learning about the audience. You should employ these practices to achieve the ultimate graphic design goals.

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