How to Get a Netflix Internship: Is It Hard to Get an Internship at Netflix?

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Netflix has experienced extensive global success, making it a hot tech company for job seekers. You can join the company as a qualified employee, apprentice, or intern. An internship at Netflix will boost your resume and give you access to a wide range of career opportunities.

But first, you must figure out how to get an internship at Netflix. This article answers crucial internship questions, offers interview tips, and lists open Netflix internship opportunities for 2022. Read on to discover more information and prepare for your role at this successful entertainment company.

What Is Netflix? A Brief Netflix Background

Netflix is a global subscription-based entertainment streaming company headquartered in Los Gatos, California. Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph founded the company in 1997 as a mail-based DVD rental business. Users would browse Netflix for movie options and have DVDs delivered to their homes.

However, as the company grew, Netflix began offering streaming services to subscribers in 2007. These changes skyrocketed its success, making Netflix the leading streaming service and production company worldwide. Currently, the company’s streaming services are available in over 190 countries and it has amassed over $25 billion in annual revenue within 13 years.

Netflix Internships: General Overview

Netflix has been known not to offer internships, but the system changed as the company began welcoming interns in recent years. The entertainment company offers a 12-week summer internship to provide personalized internship experiences for every intern. After observation, the company managers match each intern with projects and groups based on their expertise.

As an intern, you will integrate into the team as a full-time employee, so you can have a feel of what it’s like to work at Netflix. The company’s approach to internships promotes individuality, creativity, and diversity of thought. In addition, Netflix is an equal opportunity employer celebrating diversity and inclusion to build a strong team.

What Does a Netflix Intern Do?

Netflix internships mimic the employment obligations of a full-time employee. The interns are embedded into the team and perform various duties, depending on the intern role and department. They will be responsible for writing and reviewing codes, collaborating with team members on projects, solving real business problems, and other assigned tasks.

Qualified interns pair up with a group of Netflix employees who will teach them the ropes and provide support throughout the summer internship. Currently, the interns work remotely or at the Los Gatos and Los Angeles offices in California.

Netflix Internship Reviews: What Is the Experience Like?

Many Netflix interns leave glowing remarks about working at the entertainment company. The company has a 4.8-star rating on Glassdoor and 100 percent of the reviewers say they would recommend the Netflix internship program to a friend. The company prioritizes professional development by allowing interns to work on real projects independently.

Netflix’s cultural values also resonated with interns because they encourage independent decision-making, sharing information broadly, honesty, avoiding rules, and upholding professional standards. You will have access to free lunches, medical insurance, transportation, paid off days, and an excellent monthly salary.

Is It Hard to Get an Internship at Netflix?

Generally, Netflix doesn’t offer many internships, making it hard for applicants to join the company. In addition, you will be competing against highly-qualified students from across the country. However, the hiring managers look for passion, innovation, and experience in a high-level intern.

The company also encourages all potential interns to review the detailed company culture memo. Understanding the company’s employee culture will help you decide whether or not you are a good fit for their intern roles.

Netflix Intern Salaries: How Much Does a Netflix Internship Pay?

According to Huyen, a former Netflix intern, the company hires interns as contractors. That means that Netflix employees receive higher monthly compensation than other tech companies. Glassdoor indicates that the salary for a Netflix intern is approximately $40,103 per year.

Keep in mind that this figure derives from thousands of employee feedback on the website. Netflix doesn’t provide exact figures, meaning your summer internship salary can be higher or lower than the Glassdoor estimation.

How to Apply for a Netflix Internship: A Step-by-Step Guide

You already know that Netflix internships are very competitive. As long as you adhere to the application process, you will get a step closer to your dream summer internship. Here is a short guide to help you learn more about applying for a Netflix internship.

Find Netflix Intern Opportunities

You can visit Netflix’s career page to find internship opportunities. You can input “internships” as your keyword and go through all the search results to find the perfect internship program. Alternatively, you can monitor open internship job listings on other job posting sites like LinkedIn, where you will find legit Netflix career opportunities.

Fill Out and Submit the Application Form

Once you select a suitable internship program, you must complete the application form provided at the bottom of the job description. If you are using a job posting site, the link provided will also lead you to Netflix’s official page, where you will find the form.

This form features your personal information, resume, and a voluntary self-identification section. The self-identification section covers questions about your gender, ethnicity, disability status, military information, and sexuality.

Wait for Feedback

The recruitment team will go through your application and reach out within a week or two. You must then prepare for a three-part interview, including a 30-45 minute recruiter phone interview, a technical interview, and an onsite interview in Los Gatos. The interview process is intense, and only people with experience can advance to the next stage.

How to Get an Internship at Netflix: Internship Opportunities in 2022

Apart from providing a fantastic entertainment experience, Netflix encourages interns to grow as independent and creative thinkers in a good work environment.

Now is a great time for tech and non-tech students to prepare to apply for internships at Netflix. Netflix takes time to produce an extensive list of internships for the next year. Below are some of the internships you can expect in 2022.

Software Engineering Intern, Platform

Location: Los GatosEligibility Requirements: Currently pursuing a BS, MS, or Ph.D. in Computer Science, Engineering, Statistics, Maths, or a related field, must be graduating in Fall/Winter 2022 or Summer 2023Skills Requirements: Communication skills, proficiency in object-oriented programming languages, experience with data structures, problem-solving skillsLength: 12 weeksStart Date: Summer 2022

As Netflix works towards registering 500 million members worldwide, the platform engineering interns will work on projects to bring that goal to fruition. You will help the engineering teams identify and address complex operational issues and work with technical partners and stakeholders. You will also handle large-scale business needs and analyze data from different sources.

To qualify for this role, you must be learning the design and development of RESTful services and operating scalable distributed systems. In addition, applicants must complete coursework on dimensional data modeling, data warehouse architecture, and ETL. You will work as a qualified software engineer with support from your team.

Machine Learning Research Intern

Location: Los Gatos and Los AngelesEligibility Requirements: Currently pursuing a Ph.D. in a STEM field, authorized to work in the US, currently engaged in research at an accredited university. Skills Requirements: Proficiency in programming languages, oral and written communication skills, experience with distributed computing, statistics, and machine learning. Length: 12 weeksStart Date: Summer 2022

The machine learning research internship program has grown over the years. The research team is in the middle of Netflix operations, providing vital information to improve the business. You will use your algorithm skills for content evaluation, personalization algorithms, and video optimization.

Machine learning research interns also cover operations research audio or video coding, machine learning, and experimentation and causal inference. You must be highly skilled in software engineering best practices like writing and testing codes. You will spend a chunk of your time analyzing data, designing models, and solving open-ended challenges.

Data Engineering Intern

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Location: Los GatosEligibility Requirements: Currently pursuing an MS or Ph.D. in Computer Science, Statistics, Engineering, or a related field, graduating in Winter 2022 or Summer 2023Skills Requirements: Knowledge of scripting languages, communication skills, proficiency in principles of distributed systems like Hadoop and SparkLength: 12 weeksStart Date: Summer 2022

You will join the data science and engineering team, which focuses on improving various aspects of Netflix’s business. You’ll give ideas on designing analytical data models and audits that maintain data quality. You will also use a data processing framework to build large-scale pipelines, troubleshoot data problems, and collaborate with other cross-functional teams.

Consumer Insights Intern

Location: Los Gatos and Los AngelesEligibility Requirements: Currently pursuing a BS, MS, or Ph.D. in Marketing, Psychology, Communications, or a related field. Skills Requirements: Strong interpersonal skills, knowledge of various research methodologies like survey sampling, statistical analysis, and regression modelingLength: 12 weeksStart Date: Summer 2022

The ideal candidate for this role is a good communicator, embraces Netflix’s culture, and enjoys research. You must also be well-trained in creative and impactful research methods that yield results. Some of your duties include designing and executing research projects, working with researchers to identify and solve gaps, reviewing engagements, and presenting regular reports.

This is a communication role, which requires confidence, charisma, and excellent communication skills. Whether you’re engaging with a consumer or stakeholder, you must always uphold the company’s core values.

Experimentation and Causal Inference Intern

Location: Los GatosEligibility Requirements: Currently pursuing a Ph.D. in a related field, eligible to work in the USSkills Requirements: Proficiency in programming languages like R and Python, engaged in ongoing research into online experimentation and causal inference, communication skillsLength: 12 weeksStart Date: Summer 2022

Netflix relies on experimentation and research to improve the entertainment experience, make informed decisions, and develop flexible workflows. These interns will focus on developing and implementing approaches that aid in decision-making within the company. You will analyze user engagements and derive conclusive reports from users of all backgrounds.

To qualify for the role, you must be passionate about research, have experience with version control systems like git, and have past publications or journals on experimentation and causal inference.

How to Improve Your Chances of Getting a Netflix Internship

Getting an internship at Netflix may not be as easy as finding a movie on the streaming platform, but we are here to make things easier for you. Like all job applications, you will need a few tips and tricks to give you an edge over your competition. Keep reading to discover how to improve your chances and land a summer internship at your dream company.

Gain Hands-On Experience

According to James Schek, a Netflix employee, the company prioritizes experience over newcomers. Netflix doesn’t offer conventional internships where interns receive formal career development. Therefore, you must stand out by showcasing your technical skills and expertise. Convincing the hiring manager of your work ethic and experience improves your chances.

Huyen also mentioned that there’s no hand-holding at Netflix and all interns dive right into work, handling innovation projects, contributing ideas, and working independently. You can gain hands-on experience by enrolling in a coding boot camp, contributing to open source projects, or working on independent projects.

Understand Netflix’s Culture and Core Values

Netflix’s company culture plays a significant role in the company’s operations. Before you go in for your interview, you must thoroughly understand these cultural values.

The company culture document is one of the best among Silicon Valley tech companies and it upholds unique core values. They include judgment, communication, courage, curiosity, passion, selflessness, integrity, innovation, impact, and inclusion. You can find the detailed company culture memo on the official website.

Write a Good Resume

Your resume can be a deal-breaker for any job interview. The hiring manager will use this document to get a feel of your personality, review your skills and experience, and determine whether or not you are the right fit for the job. Before you submit your resume to Netflix, go through the job description and understand what the role entails.

Remember, Netflix doesn’t hire interns without experience. The company prioritizes interns with projects, previous work experience, outstanding publications, and technical skillsets. Depending on your qualifications, customize your resume to fit the job description.

Prepare for the Job Interview

Netflix’s hiring process is extensive, and although the internship is an entry-level position, you will still go through an intense interview process. The process includes a phone interview, covering common interview questions about your interest in the role and company culture. Typically, it takes 30-45 minutes.

After a couple of days, you will receive a second phone call, which is more technical and includes a hypothetical project. You must submit the project within six to eight hours. Successful candidates will advance to an onsite interview, which features a 45-minute technical interview and a second 45-minute informational interview.

Should I Apply for an Internship at Netflix?

Yes, working at Netflix gives interns a thorough experience of what to expect in the tech industry. In addition to working at the world’s leading entertainment company, you will also nurture your creative excellence by working on projects, collaborating, and giving ideas. Having Netflix as an employer on your resume will improve your chances in future interviews.

The formal internship program encourages career growth and offers a fantastic experience for interns. Furthermore, the benefits that come with working at Netflix are excellent. You will enjoy delicious meals, access to company resources, a good salary, and a fulfilling work environment.

Netflix Internship FAQ

Is there a summer Netflix internship program? Yes, Netflix offers an annual summer internship at its Los Gatos and Los Angeles offices. The summer internship is a 12-week program, and only the best candidates are selected. You can also apply for internships in other locations outside the United States.

How can I qualify for the Netflix summer internship in 2022? You need to research open internship postings on the company’s website or job listing sites. After you choose a program, fill out the form under the job description and wait for feedback. Netflix only hires highly-qualified students with outstanding skills. So, you might want to improve your skills and gain hands-on experience.

What should I know going into a Netflix interview? Netflix’s company culture is an integral part of the hiring process. All applicants must understand the cultural values and how the values apply to Netflix employees. You can go through the detailed company culture document on the website. Consider potential interview questions and answers beforehand and remain confident.

Can I work for Netflix as a full-time employee after my internship? Yes, Netflix extends job offers to interns with exceptional internship performance. You can qualify for a full-time job if you deliver quality work, integrate into the team, and embody Netflix’s core values. However, you might need to graduate before joining the team. If you aren’t offered a permanent position after your internship, you can still apply for a job at Netflix.

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