How to Ask Your Partner About Marriage Counseling

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Communication is one of the biggest foundations in a marriage, but opening yourself up to vulnerability with anyone, even your partner, can be difficult some days. When the thing you want to talk about is an issue in your relationship, it can feel scary. You might not even know where to start.

If you’re experiencing difficulty communicating with your partner about the challenges you face as a couple, it may be time to try marriage counseling.

Marriage counseling can help couples work through conflict and establish good communication habits together as a unit. Dr. Devers of Philly Family Life Counseling LLC offers online marriage counseling in PA and NJ to couples who desire a safe space to discuss their relationship.

Starting a Conversation about Marriage Counseling

It’s not always easy to bring up the topic of counseling with a spouse, but if you believe you and your partner might benefit from marriage counseling, there are a few things you can try to help ease you into that conversation.

Pick a time when you and your spouse are both in a calm environment and open to discussion without distractions. Express how you’ve been feeling with your spouse. Chances are your spouse has been experiencing similar feelings.

It’s helpful to use specific examples and avoid placing blame. Use first-person language, like “I have been feeling…” or “I have noticed…” instead of “you did this…” or something similar. Allow your spouse the chance to respond with their own feelings and observations.

When bringing up marriage counseling, remind your spouse that counseling is not a sign of a failed marriage, but a way to move forward together. A counselor is not there to judge your marriage or your actions. They act as a listener in a three-way conversation and can offer insight and advice.

finding your soulmate

The goal of counseling is to build good communication habits, gain insight into your own relationship, and, ultimately, live your happiest and healthiest lives as your own people and within your marriage.

It’s Not Too Late to Start the Conversation

Whether you feel your relationship is reaching a breaking point or you simply want to work on communicating better as a couple, marriage counseling can help you work through conflict together as a couple.

At Philly Family Life Counseling LLC, Dr. Devers can help couples of all kinds and in all stages of their relationship find happiness and peace. To set up an appointment, you can call 215-677-3810 or fill out our online form. For more information, follow us on Facebook and read our open letter to couples. Peace in your marriage is just a phone call away. Don’t wait, start the conversation today.

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