Dream Employers for Web Developers: What Industries Hire the Most?

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Web development is one of the most exciting industries for computer science and computer programming graduates to work in. It offers plenty of employment opportunities that will allow them to expand their knowledge while also providing a competitive salary and benefits.

Continue reading this guide if you’re looking for the best companies to apply to as a web developer. You’ll learn what industry hires the most web developers and which industries you should look into in your job search.

What Does a Web Developer Do?

Web developers are primarily responsible for creating websites and web-based software applications. Prospective web developers can look forward to a variety of daily tasks in this broad field. A detailed discussion of the web developer’s duties and responsibilities is included in the following list.

Responsibilities of a Web Developer

Web Developers are responsible for creating websites and web-based applications using efficient code and standard programming practices. They program web applications based on user requirements. Web developers collaborate with web designers and other stakeholders. Effective communication between the web developers and other colleagues must be established to avoid missing requirements. Web developers also frequently maintain, optimize, and update existing websites in their daily lives. You may work under a senior web developer to gain additional knowledge. Web developers test and troubleshoot website issues. They are responsible for ensuring the reliability and high efficiency of the website and for monitoring web traffic. Web developers create and maintain the software documentation that states the requirements, web design and layout and other important aspects of the websites.

How Much Can You Earn as a Web Developer?

According to PayScale, the average salary of a web developer is $60,433 per year. This varies depending on the employees’ work experience. The annual wage for entry-level web developers is $51,661, according to Glassdoor. As you gain development experience and enhance your technical skill level, you can land jobs in the web development industry that pay higher annual salaries..

Demand for Web Developers in 2022

According to the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics, web development jobs are expected to grow at an average rate of 13 percent between 2020 and 2030. It also states that approximately 17,900 web developer jobs are expected each year.

Which Industries Use Web Development the Most?

Web developers never run out of job opportunities, as many companies are offering careers in web development.

There are large companies from various industries that hire web developers. Careers in web development show constant growth as tech demands become more complex and extensive. This section contains a list of the top industries for web development jobs.

Top Industries With Web Development Jobs

Consumer Electronics

In-demand jobs: Electronics Engineer, Communications Engineer, Electronics Design Engineer

Companies in this tech industry manufacture and distribute equipment and appliances that we use every day. TVs, computers, laptops, phones, and other electronic devices are examples of such items. Consumer electronics is sometimes called “Home Electronics.”

Consumer electronics companies build their websites to promote their brands. Websites are used in digital marketing to showcase their products and services. They hire web developers to maintain and update their website contents with new items or features.

You can visit a company’s official website and search for web development opportunities available in your location to apply to the top companies in this industry. Ensure you meet all requirements and thoroughly review the job description before submitting your application.

Top Attractive Employers for Web Developers in Consumer Electronics

CompanyGlobal HeadcountHiring InHiring ForApple36,786Seattle, San Diego, Santa Clara ValleyBackend Web Engineer, Web UI Engineer, Full Stack Web EngineerIntel110,600United States, Israel, Mexico, Costa RicaFull Stack Software Developer, Web Software ArchitectMicrosoft181,000United States, India, ChinaFull Stack Software Engineer, Support EngineerPanasonic259,385Kansas, New Jersey, Massachusetts, MichiganBackend Engineer, Full Stack Developer, Front End Software EngineerDell Technologies165,000United States, Brazil, Canada, IndiaFull Stack Engineer, Software Engineer, Software Developer

Finance and Banking

In-demand jobs: Financial Manager, Accountant, Business Analyst, Financial Analyst

This industry covers financial, banking, and insurance services. Big companies in the finance and banking industry offer career opportunities with competitive pay and benefits. This is also a great way to grow your network as you will be working with different professionals in the corporate world.

Websites are essential in any banking or finance company. Online banking is becoming increasingly popular. Customers use websites to access their accounts, pay their bills, and conduct other transactions to save time and money. With many clients using their websites, companies hire web developers to enhance their performance and monitor web traffic.

You must have excellent communication skills and the ability to work efficiently in a fast-paced environment if you apply as a web developer in this industry. You will be working with large and collaborative teams.

Top Attractive Employers for Web Developers in Finance and Banking

CompanyGlobal HeadcountHiring InHiring ForJPMorgan Chase189,315United States, India, Singapore, United Kingdom, Web Developer, Web Infrastructure-Lead, Web Solutions ArchitectBank of America200,000New Jersey, North Carolina, Delaware, TexasWeb Engineer, Java Web Services Engineer, Ethical Hacking Analyst, Software EngineerUS Bancorp69,651Poland, Texas, New York, Missouri, CaliforniaSoftware Engineer, Full Stack Web Engineer, Software Engineer (Front End)Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation168,400New York, Arizona, New Jersey, CaliforniaFull Stack Developer, Software Engineer, Cloud EngineerCharles Schwab32,000Texas, Colorado, Illinois, CaliforniaSoftware Web Developer, .Net Full Stack Web Developer, Software Developer

Computer Systems Design

In-demand jobs: Computer Systems Analyst, Software Developer, Web Developer, Information Security Analyst

Computer systems design refers to the integration and architecture of computer hardware and software. Companies in the industry create software and computer products and offer installation, customer training, and product support. This is one of the most popular tech fields for web developers.

Job opportunities in this industry are countless due to the endless rise of technology. Reputable companies hire computer programmers, IT specialists, entry-level and experienced developers, and professional engineers. These firms interact with their customers and provide customer service through their websites. This is also a method of increasing client trust and business reputation.

Some of the necessary skills for this field include expert knowledge of new trends, knowledge of software development, and the ability to use design tools. Companies receive many applications from diverse applicants who are eager to work for these popular companies. You must demonstrate your skills and experiences clearly to increase your chances of getting hired.

Software Publishing

In-demand jobs: Graphic Designer, Marketing Manager, Editor

Software publishing is a tech industry that distributes software products. Companies in this field also create documentation, provide support in software installation, and offer customer support. The rapid growth of the tech industry increases job opportunities in this field. Software publishers use websites to promote their services and interact with customers.

They hire entry-level and advanced web developers to design websites that can attract more customers and increase sales. There are numerous web development job opportunities in various companies in this job market.

Digital Publishing

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In-demand jobs: Web Designer, Web Developer, Video Editor, Graphic Designer

Digital publishing is a technology industry that produces ebooks, magazines, journals, and other digital media. This helps editors to distribute their content to online readers easily. One of the reasons many writers prefer digital publishing is that it allows them to edit their work even after it has been published.

Since publishers use a website to distribute content, there are many technical considerations involved. It is very crucial to maintain the efficiency and reliability of their websites. They hire web developers and engineers to manage their sites.

Some companies may require candidates to have additional experience with their platform. Before applying for a position as a web developer, you should research the company to learn about its business processes.

What Education Do You Need to Be a Web Developer?

Many web developers have a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or related fields. Some employers prefer candidates with this level of education, but others will accept applicants with associate degrees, evidence of on-the-job training, or even certificates that demonstrate they have the necessary skills for web development.

An Associate Degree in Computer Science (ACS) is another way to obtain education for web development. This program teaches basic computer science principles and basic programming. An ACS typically takes two years to complete and costs less than a bachelor’s degree. This means that associate degree graduates can apply for jobs sooner than college degree graduates.

Earning a certificate from a short course or training program is an option if you want to change your career path to web development, advance your knowledge, or gain additional training. Many entry-level positions for beginners do not require a bachelor’s degree. Companies look for candidates with skills in basic programming languages used in web development.

Can You Become a Web Developer Professional with a Coding Bootcamp?

You can become a web developer with a coding Bootcamp. These schools teach students the in-demand skills required of a professional web developer. You will gain hands-on experience and practical training in web development in just a few months. This is a simple and effective alternative to a formal education if you want to broaden your knowledge and skills in this field.

Enrolling in a coding boot camp is a good opportunity to learn the technical skills that employers value. The recruiter team conducts a scrupulous hiring process with many applicants for a job role to select the best candidates. With this in mind, you must acquire the necessary qualifications and meet each educational requirement to stand out among the competition.

What Skills Do You Need to Be a Web Developer?

You must have the necessary skills to be a web developer. Your skills must demonstrate why employers should choose you and why you are the best candidate. Here is the list of some most important skills of successful web developers.

Web Programming Skills

A development professional should learn the programming languages used to create websites and web-based software programs. You must first learn about front end and backend development, object-oriented programming, and other popular languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Java. Ensure that your technical knowledge and programming skills are up to date.

UX/UI Design Skills

The UI/UX design improves the user experience with the software and improves customer interaction with its user interface. Developers can use their knowledge of UX/UI design to create prototypes and designs that will assist them in achieving their main goal of client satisfaction. Increasing your UX/UI design skills can set you up for career advancement.

Analytical and Problem-Solving Skills

Analytical and problem-solving skills are essential soft skills for web development students. Web developers should analyze the system behavior based on the user requirements. Additionally, they are responsible for testing and troubleshooting errors, requiring them to conduct research and develop the best solutions.

What’s the Best Industry for Me as a Web Developer?

The best industry for most web developers is the computer systems design industry. Many tech firms provide web development career paths that are excellent for professional development. Since web development is a tech position, it is best for web developers to engage and work in a tech company where they can learn other tech skills and enhance their knowledge in their field.

Web development jobs are in-demand across multiple industries. A strong website is an asset to every business. They can aid in many of their operations, from product creation to customer interaction. Big companies hire web developers and provide extensive career growth and increased networking opportunities.

What Industries Hire the Most Web Developers FAQ

How can I become a web developer? You must first complete the necessary education before being qualified for a web development job. Several employers require a bachelor’s degree, but those who completed short online tutorials or online web development courses are still considered if they demonstrate the essential skills they seek.

What are the popular programming languages used in web development? Some of the most popular languages for web development are HTML, Java, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript. You must learn and acquire practical experiences with these languages to increase your chance of getting hired and starting a successful career.

Is there remote work for web developers? Yes, several companies, including WordPress, offer remote web development positions. You can work from home as a web developer if you have a stable internet connection and the necessary tools.

What are the high-paying web development positions? According to ZipRecruiter, some high-paying web development jobs are digital design engineer, flash developer, and graphics programmer. These jobs pay up to $166,500 per year. A web development career can earn you a high average salary if you have a strong skill set.

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