Codesmith Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

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Codesmith is one of the best online coding bootcamps out there. It has a clear admissions process, and it also has a couple of interviews that you need to complete with your online application. If you want to become a bootcamp student at Codesmith, you should take prep courses and get ready for your interview.

With a high number of applicants preparing for Codesmith interview questions, you’ll need to have a handy guide to help polish your interview skills. We’ve gone the extra mile to provide you with top Codesmith interview questions and how to answer them. Find out below what to expect in your bootcamp interview below.

What to Expect in Your Codesmith Interview

You should expect technical and behavioral questions in your Codesmith Interview. To begin, you’ll go through behavioral interview questions to establish your background and goals. The technical interview process is the second segment of the interview. You can expect coding challenges and reviews about your technical communication skills.

The main goal of Codesmith interviews is to establish your problem-solving skills, your ability to work collaboratively, and your technical and non-technical communication skills. According to PayScale, the average salary for software engineers with communication skills is $71,464, which means you should put your best foot forward.

Codesmith Technical Interview

The Codesmith technical interview helps the admissions team gain insight into your problem-solving and communication skills. You’ll be asked to work on JavaScript coding challenges with an engineer supervising. This tests your technical skills and your ability to write lines of code.

Often, Codesmith bootcamp applicants fail the technical interview on their first try. However, you shouldn’t worry too much, as you have multiple chances to go through the interviews. The admission team will provide you with another interview date in case you don’t succeed the first time. They’ll also provide ample feedback to guide you in enhancing your skills.

Codesmith Behavioral Interview

Codesmith conducts a behavioral interview before the technical interview. The non-technical interview helps the admission team establish your background. They also get a better sense of your aspirations in software engineering from your initial application and the role you can play in Codesmith’s supportive community.

You can use this opportunity to create a personalized plan for the technical interview. Often, the admission team and applicant set a date that’s convenient for both parties. Often, Codesmith applicants don’t gain entry into the bootcamp’s software engineering program on the first try. You may need to go through multiple interviews before admission.

Is the Codesmith Interview Hard?

No, the Codesmith interview isn’t hard. If you’re well-prepared, you’ll have an easy experience sitting through the bootcamp’s interviews. Codesmith is a reputable bootcamp attracting attention from top-tier companies such as Google and Microsoft, so it’s only natural to have stiff competition among prospective students.

How Long Does the Codesmith Interview Process Take?

The Codesmith interview process, like most bootcamp interviews, takes less than an hour. However, this can change depending on whether you complete a technical interview, behavioral interview, or both. After a few weeks, applicants receive a call from Codesmith to notify them of their acceptance and discuss the software engineering immersive program.

Codesmith Technical Interview Questions You Should Expect

Can You Reverse a String?

This question tests your knowledge of basic coding techniques. The answer depends on the coding language and the type of string you’re working with, so you can answer the question with your own knowledge and preferences.

Sample Answer

Yes, I can reverse a string by declaring the string to be reversed. Afterward, I get the length of the string, start the loop, and print out the reversed string.

Can You Prove That Two Strings Are Anagrams?

Your basic knowledge of strings will help inform the panel about the depth of your understanding of coding. Since many languages use strings, this is an important question to answer.

Sample Answer

Yes, I can prove that two strings are anagrams. If the two strings can accommodate the same number of characters in different sequences, then they’re referred to as anagrams.

How Do You Calculate the Number of Numerical Digits in a String?

Use this question to display your knowledge and expertise in coding. You don’t need a solid background in programming to tackle this question.

Sample Answer

You can calculate the number of numerical digits in a string by using the ReplaceAll function. This will help you establish the exact figure of strings in your code. It will give you the length of the string without digits.

How Do You Get the Matching Elements of an Integer?

The interviewer uses this question to gauge your knowledge of arrays in coding. For example, you might be asked to talk about JavaScript arrays or arrays for a different programming language.

Sample Answer

You can get the matching elements of an integer by first building two loops. In one loop, I will collect the elements and add up instances of the chosen element.

How Will You Delete the Repeated Elements in an Integer Array?

Through this question, the team will gauge your level of coding ability. They also check on your meticulous ability and communication skills.

Sample Answer

I will first use a hashmap to establish the present elements and loop through the array. This will help me establish if the element is already existent. Array traversal will be affected if there are any repeated elements. If not present, the element is printed out in the console.

Codesmith Non-Technical Interview Questions You Should Expect

Tell Us About Yourself.

This is one of the opening interview questions you can expect from coding bootcamps. It gives the team an overview of who you are and what your aspirations are. Often, applicants delve deep into their accomplishments and goals, which is a great way to grasp the interviewer’s attention.

Sample Answer

I’m a passionate and committed professional seeking to land a job in tech. I’ve worked for a digital marketing company for almost five years, and now, I’m seeking a new opportunity in technology to expand my knowledge. I’ve successfully managed to master the basics of coding, and I would like to advance and become a web developer in the coming weeks.

Why Do You Want to Be a Programmer?

The interviewer asks this question to determine your passion and commitment to learning how to code. They need to establish whether you can withstand the pressure that comes with learning programming and coding.

Sample Answer

I want to be a programmer because I’ve always had a keen interest in computers and applications. Often, I would take apart computer components and put them back together with my siblings. This interest grew as I got older. My curiosity expanded to looking into software applications and the backend of different technologies.

What Are Your Career Aspirations?

Through this question, the interviewer wants to uncover your short-term and long-term goals. Whether you want to become a web developer or do an internship program first, you’re free to mention it in this session. You can also mention if it’s simply a change of career in tech that you’re seeking.

Sample Answer

I aspire to become a full-fledged web developer by the end of the program. I would like to delve deeper into full stack web development, backend web development, and backend software development. These specializations will help me work as a freelancer and create more time for my family. Therefore, making this career shift into tech is necessary for my growth.

Do You Have Any Technical Experience?

This question often scares off beginners in the tech industry. However, you don’t have to have any prior experience in coding or computers to join Codesmith. The interviewers ask this question to gauge your willingness to learn.

Sample Answer

I don’t have any technical experience in coding. However, I’m willing to learn how to code from scratch. Before the interview, I signed up for a few online free coding courses to ensure I have a grasp of coding basics.

Have You Worked on a Team of Developers Before?

The interviewer simply wants to establish if you can work in a team. They also want to see if you have effective communication abilities.

Sample Answer

Yes, I’ve worked in a team of developers before. I worked as a junior developer in a startup that needed an application adjustment for its users. We were a team of six people, each with specified roles.

What Questions Should I Ask at My Codesmith Interview?

At your Codesmith interview, you should ask questions about the program. As much as it is crucial for the Codesmith admission team to find out if you’re a perfect fit, you should also seek clarifications on a few factors. You should ask specific questions at your Codesmith interview to help you during or after the online learning platform.

finding your soulmate

Does Codesmith offer scholarships for minorities in tech?Who are Codesmith’s instructors, and what’s their experience? Do the instructors give students feedback? How frequently? What companies does Codesmith partner with to ensure job placement? Does Codesmith offer a job guarantee?

How to Prepare for the Codesmith Interview

You can rely on coding Slack channels and Discord groups to prepare for Codesmith technical interviews.

We featured four tips to help you prepare for the Codesmith interview. This is the first step to a career in software engineering, web development, or machine learning. Find out how you can ace the Codesmith interview below.

1. Attend Free JavaScript Workshops

Codesmith provides free JavaScript workshops in Los Angeles, New York, and online. You can attend these workshops whether you’re a veteran or a beginner in the field. There are topics like “Intro for Beginners” and “JavaScript the Hard Parts” to address different professional needs.

The Bootcamp curated the workshops to feature pair programming and live lectures. These workshops help students practice technical communication and upskill. Often, with pair programming partners, you’ll need to explain your actual code. This level of exposure will prepare you for the technical interview.

2. CSX

This is a Codesmith platform that helps aspiring students learn to code for free. The platform features a large community, lectures, and multiple coding challenges. You can also take advantage of the Slack community for pair programming or code reviews.

3. JavaScript for Beginners

Another resource to get you interview-ready is the Codesmith JavaScript classes that run on two consecutive Saturdays. The classes will expose you to pair programming, diagramming, and other instruction sessions. You’ll develop a strong foundation in the programming language, engineering best practices, and technical communication.

4. CS Prep

This Codesmith live part-time program runs for two weeks, from Monday to Wednesday evenings. It’s also available on Saturdays for six hours. In those two weeks, you’ll learn about basic JavaScript and advanced software engineering concepts. This is essential to pass the Codesmith technical interview.

The course features pair programming seasons, live instructions, and problem-solving workshops. By the end of the short immersive program, you’ll develop technical communication and a strong analytical mindset.

What Students Have to Say About Codesmith Interviews

Tony S.

Type of interview: Technical interview

“Believe me when I say that Codesmith is not trying to trick anyone during the technical interview, nor does it require any esoteric knowledge. It’s simply testing if the applicant has a good understanding (not mastery) of a lot of the fundamental concepts in JavaScript that serve as the building blocks for what is to come in the immersive.”

Camera Kendall

Type of interview: General interview

“I felt like Codesmith was really a place where people went to hustle hard and change their lives. I applied to the full time course and met more members of the Codesmith team, and they were all supportive of me throughout the interview process. I was accepted to the immersive program and dived right into the bootcamp curriculum with 23 other lovely humans as cohort mates.”

Kevin Mui

Type of interview: Technical and behavioral interview

“From my interview process, my first impression was that Codesmith values not only technical knowledge but high EQ in its students. The payoff is that you get to work in an environment with some amazingly talented individuals who are looking to support one another rather than compete with each other.”

How Long Does It Take to Hear Back From Codesmith After the Interview?

It takes about one week for an applicant to hear from Codesmith after the technical interview. The bootcamp’s admissions team will contact you about your acceptance and tell you how to get ready for the software engineering immersive program. You will also learn about affordable options for tuition payment.

What Is the Codesmith Application Process?

The Codesmith application process involves a couple of interviews and coding challenges. To qualify for the full-time program, you must have a high school diploma or General Educational Development (GED) certificate. If you go through a Codesmith JavaScript workshop in Los Angeles, New York, or online, you can fast-track your application to the actual interview.

Submit your application online. This will involve writing an essay and optionally going through a coding challenge. If you have already gone through the workshop, you’ll sit through a special coding challenge with a guaranteed admissions interview. The Codesmith admission team will conduct an application review and contact you in less than a week. You’ll go through a non-technical interview with the admission team. For this admission process, you’ll set a date for the technical interview. Then, you’ll go through coding challenges as part of the technical interview. If you successfully passed, Codesmith will contact you to talk about your acceptance and the next steps.

m I Ready for the Codesmith Interview?

Yes, you’re ready for the Codesmith interview if you know coding basics and practice your interview questions. You can easily demonstrate your readiness by going through the coding challenges, pair programming sessions, and code reviews.

Although Codesmith applicants don’t make it on the first try, don’t worry. There are multiple chances for you to gain entry into Codesmith’s software engineering program. You can also rely on the feedback presented by the admission team. This feedback will help you polish up properly for your next Codesmith interview.

Codesmith Interview Questions FAQ

Is it hard to get into Codesmith? No, it’s not hard to get into Codesmith. If you’re well-prepared for Codesmith’s coding challenges, technical and non-technical communication, and problem-solving questions, you can easily gain entry into the program.

Does Codesmith offer job search support? Yes, Codesmith offers job search support. Bootcamp students receive job assistance during the program and after they graduate. The career services team is dedicated to ensuring a high job placement rate of about 80 to 83 percent within 180 days of graduation. The team takes students through mock interview sessions, resume feedback, and salary negotiation advice.

How do I pass the Codesmith technical interview? You can pass the Codesmith technical interview by learning the basics and advanced JavaScript practices. To ensure applicants prepare well for the technical interview, attending Codesmith provides multiple resources for practice.

Are there tuition financing options for Codesmith? Yes, there are tuition financing options for Codesmith. Codesmith tuition costs $19,950, according to its official website. You can pay for the fees through scholarships, GI Bill benefits, personal loans, upfront, or installments.

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